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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sweet Treats

I went for a therapy consultation (yeah, I know) after work yesterday. I'm kind of proud because it was a big step towards maybe getting my head on a little bit better and is actually long overdue. Whatever. I grabbed something at Whole Foods that I could eat for a quick dinner between work and the session (vegetable juice and a green Vega bar) and then I grabbed a couple other things just for a treat cuz I was so dern proud of myself.
This Righteously Raw chocolate bar:

(In which my hand looks maaassssivvveee). The caramel-y inside is made with dates and lucuma, a fruit that naturally has a caramel flavor. It isn't gooey or anything but it is soft and creamy, almost. The bar is pretty expensive (7 bux) but at least that forces me to take my time with it. It's also super rich. The chocolate isn't bitter at all, for being 90%!
I also got this raw Go Chia Nopal (!) bar from GoHunza. I occasionally buy their brand of superfood berries and cacao nibs and usually only ogle their sort-of expensive bars (this one was 2.36 or something weird like that.)

I wasn't really sure what to expect, because nopal is a cactus (that people make into tacos etc.) and I've only had it in savory dishes (like, uh, tacos). But it was really good. The bar had a nice crunch from the chia seeds and nuts. The coconut wasn't particularly noticeable but if you've had apricot kernels before, you can pick out that flavor. I also really liked the bit of kick from the chili! Definitely left a bit of spice in yr mouth.
Anyway, I guess that's another thing I do that "they" say you shouldn't - reward myself with food gifts but, hell with that. Rules, maaaannnnn, bringing me dowwwwnnn. (Also maybe partially why I am in therapy.)


  1. i'm so happy for you that you took that big step:) yay! and that chocolate bar looks delicious! yum yum yum! and who cares what "they" say:) life's too short!

  2. I'm very proud of you for taking the steps to feel better. I understand what it's like to be nervous for that but what is important is just being open to it. Your sweet treats look amazing, especially that chocolate bar! Yum! I agree with Caralyn, treat yourself to whatever you want! Life's too short to listen to "them."

  3. Good looking treats! I'm partial to the chocolate one - yum!

    Serious applause on the step forward!! It'll change your life. Therapy has changed mine.

    P.S. Yes, I've been to NYC. It was a while ago, March 2006. A friend and her husband (then boyfriend) lived on 96th and 2nd (they are back in CO now), and a cousin and her then husband, lived somewhere in the 80's - but I don't remember where exactly. Blah, blah - I visited them both, and did some touristy things. I should go back, right?

  4. Hmmm. With all the treats, therapy could get really expensive. And have you thought about how you'll be able to tell if you feel better from the therapy or from all the chocolate? Kidding, kidding. Good for you for taking such a positive step! Onward.

  5. I love those Righteously Raw bars. My fave is the goji berry flavor. I had to do a double take when I saw this post because I have a similar pic of me holding the raw bar and out kitchen floors look similar :)

  6. That's awesome about the therapy - hope it went well! That chocolate bar looks super good, I've never had raw chocolate before. But who knows, my city is getting into the whole raw trendiness thing so maybe chocolate will find its way here! And usually rules are stupid anyway. :)

  7. That raw chocolate bar looks insanely good--I can't believe it wasn't bitter or sour at 90% cocoa!

    Therapy is good stuff; hope you found a therapist who will work well with you!

  8. Agree with Jes, hope you found a good therapist. I've been to a bad one and it was a mind f*ck at a very vulnerable time.

    Excellent looking raw bars, I'm gonna try to find them.

  9. GFHT, thanks :) It makes me feel like a real New Yorker.

    VaVa, thank you! Yes, I think getting over the self-imposed nervousness is the biggest deal.

    Ingrid, I'm so glad to hear it. Good on ya! And YES, duh! Come visit NY!

    Andrea, you are right! more chocolate, less everything else, yes?

    LS, merci.

    Luminous, perhaps but you would have taken a much prettier photo :)

    Allysia, I didn't know how to deal with the raw choc! I didn't want it to melt but it didn't do well in the freezer. If you find raw chocolate up by you, my advice is to just eat it all at its peak :)

    Jes, maybe the inside was just so delicious?

    Shen, now you and Jes are scaring me. I'm just gonna eat lotsa chocolate instead of ever returning.

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