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Monday, July 2, 2012

Brooklyn Museum, taco lunch

I am really terrible at getting out of the house and doing things. BUT G and I finally made it out to the Brooklyn Museum (like, 5 miles from the apartment) to see the Keith Haring exhibit (on its second to last weekend.) If you don't know Keith Haring, I feel bad for you, son. He's really one of my absolute favorite artists,with an incredible mix of joy, politics, collage, street art, and dirty punk no-wave NYC in his aesthetic. Needless to say, I took a ton of photos.

The museum itself is an incredible building. It was built in 1897 and then the futuristic facade was added to in 2007 or so. Real fun stuff. The Haring banner is at the far right.

                                                            G admiring one of the works.

Thought the vegans in the crowd (aka alla y'all) would appreciate this one. "Everybody knows where meat comes from. It comes from the store." Right.

                                                   Newspaper headline collage pieces.

                    This was an awesome wall of Haring open calls for art and show Xeroxes.

My favorite room was actually filled with multimedia stuff. I didn't really know that Keith got into poetry and semi-performance art (where my heart lies.) There is one room of him with TVs showing his lipsticked dance routine to club music entitled Tribute to Gloria Vanderbilt, and some film of his subway art pieces set to Tom Tom Club, the B52s, and other fun-punk-jazz bands of the late 70s.
After the museum, we headed to a nearby taco place we knew of, only to find it was closed! Halfway through the depressed and foodless (and insanely warm) walk home, we passed another taco place, La Cochinita, with only one vegan option. We were hungry and hot and needed to sit, so we ate the one vegan option. And it was good.

This is the Rajas taco plate, halfway eaten (sorry - we were hungry!): rice and beans, nicely spiced but better with a bit of lime juice and some hot sauce, some surprisingly fresh and well dressed salad, and in the back, potatoes, mushrooms, and roasted peppers with tomatillo salsa. Two flour tortillas on the side.
I always wish there were more vegan options, but this place did the one option right. So, kudos.
The day was a good one, including a good sweat and semi-long walk.
Tell me about your favorite artists! Who do you guys like??


  1. I have definitely heard of Keith Haring, but haven't seen any of his work in person! What an interesting exhibit!

    Delicious looking plate - sometimes the one vegan option is the best anyway!

    I'm pretty lame in that I don't have a favorite artist, but I do appreciate art in all forms.

  2. Aw, I'm sorry I will miss this exhibit. Somehow the Brooklyn Museum always seems to fall of my radar; I haven't been there since the Isaih Zagar movie premiered.

  3. The exhibit looks awesome! I can definitely see spending a lot of time there :) Very cool reason to leave the house I'd say!

    It may have been the only vegan option but it looks like a great one! I love rice and beans so that would be a very welcome option for me :) Looks like a great day!

  4. That is one crazy ass exhibit, I probably would've loved it! And few things are more tragic than when you have your heart set on foodstuffs just to not get them...tends to make me super cranky, ha ha! At least you found a half-decent meal. I'm actually not a big art person - one of my friends always sends me stuff by photographers, which is sweet, but the names don't stick and it doesn't have the same impact on me that music does. Don't get me wrong, I love going to galleries. My favorite music artist is Radiohead though. :) Mother Mother with a close second!

  5. Looks like a cool exhibit, and a good day out...a good sweat is always a nice bonus.

    I remember being very taken by a Rebecca Horn exhibit in the Serpentine Gallery in London, and I think she has a permanent installation in the Tate. Pretty cool stuff.

    Food plate looks good too.

  6. Not only did I have a Keith Haring print on my wall for several years, I still have that framed print sitting on our basement floor gathering dust as I type this (alongside my much treasured 'Nastassia Kinski with Serpent' print).

    I believe I speak for everyone when I say the best artist of all time is Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light.

    And I don't see no stinkin' Tacos.

    1. I seriously was laughing so hard at your thomas kincaide comment i choked on my wine!! Hhhaaa!!

  7. Ingrid, true! maybe the meat/dairyless-ness forces people to be a little more inventive with the food than otherwise.

    Abby, I hadn't heard of him but his mosaics look so gorgeous! It's a really fun medium. Glad you made it out for that, at least.

    VAVA, cool especially for the much appreciated A/C. :)

    Allysia, yeah it was kind of a bummer, especially for someone as OCD as I am and planned on one specific thing only to find it not work out and then have to get more stressed out wandering around to see if we'd find anything. But it was a good find, I think. I love Radiohead! Don't listen to them enough though.

    Rose, I've heard of Rebecca Horn.. Will have to check her out too. Thanks for the recommendation! The sweaty walk back was not bad; I just wish we'd had the A/C of the museum to return to.

    Shen, Ha! We had a (far too long) conversation at work about Kinkade and his abilities when he died. I tried not to listen, I really did. Which Haring print was it?
    The tacos were off to the side. They were kind of tiny though, so mostly the fillings were left by the time I remembered to take a photo.

  8. I saw Sara's post and thought that the pasta dish looked good, too. But, I'm impressed with how you've Maudernized it! Hah! As far as artists, I am not familiar with any modern day ones, just the classics, babe.

  9. Loved Keith baring since greg was a bitty boy. Miss the pop shop.

  10. When searching for the name of the print, I certainly came to appreciate how prolific an artist he was. The print is similar to his '1986 Untitled', but I can't find the actual name.


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