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Friday, April 27, 2012

Bake Sale, BiBimBap

One of our co-workers has been out of work sick for almost a month and racked up some incredible medical bills (despite our health insurance, which I have other issues with...). We had a bake sale at the store today to raise him some money.
My contributions:

                       Chocolate Chip-Walnut Scones, adapted from an Urban Vegan recipe

Lemon-Blueberry muffins from The Joy of Vegan Baking. A gay co-worker told me he'd marry me for these. I guess that's a rave review.

 I did not partake of any goods, but I heard the folks who put the bake sale together surpassed their goal, so that's great. Not sure what else was vegan out there but a friend came down smiling over a lime-coconut cookie that sounded amazing and I will try to find a vegan recipe for. AND I found out another co-worker was vegan! I think that makes, ah, four of us there? He's a dude, too. I love when vegans come out of the woodwork for tasty goods.
Anyway, I came home and made bibimbap because I've been dreaming about it foreverrrr.

This version included raw spinach, warmed rice, adzuki beans, raw mushrooms, shredded carrot, cucumber, and raw kim chee, topped with sesame seeds and gochujang sauce:

Thanks to Allysia for the tip on the sauce. I would have been pretty content to smother the bowl in sriracha but I think this sort of sweet but spicy, vinegary red pepper paste was an awesome addition. I found it at an Asian convenience mart near work, after a bit of searching.
The end.


  1. This just means G better watch out! I often confuse baked goods with lust. Ha ha! Not really, but pretty close.

    You made your dream come true! Not only were your taste buds satisfied, but your psyche can rest comfortably knowing that you acted on the message. :)

    I recently dreamed about out-running a tornado.. .

  2. that is so sweet of you.. those baked goods look amazing! if you got a proposal.. then those muffins must taste as amazing as they look!

  3. Wow, that is a really great thing that all of you came together to do for your coworker. The scones and the muffins look like perfection, I need to make gf versions of each. Yum! That is funny about the proposal ;)

    That bibimbop looks awesome! Glad you were able to satisfy that craving! Lots of great stuff in that bowl :)

    Lots of yummy stuff in this post! I'll probably be dreaming about the baked goods tonight ;)

  4. Your Scones and Muffins do look particularly tempting.

    I love BiBimBap. Way too much work to make it myself though.

  5. Oh gochujang! My favorite! It's awesome by itself, but I like mixing it with some toasted sesame oil, toasted and crushed sesame seeds, and a little sugar. Such a beautiful depth of flavor!

  6. Chocolate chip scones...blueberry muffins...I want to merry you Maud! Haha! *Drools* It's so nice what you did for your co-worker. I'm sure your stuff alone raised a hell of a lot of money! :))

  7. i love bibimbap -- your post reminds me it's time to visit the local korean restaurant that makes it really good. or try to make my own -- yours looks awesome! the scones and muffins look great, too. so cool of you to do that for your coworker.

  8. I recently had breast cancer and was left with $8000 in bills despite insurance. It's a bummer.

  9. Wow. Losing Weight After 45 Is A Bitch really knows how to put things in perspective.

  10. I like that Korean chill paste too! The baking looks great!!


  11. Those scones look amazing! Also, when you put the lime in the coconut, do share.

  12. Seriously drooling over those muffins right now...

  13. Never heard of that sauce before either. But, where's G's nose to really let me know if it's acceptable or not? Hope your co-worker continues to heal.

  14. Thanks, all. Update on our co-worker, he's out of the hospital and healing with his family. We raised more than 1300 dollars for him!

    Losing Weight after 45, I hope you are healthy now.

  15. That was really kind of you to raise money for your co-worker. It sucks that we don't all have the medical coverage we need. The baked goods you contributed look wonderful — no wonder you got a proposal. :)

    I like your version of bibimbop way better than the one I was once served at a Korean restaurant.


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