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Monday, February 8, 2016

variations on the same old

A squash curry I made - not quite as delicious as the Loving Hut udon curry, but pretty good. Jalapeno, coconut milk, squash, green beans, broccoli, mushrooms, chickpeas and so on and so on. Topped with avocado because i like the contrasting texture and temperature.

roasted okra and black eyed peas. With sriracha and nutritional yeast. A last minute lunch combination that kinda felt like it was missing another component but whatever. It was good nonetheless.

               crummy pic, but more squash curry later in the week. I added millet to thicken it up a bit.


                    oats in a jar at work with granola, almond butter, banana, and almond milk

                                           millet, black eyed peas, raw collards, hummus
Nothin especially fun, I know, and more of it coming up because there are still leftovers. But hopefully some new stuff also soon. Gotta get some groceries today...


  1. I love contrasting temperatures too! I haven't had blackeyed peas in forever, thanks for the reminder that they exist and are delicious.

  2. I'm having a real okra phase at the moment, and I'd be all over the sriracha beans with them too. Missing nothing apart from being in my belly, I'd say.

  3. It's about oats in a jar time for me again. Love that stuff. Somehow, they taste better that way!

  4. Black eyed peas are one bean I always forget about, except on New Year's. I really like them, especially combined with jalapenos — maybe that's what yours was missing. Millet is another food I always forget about. It may be 'same old' to you, but it would be something different at our house.

  5. Nice bowls! I've only eaten okra a couple times and one of those times it was out of a can, rarely see it fresh around here. I have a huge jar of millet I've been ignoring and need to crack, I like your idea to mix it as a thicken with the curry. I like the creamy cold with the hot curry too :)

  6. I've eaten so many black eyed peas and collard greens that I can barely recognize BEPs without the greens. Maybe that's what you were craving? Lots of sriracha there too, of course.

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  8. That squash curry sounds good! I keep making something similar but with sweet potatoes, coconut milk, and peanut butter.
    Oats in a jar always hit the spot :)

  9. Okra and Black-Eyed Peas. I am sure there is a joke in there somewhere but I dont know where.


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