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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Out and About

I also like to say that title with a Canadian accent.
Anyway, my brother is back in town from LA for the week and my sister is home for the month as well, AND my parents have the daughter of a family friend (from Bath!) staying with them while she works as an intern with an architecture firm here in the city so the house is full again and my mother is brimming with ways to entertain us all and keep my mind busy, ha.
One day my parents and I went for a walk along the promenade and through the park just underneath the Brooklyn Bridge to show Marina, the daughter, the architecture of downtown Brooklyn and some views of the city:

G is helping my mind stay busy too. We went to see Sebadoh at Bowery Ballroom and they were just as kickin' as at the Cat's Cradle show.

Before the show, we went to High Heat, a newish burger/pizza/bar in the West Village that G had gotten a groupon-ish deal for. There looks to be one vegan pizza and one vegan burger on the menu, but their fries are also a big draw - you can pick for them to be tossed in one of four different flavorings.

G showing off the patty - made with shiitake, lentils, black beans, tofu, and sweet potato in a roasted garlic-tomato sauce. The toppings were pretty basic - until we realized there was a toppings bar with pickles, pickled onions, jalapenos, etc. So that was cool. The burger was a little bland but the toppings helped and it was nice that they at least had a vegan option that was more than a frozen veggie patty or something that tried too hard to be meaty.

I got my fries tossed with garlic and oil. They were really well made, but let's just say it's a good thing Jason Loewenstein was able to control himself and not make out with me all night.

More Brooklyn entertainment: my family and Marina went to a Cyclones game out in Coney Island. The Cyclones (named for the famed Coney Island amusment park rollercoaster) are a Mets farm team, so it was cool to see the young kids who will hopefully play for the Mets some day (and maybe then we can win?)

                                            (The amusement park from the train window)
(Famous Nathan's. We went here after the game and I just tried to breathe through my mouth and not look at anything.)
The Cyclones' ballpark. Since it's so much smaller than a major league park, all the seats are awesome - and cheap!
Since I've been running around after work, I've been relying on picking up food rather than making my own:

From the Whole Foods salad bar - steamed collard greens, corn, black beans, bell pepper, sweet potato.
 From Paradis - lentils, new potatoes, steamed kale, tomatoes in a dijon vinaigrette.
From Whole Foods prepared foods - vegetable wrap, supposedly with hummus, but I didn't taste any. Wasn't bad, though. Fresh enough.
I think that's enough for tonight. I hope you all are enjoying yr weekend.


  1. Love seeing all the photos. Someday (hopefully soon) I'll make it that far East.

    I like the idea of shiitakes in a burger patty. Too bad it was bland. With those ingredients it has potential to be really good. I'm usually more excited for the fries than the burger anyways.

    And yum to your usual eats. I need to get my food regime back on track this week. The travel (time change, lack of sleep) kind of threw me off and I've been eating lots of junky stuff since I got home.

    Good to see you out and about. Your family seems like a nice bunch to keep you busy :)

  2. I love this post!! I so enjoy seeing other cities through the eyes of people who live there. Your photos are fantastic! Scenic walk, concert, train ride, baseball game - sounds like a perfect couple of days. Not to mention, have bro and sis in town (she was in Spain, right?) along with the family friend, must have been fun.

    So much good food, too! I totally had flashbacks to my first boyfriend who taught me that if one had garlic, but had garlic. Ha! The fries look pretty great. I've had a hummus-less WF wrap before, so I know what you're saying.

    Have a fabulous Sunday, Maud!

  3. Love the New York pics and stories. I have such a fascination with New York, but I know it's largely informed by movies so it's nice to see it from the personal perspective of a real person (that would be you ;-). All the food looks really good, but those french fries are really enticing. I wish we could taste food through the computer screen sometimes!

  4. G knows how to show you a good time. Fun post. An idle mind is the devil's playground.

  5. Nikki, and maybe someday I'll make it to the Northwest! Goals.

    Ingrid, glad you enjoyed it. Yep, my sister was in Spain (and France and Turkey for trips!) and will be heading back there after this visit. Lucky girl. At least I get to vicariously visit Denver through yr posts :)

    miss Rachel, New York is an okay place. I feel sometimes like even the people who live here are imitating what they THINK it should be like, if that makes any sense. It is probably a good thing we can't taste food through the computers, haha.

    Shen, TRUE (on all counts.) Hope you are keeping busy.

  6. how fun!! and wow what delicious eats! you can always count on WF for a good meal!

  7. Pretty photos! The wrap looks really delicious minus the shortage of hummus. The salad bar items look great too! Sounds like a really fun time at the show, I haven't been to a show in forever. Your garlic and oil fries look amazing! Too bad they don't offer them with malt vinegar. Those would be so yummy!

    THe Cyclones game sounds fun! I was at Coney Island working a wedding this summer and it was pretty traumatizing lol! We were there at 2pm on a Sunday in the summer, there were so many people it was a nightmare. And it was steaming hot. It looked really quiet from your pics though!

  8. Oot and aboot. :) I wish I had that accent! And I want that veggie burger! We've got a few gooders in my city, but nothing open after a late live show. That would be lovely. Oh well, post-midnight ramen is always there for me, ha ha. :)

  9. look at you playing tour(ist) guide - that's awesome!
    nice shot of the bowery show too! that's one thing that was missing from my visit a couple weeks ago - a concert. we've seen some of our favourite bands in new york over the past couple years... cat power & the pretenders in central park, the national at radio city & damien jurado at the mercury lounge. names that sadly will never make it to sudbury, hahaha


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