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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Music to Eat By

Our oven is still broken, and I'm bummed! because there is a May Day potluck at Jarrod's professor's place later today that I wanted to bake for, but can't. I mention it because this cauliflower looks roasted - it's pan fried, but still very good.

cauliflower, collards, tofu underneath, with turmeric, cumin, salt, red pepper flakes, and a tahini drizzle on top.

 Went to a dreamcrusher/dalek show by myself the other night - i think I really like going to shows alone. Especially one this weird, so that I don't need to explain it to anyone or have to worry about other people's expectations or their having fun. Not that that's something I SHOULD worry about anyway, but I do, i can't help it. In any case, this show was SO INTENSE. dreamcrusher is a 1 (straight-edge, vegan, queer) person noise band and played the show in pitch darkness with a strobe light going so that they would jump into the crowd and be right in front of you but you wouldn't know it until they fell on you because you couldn't see! Then dalek is indie hip hop, it was so tight. Really, really recommend listening to both, if you are so inclined.

a delicious spread from work (eye rolls) - we sometimes get leftovers of what other companies in the building get catered - this was a real treat.

                                                            more collard/cauli/tofu

                                               Lilly's vegan raspberry rugelach for Passover

                                  Jarrod made us another batch of beautiful blueberry smoothies
                                                   bought these kinda on a whim, not bad

                                                   broccoli, avocado, Wildwood burger


  1. Good for you going to the show solo. I have missed lots of things in life because I was afraid to go by myself. I had forgotten about the Lily's Rugelah, always got excited when I saw it. Sure your landlord isnt a slumlord? wonder what else isnt working in the building...

    1. Yea i always get excited too but then they are never as good as I hope.
      the landlord is usually pretty good about fixing stuff...he's just annoying.

  2. I'm finally getting caught up on your posts since getting home, life looks good! I can't help worrying about what others think at shows, mostly if some one isn't necessarily into it. I use to go to metal shows by myself in the city all the time, it was always the best, though even if I did go to a show with friends I always splintered off to experience it from where ever I'm comfortable. Is that a marshmallow with the leftovers salad?

  3. I'm having a really tough time finding a veggie burger I like these days. First world problems. I don't know how I didn't realize that you eat tofu out of the package. Why can't I do that? I'm such a bad vegan. It just looks so naked that I have to bake it.


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