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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Vegan MoFo in NYC, Day 23: Taim

I mentioned in the pizza post that I'm sometimes jealous of non-vegan friends who can stop on almost any corner of the city at any time and "grab a slice" for cheap. Vegans have to plan ahead for the most part.
However, I sometimes find myself substituting another ubiquitous street food - falafel! There are tons of cheap falafel places around (maybe not so many as pizza) and they do a great job of filling you up, if that's what you need, or soaking up the night's beer if that's more yr speed. For late night soakage, I usually turn to Mamoun's, which has locations on St. Marks place in the East Village and on MacDougal street in the West Village. Bonus points for being cheap! cheap! at $2.50 for a falafel sandwich, especially since I've typically spent most of my money on beer at that point.
However, if you want to go the filling route and enjoy a special lunch, my favorite falafel place in the city is Taim in the West Village at 222 Waverly Place. In typical West Village fashion, though, it doesn't really matter if you know the address.

                        You know you're in the Village when you hit the cobblestone streets.

                                                      You aren't in Bushwick anymore.

You'll either find it or you'll get frustrated trying to find it. I accidentally walked past it yesterday after a slight panic of how I'd NEVER FIND MY WAY OUT OF THE VILLAGE before I turned around and stumbled onto people munching on their sandwiches.
It's a small spot, but they offer options you don't see elsewhere:

Three different types of falafel! Green (traditional), Harissa (spicy), Roasted Red Pepper (delicious). You can also pick from white or whole wheat pitas. (Get the falafel platter if you are gluten-free!)
Obviously I'm here for the falafel but they also offer salads, sides, smoothies, spreads, and platters.

They also explicitly state which of their dishes are NOT vegan - everything else is. (Small gripe, WHY is it necessary to put yogurt in baba ganoush? It is delicious without dairy!!)
I opted for a Harissa falafel (actually not all that spicy) andwich, which comes with pickled cabbage, tahini sauce, hummus, and Israeli salad. You can also get pickles and spices for no charge. They offer olives and other non-vegan toppings for about a dollar. My fairly unadorned sandwich was $6.75, but worth it.

I appreciate that Taim evenly distributes the various ingredients throughout the pita. Nothing worse than eating all of the falafel in the first two bites and then eating a salad sandwich for the rest of the meal.
See? Still falafel! Good to the last drop.

Oh, and you KNOW it's good falafel when you see Mike D from the Beastie Boys eating here too!


  1. Yay falafel! This place sounds great! I love how they have a ton of options and I love how they make it clear which options are vegan. THat is really weird that they put yogurt in the babaganoush. I feel like that isn't authentic at all? Weird. Anyway, that is a good looking sandwich and you are so right, even distribution is so important! Looks like they do a great job! I'll take that sandwich over pizza any day ;)

  2. Dayum!!! Finding really good Falafel is nearly impossible, but I think you may have done the impossible. I can tell from the pics that they know how to get the toppings integrated with the Falafel. Will I ever go there? Doubtful. If you have trouble finding the place, I will definitely never be able to find it.

  3. I love the building with red trimmed windows and doors - just beautiful! Taim sounds and looks really fantastic, and a what a menu! Now that you got in and out of the village, and found the restaurant - you must go back. :)

  4. I think I would love this place. I'd probably have to move to the West Village (to the building with the red windows) so I could be nearby. The big question is whether I'd be able to find my way home.

  5. I can't get enough of falafel. They're the one food that everyone can find if they need to get something vegan, and they're almost uniformly delicious!

  6. That photo with the red windows is breathtaking!

    Thank you for reviewing Taim; it's been recommended so many times and I've never gotten around to it. The best part of the review is the even distribution of falafel to veggies to sammie. THANK YOU!

  7. Oh falafel! How magical to live somewhere where falafel simply hangs out on street corners. Huzzah!

    P.S. I've never even heard of putting yoghurt in baba ghanoush before!

  8. What a totally gorgeous neighborhood! I know what you mean about falafel sandwiches; it is important the chef gets the ingredients well-distributed. Your mention of falafel carts in NYC reminds of me of the movie Party Girl (a librarian movie!) because she's always going to this falafel cart for lunch:

  9. $2.50 for falafel? That's amazing! I like that the non-vegan options are labelled (as opposed to the other way around), totally cool - though I agree, that's weird about the baba ghanoush. Did you really see Mike D? That's super awesome!

  10. hey! You're in my neck of the woods! that falafel looks so delicious...such a treat!

  11. ode to falafel
    falafel, falafel I never feel awful when I eat falafel
    I would however feel mighty putrid if I ate that baba ghanoush with dairy.
    Pickles on my please. great pics and pita. Did you find your camera yet?

  12. Definitely adding taim to my list of places to try.

  13. Makkah Market serves you the most delicious Falafel sandwich with hummus tomato and pickles. Falafel is a popular recipe from Middle East, consists of chickpeas that are shaped into patties.

    Falafel sandwich is a popular recipe from Middle East, consists of chickpeas that are shaped into patties.


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