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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

DC day 3

We had originally planned a different day for Saturday, but we couldn't resist going back to Sticky Fingers for the breakfast platters.

French toast platter, which comes with hash browns (no more grits!) and tofu scramble. I got blueberries to top the toast with, G got "syrple."
Some shots from inside the shop:

                                     cookies, cookie sandwiches, sticky buns, and muffins

                       gluten-free cupcakes, cupcakes, brownies, Silly Bones, and Little Devils

Ka-yyyeeewwwwttt! There is also a refrigerated sandwich section. We considered grabbing something, but didn't.
When we left Sticky Fingers, we stopped at a farmer's market (Saturdays 9-1pm) in a nearby plaza.

Mostly the same stuff as we can find in NY, maybe a little earlier. G was very pleased with the peach.
We took the bus down 14th street to the American History Museum and the Natural History Museum.

Julia Child's kitchen. Greg thought it was cool that she had everything built to her height. It ain't easy to stoop and chop.

                                                     Lyndon B. Johnson dartboard

The Natural History Museum was hella crowded, so we kinda went through quickly, but the Hope Diamond is there, the stuffed animals were cute, we got eaten by simulated dinosaurs, gems rule, there is a butterfly exhibit which we did not want to pay extra for, and little bugs all over the place.
At around 4:30 we took a break to eat a Little Devil (like a Devil Dog) from Sticky Fingers.

But we also needed real food, like actual vegetable sustenance and decided to go back up to Dupont Circle. It was a long, hot, uphill walk and by the time we found something, G was approaching Nirvana and I was a giddy maniac.
We ducked into Commissary, after seeing they had a veggie burger that looked good. The menu was a little confusing - the fries and veggie burger turned out not to be vegan, but, again, the server was really helpful. The burger is vegan if you get it without the bun, so I put that on top of a salad. I was definitely feeling vegetable deficient.

Greg got the burger on a bun, with fries, and a side of garlicky broccoli.
For dessert we ran across the street to the Whole Foods and picked up Ciao Bella mango sorbertto to split. Yea, we ate the whole thing.

We also came across Anna, mashing the biggest bowl of guacamole either of us had ever seen.

Thus veggiefied and fortified, we walked back to the hostel, stopping for drinks in Chinatown (which, really, is like one street of Chinese restaurants, and then a lot of Mexican places and Irish pubs but whatever.)
We left the next morning, stopping at Sidamo again. This time was a little more difficult. I didn't want the whole vegan breakfast so I just asked for a bagel with hummus (since they offer a bagel with cream cheese, but don't have vegan cc) and they weren't sure they could do that so I was like, okay, just the bagel, and then they didn't know how to price that, so they put in the bagel with cc but ran back to tell the schmearer to sub hummus. I guess she had already started to put on the cream cheese, because the (toasted - blasphemy - actually it looked panini pressed, which is even worse - sorry I'm a NY bagel stickler) bagel came out with cream cheese kinda scraped off, and then hummus on top. I hate dealing with situations like that and they were trying to be accommodating, so Greg just took it to eat later.
There were plenty of almonds and figs and snack bars in my bag anyway; I just wanted the bagel. G and I shared a mango smoothie from Jamba Juice before we got on the bus.

I ate a Pure bar on the bus, and some candy while I read. Ha.

Bye DC, it's been real. The coffee's good. Sticky Fingers is great. Still, so happy to get home to this lil darlin. My roommate took care of her while I was away!! I'm so jealous; she probably did a whole bunch of cute stuff while I couldn't see.

Can you see the resemblance? (This one's from the Natural History Museum.)

Now to up the vegetable intake exponentially to get back to normal levels.


  1. Yeah, the Sticky Fingers Breakfast Platter is great, I agree.We've done that Farmers Market on the corner as well. Never heard of Commissary. I've seen the WFs Guac mashing thing in other stores, but have never bought any. Basically, I'm just happy for you that you're home with Haxan. A better and wiser person than before you left her.

    1. I think Commissary is new. It took some searching to find the name, but it's right across from the P St. Whole Foods.
      I'm happy Haxan and I are reunited too.

    2. I see Tofu Scramble on Commissary's menu. Think it would be worth trying?

  2. Oh man that breakfast platter looks amazing! I love that it has french toast and tofu scramble because my brunch debate is whether to go sweet or savory and there you can do both! That farmer's market peach does look pretty amazing.

