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Monday, July 2, 2012

Raw Noodles with Avocado

Sometimes you see something on the blogs and need to make it, immediately. Somehow I missed Ashlae's original post of spaghetti with avocado sauce, but came across Sara's version this morning and it sounded so great, I made it for lunch a couple hours later. I figured I had the basic ingredients and just needed to pick up some pistachios....and then I did.
However, as you all know I'm not a huge fan of pasta and I also like to keep meals as simple as possible. Instead of blending up an avocado sauce, I topped zucchini noodles (I had the wrong blade in my spiralizer! It was pretty but kinda hard to eat.) with chopped avo, shredded collards, the chopped (salted) pistachios, cherry tomatoes, lemon juice, and black pepper.

I'm sure it would have been awesome with Ashlae's garlicy sauce to pull it all together, but it was a delicious high-raw salad nonetheless. And I didn't have to dirty a blender.


  1. YUM Sarah! That looks so delicious! i'm all for recipes where no "machinery" is required -- what a beautiful dish! And the Brooklyn museum looks awesome! I love that photo with all the octopus-like arms in black and white! haha

  2. I used a good veggie peeler to make my zucchini noodles last week, and it was fine (but I can't compare with a "spiralizer" since I don't have one). Do you love it?

    I have the Oxo peeler and I love that thing, but it did take a longish time to do the noodles...

  3. OMG this looks amazing! I'm having a few bad food days with too many quick foods and not enough veggies and this looks like a great way to get back on track! Today, tomorrow and Thursday are going to be horrible schedule-wise but I'm going to do my best to channel you into the meals I do have control over :) I need to detox as much as possible so I don't pass out in Bikram yoga next week!

  4. Am I the only one who is always afraid to chop pistachios because the skin is a big pain?

    P.S. Buy the Magic bullet! So easy to use & clean. Perfect for salad dressing (and smoothies).

  5. Looks so nice and refreshing! So very summery! :-)

  6. Caralyn, as Dawn notes, you don't even really need the spiralizer if you have the patience to use a vegetable peeler to noodlize!

    Dawn, I do love the spiralizer, to be honest. And mine was fairly cheap. It makes quick work of vegetables and a lot less coordination is necessary (which is good for dopey me).

    Kristen, thanks! It totally was.

    VAVA, we all have bad quick food days. But yeah, getting back on track is pretty simple and I'm pretty positive you never stray too far! I'm thinking about a raw detox soon too. I'm already sweating plenty.

    Abby, chopping nuts in general is pretty annoying because they shoot all over the place but, meh, worth it. I'll look into a magic bullet; a lot of people seem to like them.

    CV, thanks! It was definitely cooling.

  7. Looks 'restaurant quality'. Very impressive.

  8. Thanks, Shen, I screwed the noodles up; don't tell the customers.


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