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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So Far Today

Raw Revolution Spirulina and Cashew bar and a banana for breakfast.

I stopped eating these bars a while back because they were kind of too sweet for my tastes and not the greatest nutrition-wise (high in calories and fats) but I had one around - and didn't have anything else to eat for breakfast so.
Snacked on an apple:

Ate the onion flavored Mary's Gone Crackers later in the day.
Lunch: huge bowl of spinach, shredded carrot, tomato, cucumber in the last of the creamy dill dressing. This was good but to be honest, I just wanted to use up the dressing to get the blender back so I could make smoothies again.


PPK mushroom hot pot with added rice noodles, shredded bok choy, and parsley. Zipadee doo dah.
Dassit! Happy Pi Day. I don't really like pie so I'm going to go rummage around for chocolate. How do you feel about pie? Anyone care to change my mind with an especially alluring recipe?


  1. Yay! Happy Pi Day! I just titled my post about it! My colleagues in the math department go nuts about Pi, and thus it is contagious. I'd say go with a fruit and/or nut tarte - maybe even a raw one!!

  2. Haha happy pi day :) How did you like the Mary's Gone Crackers? Your salad looks soooo good and so does the hot pot!

    I'm not a huge fan of pie, I prefer fruit crisps or crumbles. I haven't eaten one in so long though. Ingrid is totally on the right track though, Ani Phyo has some great raw tart recipes!

  3. Pi schmi. No pi for me — maybe a cookie or two, though. The food you prepare always looks so good to me — fresh and tasty. Salads and hot pots are my favorites, and now you may have swayed what I was about to make for dinner. Will it be a hotpot or roasted veggies over leftover quinoa with leftover sauce.

  4. Not a pie girl either. Bring me cake, I say! Or cookies, donuts, chocolate, etc.

    Is that a Lady Alice apple? I hate apples in general, but have been eating the Lady Alices all week (until they went back up to $3/lb at WF.

    Any time I look down at my meal and it's a bowl of greens I want to message it to you & say, "me too!", so be glad I don't have your phone number or you'd be receiving these random photos at all hours. Oh, let's be realistic; it doesn't happen that often.

  5. Just a crazy suggestion, maybe it's the mom in me and all, could wash the blender out, no? Put the dressing in a different container and have your smoothies, yes? Just thinking. Oh, and go clean your room!

  6. You don't like pie?! ::gasp:: Well, that's ok, I don't care for eggplant...or oranges...or mustard. Actually you couldn't pay me to eat mustard. I'm downright scared of it.
    Yummy-looking eats!

  7. Dinner looks awesome. As for pie, I can take it or leave it.

  8. I keep meaning to try those Mary's Gone Crackers one day...what flavor do you recommend? That salad looks epic, as usual.

    As for pi, I don't like the math kind at all, but the food kind...I can do. I love berry pies: blackberry, blueberry, or strawberry rhubarb. I only eat pie like twice a year though.

    And non sequitur, regarding the pickle/dill recipes...I did see those dill pickle soup recipes floating around and was quite intrigued.

  9. Ingrid, mathies - what a buncha neeerrrrds! I hope they threw a party and listened to lots of Kate Bush. A raw tart sounds perfect.

    VAVA, the crackers are good but kind of hard. I mean, I guess that's the point though hah.

    Thanks, Andrea, and likewise! Both options sound delicious but when I have leftovers I usually get lazy and opt for those...

    Abby, the apple photographed is a Rainier but I actually ended up grabbing a Pink Lady as I ran out the door in a rush. And ACTUALLY I've also really been enjoying the golden delicious they have at WF for pretty cheap - and with a blush of pink, so pretty! So many apples - there must be some others you like!
    I like to imagine getting a message from you at 4am when you get a midnight craving for kale.

    Blessed mama, I mean I COULD do that...haha especially since I was getting angry at how much room it took up in the fridge but...then I wouldn't have anything to complain about, which is my favorite hobby :) And I just cleeeeannnned my room!

    Amber, ORANGES?!? I guess there won't be any of those in yr cookbook, haha.

    TAB, thank you! It was!

  10. I had no idea it was Pi day! I don't eat it often, but I love pie, especially if it has raspberries in it. I usually don't eat the thick part of the crust, though. Don't really care for it.

  11. I totally agree with you on the Raw Revolution bars - they're ridiculously high in fat and so oily. I eat them every once in a while, but the mini version :)

    I like apple pie. I plan on making a one-serving apple pie in a jar tomorrow, but we'll see how that turns out. I'd still choose chocolate to pie ANY DAY.

  12. I LOVE pie but didn't get it together to make pie this year. maybe sometime soon. I'll just call it pie month.

    I can't stand that raw revolution puts agave and dates in their bars, it's overkill! have you tried purebar? you might like them because they are less sweet and have protein powder added.

  13. Rose, I liked these onion flavor, and the black pepper ones sound good too! I've had the herb flavor as well but didn't like them at all - way too heavy on the rosemary. Pie is definitely an only once or twice a year thing - rolling out that pastry dough is hell if you ask me... Blackberry pie sounds pretty good though; it reminds me of that (very non-vegan) nursery rhyme - Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie...

    molly, I remember disliking the crust too - it's too thick and salty. Plech!

    Ashlae, they are oily! Whatup with that? I snagged a bunch of minis at a sample expo - I wish they sold those. I might buy them then.

    Bitt, pie month sounds good too :) I have tried the Purebars and I like their flavors much more than RawRev but they use both agave and dates too! Although, they somehow taste less sweet. I should really just make my own. PS - are you still blogging? I miss yr stuff!

  14. I have a Raw Revolution Bar laying around as well. Really unappealing.

    The rest of your food day looks so healthy and cheerful. Great job. And Happy Belated Pi Day.


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