    THe museum looks like a lot of fun and how cool to see Julia Child's kitchen. My kitchen would look like a dollhouse kitchen because I'm so short. I LOVE Natural History Museums and it's actually my goal to get to the one in NY at some point maybe in the fall. I want to spend all day in their Gem section :) Oh and I'll take one of those giant vats of guac please ;)

    1. Yeah, platters are the way to go for the indecisive :)
      You really have to go to the NY Natural History museum!! It's actually really great. You didn't go on class trips or anything when you were younger?

  3. I would have to stand on a ladder and then someone's shoulder's to reach Julia's kitchen counter.
    What a cool food exploration trip! Anna mashes 960 pounds of avocados a day? Is she okay?

    1. Anna looked a lil angry, but still going strong.

  4. Stop everything! That devil dog looks SO GOOD; I need to plan a trip to DC immediately, if not sooner. Wow.

    That bagel situation is just the kind of thing that makes me furious, but you don't always have a non-vegan on hand. I admit it, I would have chosen then to pitch my fit, not the rain.

    Finally, not to be a downer but I reckon that Anna is going to be the first reported case of carpal tunnel by guac.

    PS: what's syrple?

    1. You would love Sticky Fingers. It's Champs-y but not as crowded, and more friendly.
      I never know what to do in those situations! Like, they were TRYING to be nice and helpful, they just really couldn't comprehend. Also I am pretty shy and hate calling attention to myself like that. It wasn't a huge deal, I'm glad Greg ate the bagel and it didn't just go to waste. There certainly were enough homeless people in DC that they could have taken it, too.
      Syrple is what G used to call syrup when he was a kid. I just learned that on this trip.

  5. That breakfast platter looks sooo worth the entire trip to DC!! I thought julia child's kitchen was really cool too.
    That sorbet is really amazing- one of the few that really do taste like the fruit itself. I hope anna works on comission
    What dimwits with the whole bagel situation. At least you know it wasn't a great bagel you were missing.
    Now go to bagel hole asap!!

    1. Yeah! It was like eating straight up frozen mango. It was on sale too, only 3 bucks!
      Bagel Hole, I looked it up. It's in Park Slope? Do you have a favorite one in the city? Abby has always recommended Bagels on the Square.
      In re: Jaleo being Spanish, you are so right! Good call! They would be right to make a stink about that, and if I'd thought any longer about it I might have realized.

    2. Yes, bagel hole in park slope is The $hit. Closest to your work is prob ees-a-bagel on 21st and 1st, which isn't especially close. Pick a bagel is my go to, off of 23rd st on 2nd ave- never been to bagels on the square but i should fix that. Sorbet on sale just makes it even more amazing!

  6. Wow, so much in this post, I'm feeling a bit manic! For starters, I love it when I can find great vegan breakfast food in a restaurant, yay! Ditto on the veg count - I can tell when I haven't eaten enough of them, and I crave them so much. I'm sure kitty did do all sorts of cute stuff, darn it!

    1. veganmania!!
      Breakfast is such a great meal, it needs a proper vegan job!

  7. I went to Sticky Fingers years ago but they only had baked goods then. Good baked goods that cry out to be bought by the bagful.

    1. We shoulda bought more. We also bought a brownie AND FORGOT ABOUT IT!! It went home with Greg, who reported it being okay.

  8. Oooh, I would go back to Sticky Fingers for that breakfast!! And it is super cute inside.The American History Museum is definitely on my list. Did you make it to the Newseum? I enjoyed the photography exhibit (albeit three years ago - it might not be there). Also fun, was the International Spy Museum. I felt like James Bond / Jason Bourne / cool.

    1. We passed the Newseum and wanted to go in, but it was 20 bucks!! All our money went to food on this trip, really. The front pages they had lined up outside seemed like a cool idea though. This time around there was an Anchorman exhibit, ha!
      Was told about the Spy museum, it's a shame we didn't see that one either. Would have liked to.

  9. Good times. I've been to DC twice but I was little and not vegan, and now I REALLY need to go back so I can eat at Sticky Fingers. And OMG Anna, that is one giant ass bowl of guac. I love Anna has her own sign.

  10. Go Sticky fingers! I'd probably have drowned in those cakes by now. Or grown a second stomach to accommodate them.


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