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Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year, Same Old

Saw Bianca's post about Kite Hill vegan yogurts and had to try em. I was a big fan of the WholeSoy yogurts and was bummed when they went out of business. Luckily enough, found the Kite Hills were on sale.

                                         vanilla yogurt with blueberry acai granola on top.
trying to stave off a cold - some echinacea/lemongrass tea. Other times, raw garlic cloves chased with hot apple cider vinegar

J made a rainbow salad for us to eat before the New Years' midnight yoga class. We wanted something filling but not heavy. This had chopped carrots, beets, tomatoes, squash, cucumber, mung bean sprouts, and chickpeas in a mustard-avocado dressing. He also made little seitan nuggets to throw in for extra protein. It was good! We were out pretty late, though, so we did get hungry but this was good fuel.

 The meditation/letting go ceremony was nice: we wrote down on rice paper what we wanted to leave in 2015 and burned the papers and focused on what we wanted more of in the new year. The class itself was pretty light, but a nice, calm way to start off. We were in Murray Hill area, here is the Empire State Building all lit up after midnight.

The next day we holed up at a coffee shop and read for a few hours. I'm working through Dickens' Pickwick Papers.

Very little food in the house as the new year began - I went to Blossom's new to-go spot on 13th street for lunch on Saturday. This is their smoky avocado wrap with greens, avo, smoky tempeh, and a chipotle sauce. Pretty good, though I'd like to spend less money on food this year...

Sunday breakfast: Kite Hill peach yogurt with more blueberry granola, almond butter, and banana slices. Plus coffee!

                  more reading - Hax jumped on my lap and we had a quiet, warm Sunday together.

quick miso soup: miso, garlic, onion, spinach, carrot, tofu, mushroom, sesame oil, red pepper flakes.
Hope everyone had a nice beginning to the year. See you guys soon, probably. It does feel nice to be back blogging again. I'll try to keep up the content.


  1. The Empire State building looks so pretty as does your quick miso soup!

  2. Happy new year! Sounds like a super nice way to bring it in. I'm staving off a cold too, just finished the contract and it's always when I get a break the sickness seeps in like a fog. That miso bowl looks aces!

  3. Yay! Do you like the Kite Hill? I'm such a fan. I've never had yogurt with almond butter on it, but that sounds awesome. Gotta try that. Also, what a cool way to celebrate New Year's!!

  4. Now that sounds like the best idea for seeing in the new year that I've heard for a while: sod the organised fun, get chilled out. Smoky avo wrap also getting some love from this corner.

  5. Happy new year!
    Looks like yours is already off to a delicious start. I'm excited to try the kite hill plain yogurt- I really dislike sweetened or fruit flavored ones so it's exciting they have a plain. Your NYE dinner and miso soup sound so good! I didn't know about that new Blossom location... The wrap looks awesome, but yeah, i also know what you mean about spending too much.
    I spent a good amount of time over the holidays at my parents' with their cat (Piggy) and reading a lot- it's really the best way to relax ever.

  6. Happy New Year — your New Year's Eve sounded just about perfect. What I'm wondering is, did you avoid the cold?

    1. Yes! It really hasn't been very cold until recently. We did a fair amount of walking around that night and it was fine.

  7. You are back-back! I've missed so many posts!

    Happy new year to and yours. I went to a NYE yoga class last year and it was fucking perfect. I'm glad you got to enjoy that too.

    Looks like lots of good food and lots of good company. <3

  8. Such a nice way to ring in the new year! I liked that BDJ wrap too, but a little pricey and small. That miso soup is perfection.

  9. I think I would have a very difficult time avoiding going to restaurants all the time in NYC, that wrap looks amazing! Also how was the yogurt? Happy New Year!

    1. the yogurt was good! I probably won't go out of my way to buy it often, but it's a solid choice if you want a yogurt!

  10. How did I miss thise post? First you stoo posting and then you start sneaking in posts. Anyway, the wrap looks worth the money.


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