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Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Post before MoFo

 Choosing Raw cookbook raw museli with oats, chia seeds, goji berries, mulberries, almonds

Greens-less desserty smoothie: frozen banana, cacao powder, protein powder, coffee, maca, almond milk. Tres enjoyable.

     baby heirloom tomatoes from the farmers market. Haxan's inquisitive nose sniffin em out.

    arugula, chickpeas, tomatoes, raw corn (on the bottom,) scallions, miso-tahini dressing

                          Back to Nature peanut butter cookies and a glass of almond milk

broccoli, carrot, mushroom, carrot, bell pepper stir fry with soba noodles. Tossed with agave, rice vinegar and soy sauce.

Newly addicted to this green turmeric drink.The coconut nectar makes it just slightly sweet. Love the turmeric/ginger/cayenne spice mix.

Here's Haxan flipping out on some 'nip. A freak just like her momma.
Sorry posts have been spotty. Tomorrow begins Vegan MoFo, though. Hope I can keep up through the next month.


  1. Nice lookng Meusli. I finally have a Mulberry Tree growing wild in the yard, maybe i will get to try Mulberries next summer.

    Good luck MoFoing. You did well last year! Didnt drop the ball like in prior years.

    1. Oh! mulberry trees are so nice! There are a lot of them in my parents' neighborhood and when I was a kid, the woman across the street had two - I would always pick and devour those berries. They smell so nice too, really heady and sweet. These were dried golden mulberries - not sure what the difference is between those and black mulberries taste-wise.
      Thanks, last year was hard!... I think I took a bunch of days off work to get it done, haha! Not sure I have that luxury this time around.

  2. Everything looks really great!! I'm so curious to try muesli every time I see it and yours looks incredible! I should really get it together and make some. Dessert smoothies are so refreshing during the summer and the baby heirlooms are gorgeous!

    I can't believe MoFo is in September this year! I'm so bummed out, I had no idea and it's too close for me to get it together. Boo!!! I'm sure you'll do great though, can't wait to see a month of great posts from you!

    1. It's super easy! I'm so lazy, so overnight breakfasts are perfect for me. The golden mulberries are a real treat.
      Yeah! moFo came so unexpectedly this year! I only heard about it a few days ago myself, who knows how well it'll work out... You have more important stuff to do though, like dog whisper.

  3. I've gotten really into arugula this summer and eat tons of it. It has such a distinctive spicy flavor that goes perfectly with local cherry tomatoes and cukes.


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