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Sunday, November 16, 2014


Here's some more random meals from the last week.

                           Avocado toast on GF bread, with black salt and cayenne pepper

                                            carrot, avocado, rice rolls with sriracha

                                    raw collard, sweet potato, chickpea salad with nooch

 miso soup a lot this week - mushroom, carrot, rice, seaweed, onion, ginger, red pepper flakes

                            raw collards, spaghetti squash, chickpeas, chimmichurri sauce

sesame bagel with tofu cream cheese and coffee from Think for when I'm feeling lazy in the mornings.
Hopefully I'll get into some good cooking projects this weekend. Hope you all had a good week. See you soon.


  1. Got yourself a gorgeous Avocado.

    Bet I would do a lot better at my job if i had access to Think Coffee.

    1. Wasn't bad.
      Think makes my favorite coffee in the city. Strong but not bitter, all ethically sourced. Plus great bagels and a decent schmear.

    2. Oh how I dread the five hour haul each way, but your Bagel breakfasts are literally killing me.

  2. What lovely meals you've been eating!! Avocado toast is such an amazing meal and your miso soup always looks so amazing. So perfect for these cold days we've been having. Bagels with coffee is also a great breakfast, especially on the weekend :)

    Is that a cloth in the first pic? I love it! Hope you are feeling better!

    1. Avo toast is one of my favorite meals.
      Yep, the first pic is on a cloth placemat. It's cheery.
      Am feeling much better, thanks.

  3. I'm impressed with the seaweed roll- i must buy the wrong kind or something, my sheets always seem to bust open the second i try to roll anything. The miso soup with stuff looks so fabulous! Angelika's kitchen has an amazing miso with their shredded massaged kale added in, so i stole their idea and do that often.
    Good lookin' bagelwich there- and I'm impressed Think has tofu cc!

    1. my nori sheets are actually pretty old! But the rice moisture loosens them up enough to be pliable.
      Haven't been to Angelica's in a while, but that soup sounds great. Ought to find a reason to return.
      most coffee shops around work seem to have tofu cc!

  4. Oh man, I need that avocado toast. I'm also not the hugest salad person but your greens / chickpeas / sweet potato combo with nooch is totally tempting me.

    1. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to find a good avo, but this one ripened well enough.
      Sweet potatoes, nooch, and chickpeas make anything tempting.

  5. You make your own sushi? There's a special salute of admiration I do for folks like you. If I wasn't such a lazy-ass, I'd be doing exactly the same.


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