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Monday, June 3, 2013

NYC Vegan Tour: Beyond Sushi

Abby Bean beat me to it, like she does everything vegan in NYC, but Beyond Sushi has been pretty well covered by quite a few people.

Greg, AS USUAL, went first and gave me the go-ahead. We went on lunch the other day (luckily it is close to work!) and split two freshly made rolls, the Green Machine (came with Jalapeno wasabi sauce) and the Spicy Mang (served with toasted cayenne sauce that G deemed BOOBS).

Of these, I definitely preferred the mango roll. The rice was soft and melted perfectly into the buttery avocado and sweet mango. The Green Machine was a little too crunchy and maybe a little loosely rolled? But I'm just being nitpicky. It was way better than any sushi I've had elsewhere. Could have done with out the mayo based sauces on top, though.
Juices inside:

There are also chia puddings available for dessert! (And unpictured sweet potato black bean brownies that I am DEF going back for.)
We went back again a couple days later and split another two rolls (with a bonus piece each - I got a mango piece, G got a seaweed one):

              Mighty Mushroom with micro arugula on top, and shiitake tapenade on top.
In the back is the Pickle Me, with some gorgeous avocado on top and a ginger carrot sauce.
Beyond Sushi is kinda small inside; we almost passed on it the second time around. There are three tables that seat about 4 people each but, whatever, get take out and eat in the park. It's clean, the employees are nice, it's ALL VEGAN, and the food is delicious and fresh.
They also sell rice bowls and wraps, both of which sound great. I'll see you there? (Stella, I'm talking to you.)


  1. I would adore this place, and the rolls are cheap! Such beautifully made rolls. It sounds as small as the Riverwest Co-Op Cafe. They only have four small tables inside, too.

  2. This place sounds great! The rolls are absolutely gorgeous. The mango one sounds like it would definitely make me a happy lady and you are right, that avocado is gorgeous. The juice fridge looks so pretty and bright and that brownie you mentioned sounds good too. I'd go back for it too! I'll have to add this place to my growing list of places to check out.

  3. Wow! WOwsers! Un-real! It really is Beyond Sushi! I'm rockin' the major jealousy again!

  4. Oh gosh, your second trip is definitely more my style! Mushrooms! Pickles! Tapenade! It's a shame you didn't get the other gender bits in your sauce then though, to balance out the boobs.

  5. this restaurant is my dream come true. maybe one day!

  6. Wow, this place looks amazing. I love sushi especially fun rolls like these. I've added it to my to-eat list for my next trip to NYC!

  7. So in one magical cafe there is gorgeous delicious vegan sushi, fresh juices AND chia pudding?!?
    We now have indisputable proof that new york city has everything and anything you could ever possibly want/need/imagine.

  8. Everything looks so pretty, I especially like the look of the Spicy Mang Booby sauce! This might be a stupid question, but does all vegan sushi taste...fishy? I got some seaweed wraps once and nearly threw up from the fishy smell that came off them!! I like the look of all the ingredients in the sushi but if they honk and taste of the sea then I might have to pass! ;)

  9. Those rolls are so damn pretty! Le jealous!

  10. I've never seen sushi like that — probably because I've never been to a vegan sushi place where creativity is on the menu. On "regular' sushi menus the choices are cucumber, avocado or some other single, boring vegetable. Don't get me wrong — I like plain sushi — but Beyond Sushi would be an exceptional treat!

  11. I'll admit, I'm still kind of freaked out by the idea of beans in brownies. Still, I've never met a brownie I haven't liked, so maybe it's time to get involved.

    Was there sake to go with it?

  12. Wow! It is almost too beautiful to eat, and such inventive meal combinations. The sauces alone sound fantastic! I look forward to the brownie consumption. :)

  13. I love this place; I need some in my life right now. Why aren't they open for breakfast?


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