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Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day: Burgers and Potato Salad

Burgers and potato salad! See, vegans are totally normal Americans too. A fugue, a variation on the theme, perhaps.
G saw a friend's pre-Memorial Day picnic meal and got hooked on the idea of a real burger. As I was in the city this morning (more on that tomorrow!), I stopped to do some errands and run into Whole Foods for some sorely needed groceries. I was reaaallly pleased that it wasn't very crowded (Expect the worst, I always say.) I got this brand of burgers because they were on sale (for 3.50):

I got home, listened to the Mets game (we lost boohoo) and whipped up a beet-potato salad (also filled with celery, chopped carrot, onion, mustard, and pickle juice). While that cooled, G was in charge of cooking the burgers while I yelled "That's enough oil in the pan!" ("If I'm in charge of burgers, who's in charge of me while I'm cooking the burgers?" "I am!")
Here's his plate:

Lookit that bright pink potato salad, whoa-oh. Loaded burger on a bun with avocado, spinach, tomatoes, mustard, and ketchup.
And my plate, bun-less:

With red onion as well as the other stuff, potato salad on the side. I added ketchup after the photo and wish I hadn't. I don't really like it but I always forget that. The burgers were okay. They were a little soft (probably because they are gluten-free) and kind of sweet. It is also soy-based (non GMO) and not the shortest of ingredient lists, but it's a rare fun splurge. I definitely could have gone for some bolder spices in the flavorings. Nothing a couple good toppings can't help, though.
And you? How was your Memorial Day? It's damn hot here today. I'm cooling off with a beer, and maybe some banana ice cream later! Enjoy the night, guys.


  1. Pretty potato salad! And I'm always ready for a veg burger. Also, I've missed your blog. I should stop by more often. I'm afraid things are only getting busier on this end, but this is the kind of stuff that makes my day happier. And makes me want to eat more raw veggies :)

  2. What a beautiful meal! You plate looks so bright and lovely! I don't think I've ever seen a "real" looking burger look so colorful. I like the festive garnishes as well ;)

    You are right, it is damn hot here. Banana ice cream sounds like the perfect way to cool off! I ate more than my fair share of watermelon later (I dug back into the bowl after dinner ha!).

    Stay cool!

  3. It's a fuchsia potato salad! I really should try a version like this, as my whole life I was always grossed out by the mayo amount involved in a potato salad. You have inspired me! Beautiful plating on both burgers.

    Seeing as a lot of weather moves from west to east, the east coast must be experiencing a lot of the heat we experienced last week. It's in the 70's, with a couple of low 80's at the end of the week - I'll send it over right now! :)

  4. wow! what a great looking plate! that purple potato salad is gorgeous! what a color! thanks for sharing!

  5. You guys sure know how to dress a burger. Give the Sunshine Burgers a try; I recommend southwest flavor by a mile.

  6. How did G get his mouth around that burger, I wonder. I made GF burgers with leftover beans and quinoa and GF oat flour and they were firm and delicious, though not "juicy." Mine looked a lot like G's, and it was a challenge to eat. The potato salad looks so pretty.

  7. Wonderful looking burgers & potato salad! I have not seen Health Valley brand around these parts yet. Toppings & add-ins definitely "make" the burgers for me (must have dill pickle chips!). We're having some tonight, but alas no potato salad. Happy week to you!

  8. Nikki, I've missed you around too but I totally understand busy!

    VAVA, watermelon sounds so good right now....

    Ingrid, yes, you should! Even pre-vegan I've always hated mayonnaise so I haven't even tried the vegan stuff. I find very well cooked potatoes to get creamy enough for a potato salad when mixed with mustard, pickle juice, and occasionally tahini. No Thank You, Veganaisse. I will take some cool weather very willingly!

    GFHT, thank you! I love the way beets color anything.

    Coupon, merci. Should I trust you?

    Abby, will do! I've been meaning too - and btw, G bought a Quorn burger with yr coupon today but I think he got the non-vegan ones! D'oh!

    Andrea, I actually took a photo of him biting in, and deleted it for his sake. It took a large mouth. I really ought to make my own burgers more often...thanks for the idea.

    miss R, this was the first time I've seen them either. maybe they are on sale because they're new. I wish we had some pickles, that really would have made it! Happy Week to you too :)

  9. Really pretty plating and pics. It's rare I'm will to pay more than $3/box of veggie burgers. Thanks for the heads up on the mushiness factor, I hate that. Everything is cheerful! Even the trash on the floor.

  10. Burger. So. Pretty!

    I made veggie sausage and peppers & caramelized onions potato salad for Mem. Day w/ olive oil and apple cider vinegar. I didn't blog it because I was computer-free over the weekend! And I made some other stuff.

    I LOVE Memorial Day since it is the coolest temp-wise of the summer holidays (though as you know, it was a scorcher this year!).



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