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Monday, May 9, 2016

mother's day

A very quiet mother's day. I wanted to go to the Queens museum but didn't plan it out well. my cousin was at my folks' house so I went over for lunch. I've been busy and crazy and didn't get my mom anything...but I picked these flowers on the walk from the bus to their house, haha. Basically a bunch of weeds, but, hey, Queens giveth and I ain't gonna say no.

lunch in the yard. my mom made a lobster soup with leftovers for the omnis. I ate steamed asparagus, tomatoes, hummus, and lettuce with bread. I wasn't super hungry, so it was fine, especially considering I basically just dropped in near-unannounced.

                                                            They had wine; I had water.

J and I made dinner later that night. Tofu, chickpeas, broccoli, kale, brown rice, mushrooms, onion. All the missing protein from lunch.

A random lunch from the other day, just for more color. Steamed collards, falafel, steamed beets, eggplant salad, red pepper hummus. I've been mostly good about bringing my own lunch to work but sometimes it gets boring, sometimes I forget.


  1. I'm glad you got to spend some time with your mom on Mother's Day. Maybe you could bring her something special next time you see her, if you feel bad about not bringing her a Mothers Day gift. One of my sons gave me a quart mason jar of those little bright green olives, and I couldn't be happier. He buys them in bulk. I think I may go and indulge in a few right now.

  2. Your weedy flowers are sweet, I did a last minute rush to the liquor store for a bottle of wine for mom, kinda lame. Mom had her annual Wisteria party (it's a staff party) for mothers day. The wisteria is old and like a python has taken over the whole deck, crushing the posts and ripping the railing out but it briefly produces amazing purple blossoms. There was a crazy wind storm so we had to do the party inside watching the wind beat and blow all the blossoms off. Mom still had a great time. I love that picture of your mom, she's really glowing.

  3. Sometimes, I love a good meal of steamed veggies, hummus, and bread! But good call on all that protein later. Your mom is adorable! Glad you got to see her on Mother's Day!

  4. Look at your Mom drowning her disappointment in white wine. Thanks for sharing though. She has a knack for putting out a nice spread. Cool that you found some pretty blooms amongst the asphalt.


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