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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Vegan MoFo 2014, Day 4: Food as Fuel Friends

Today's post brought to you by another amazing instance of "Wow, so that's what actually happens when you venture outside of yr house/comfort zone and talk to strangers!"
Kirsten is a super cool queer vegan punk from Queens, and we basically have everything in common except she's friendly and I'm not. But, hey, it takes two. She is also the hostess of the dinner party in a previous food friends post. We met at a punk show randomly and starting chatting since we were both alone. We talked about veganism, talked about labor politics, and talked about zines, swapped info and have kept in touch via mail (turns out we live only a couple blocks from each other anyway) but have not met up since the dinner party.
However, in my last zine, there is an interview with a co-worker/friend, Andrea, who is a dancer, which resonated with Kirsten when I sent her a copy. In the interview Andrea discusses the body in the type of dance she does, butoh, and how many dancers perform much longer into their lives than do ballet dancers. She touches on the unachievable Western ideal of a woman's body and states, "With butoh one feels as though the constrictions of time are pointless and exploration of the human body, in all its various states of decay, is limitless. It gives me great hope."
I really thought that was beautiful. I then bugged Andrea about her dedication to her art and how it reflected in her discipline in eating. 

How many times a day do you eat ? Would you say it's a grazing style or a specific number of sit down meals? I usually eat 2 meals a day; breakfast and lunch. I snack a lot in between meals. I rarely eat anything after sundown (7 or 8pm depending on the time of year). I don't like to sleep on a full stomach and usually will be pretty strict with it unless I have a social dinner obligation.
Do you avoid eating specific foods on days you dance, or in the hours leading up to practice? Do you notice that certain foods directly affect yr performance? Yes, I eat differently on dance days versus non dance days. Also, I have a pretty strict diet when I'm preparing for a performance. I eat some fish, but other than that mostly vegetarian for about 3 months leading up to performance. Then in the last month, no fish or dairy. The week before I cut out a lot of carbohydrates. And then on performance days, nothing but fruits and vegetables.

I admire Andrea's personal rules to the utmost. In any case, Kirsten and I made plans to meet up Wednesday night for a class at Leimay Cave, where Andrea teaches community classes. Here's how I fueled my day before the dance class (and the bike ride to and from):

Breakfast (before coffee - with almond milk - sorry for the blurry shot) was half a whole wheat pita with almond butter and blackberry jam, plus a banana.

                                                         Evolution green juice snack

                           Lunch was half these macro spinach noodles, with added arugula.

                                                Kit's Organic bar as snack #2 around 4:30

                                             and a handful of raw pumpkin seeds at 6:30.
I didn't want to eat or drink anything an hour before the class (which started at 7:30) so the food intake ended there. Once I got home, I made some dandelion root tea.
Slightly less disciplined than Andrea (and more packaged and wheaty than I personally like to eat) but not a bad day overall.
So yes! A vegan diet can fuel you body, mind, and soul. It can also form friendships at punk shows.


  1. This is positively grueling! Are you really going to socialize every day this month? it's super human!

  2. You are doing so well!! I love that you met at a show and bonded over common interests and continued to stay in touch! The interview with Andrea was really beautiful, I can see why you chose to interview her. She seems really amazing. I like you dance fuel too, everything looks great :)

    1. Andrea's an amazing person. So is Kirsten. People are cool.

  3. So cool! What did you think of the dance class? I love her interview!

    1. Ha! I guess I forgot to mention that part. It's very influenced by qi gong, and like nothing I'm used to, but some parts are like yoga in that you are building energy fields around yr body. I'm not one to let myself be okay with being goofy or loose in front of people but it was such a nice environment and so non-judgemental that it was wonderful and powerful, if still slightly awkward - but all the better for it.
      There was a lot of slow, articulated movement as well as modern improv stuff. Very, very cool. I liked it a lot. Very sore and bruised today though :)

  4. I was going to ask the same thing about how you liked the class! The description you gave in response to Ingrid reminds me of a Nia class I took over the summer. "being goofy and loose" was exactly how I'd describe it. I'm glad you're enjoying so much friend-time though! Esp. with queer punks! : )


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