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Friday, August 15, 2014

Green Juices and Salads - but wait! There's more!

All good ways to start the day:

                                                         Wu coffee with almond milk

       Post-breakfast cuz I'm so post-mo. Everything bagel with Earth Balance remnants.

Trains stalled on the way to work this morning so I took a different route, which walked me past Lifethyme. New Kit's Organic flavor! It has rosemary extract in it! Plus this refreshing Zukay Kvass

Yea, I drank fermented cabbage juice for breakfast. I was a little thrown off by the stevia in the ingredients but it really was only noticeable in how it pulled everything together. I'd definitely buy this again.
Was doing pretty well with making my own lunch salads for a while:

          Romaine, tomatoes, mushrooms, blueberries, sunflower seeds, lemon juice, s+p

                 Romaine, spinach, bell pepper, carrot, temphe, mushroom, lemon juice, s+p
Then life got busy and I went to Paradis for lunches:

                           Kale, three-grain salad, lentils, green beans, sundried tomatoes.

                             kale, Israeli couscous, artichokes, and marinated mushrooms.

                                                    G gave me a farmer's market peach

        We split a VanLeeuwen cone. Pistachio on top, mint chocolate chip on the bottom.

 Late afternoon pick-me-up by means of Daily Greens. The pear and watercress sold it for me.

Met a friend (ex-coworker) at Lincoln Center for a movie. She now works at MoMA, so she got us in for free! Sweet deal. We saw The Dog, a documentary about the man who was the inspiration for Dog Day Afternoon. I'm not really a big fan of too many movies, but I love Dog Day Afternoon and The Dog was fun but kinda sad. What an character that guy was, what a life he had.

It's been a crazy week and I'm exhausted but there's still one more day til my weekend. Just wanna lie on the roof and watch the sky.


  1. How can ther be no comments on this post? What is going on?

    Did you see the NYTimes video about your neighborhood? Was it captured accurately?

    1. It's a weekend :( People have THINGS to do.
      I just watched it. It seems accurate, but a pretty small snapshot. Just kids talking about their shoes while other people are just tryna buy groceries.

    2. Well it's a good thing I had nothing to do so i could comment on this post.

  2. Oh yeah, the Ice Cream Cone picture is the best one.

    1. Thanks. The pistachio was amazing. I don't get why people like mint chocolate chip, though.

  3. I love those Kits bars! I'll look for that flavor, don't remember seeing it before...was the Kvass like kombucha?? Did it have that kind of beer-y flavor that makes me hate kombucha?
    The post everything bagel shot is great- very modern art meets breakfast :)
    A good pistachio ice cream beats all others by a long shot, and i'm not a fan of minty food in general. Keep the mint in my toothpaste only please and thank you.
    Fyi the cinnamon snail keeps parking in flatiron on 20th and 5th ave in the mornings....and they had pistachio donuts the other day!

    1. I think those Kit's bars are new. Lifethyme is the only place I've seen them. There was a cherry-pumpkin seed one too!
      The kvass is not bubbly like kombucha, so maybe you'll think it's less similar. It has its own flavor that I liked very much.
      I don't think I'm much of a mint fan either (unless it's the actual herb) but sometimes in a relationship you have to compromise, right? I just wish the pistachio was on the bottom - there was so much more mint chip in the cone!

  4. Gorgeous Maud Salads, as usual. I'm really digging the kale/couscous/chokes/room version. I wish I liked sundried tomatoes, but their flavor concentration is too strong for me, isn't that weird? I had a small laugh at your plate post-breakfast! Ha!

    Very cool to have a friend who works at the MoMA! It sounds like a lovely way to spend the evening.

    1. Yea the chokes and shroom salad was great! Kinda tangy lemony dressing on it all. I kinda know what you mean about the sundried tomatoes. I like them, but they can be overpowering.

  5. Yum!!! Everything looks amazing, especially that ice cream cone! I could definitely go for one of those right now! Your salads are always gorgeous, and I'll take Ingrid's sun-dried tomatoes! :) I also like the farmer's market peach, it looks perfect!

    Lovely sunset pic and how cool to have a friend that works there! I was just catching up on my friend's Instagram page and she went to MoMA today :) I can't imagine a better way to finish a day than to watch that sunset and hooray for your weekend!

    1. The ice cream cone is like licking silk! So good.
      Greg knows how to pick a good peach.
      moma is a cool place, I don't go often - it's expensive!
      Hope your weekend was relaxing.

  6. Fermented cabbage juice?! Did it taste mostly like cabbage? Wow, thats a lovely list of glowing salads you got there….I want a bite of that kale & cous cous one!


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