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Friday, March 16, 2012

Lunch Feast

I don't know that I've been eating all that differently than usual but my body has really been asking for fresh, raw food lately. (Maybe the mushroom hot pot got to be too much? I finished up the last of it yesterday for lunch, finally.) It's also not that I've been depressed per se - just bloated and sluggish and bored with this vacation and the grey, rainy days we've recently had. Who am I to deny a craving for air and healthy foods?
So I got up earlyish, stretched and exercised, drank some apple cider vinegar water, washed my face well (with baking soda followed by a splash of diluted apple cider vinegar - I bought the stuff to use as a natural toner. Really, is there anything that stuff can't do?) and headed out to stock up with fresh vegetables at the local natural foods store. I seriously considered buying a fresh juice while out, but lucky me - there aren't any very nearby. If I had bought one, I would never have conquered the inexplicable fear of and aversion to the juicer G and I have! After getting home, I pulled a chair over and took down the dusty but perfectly good juicer we stashed on top of the cupboards. And made this!

It's not a lot but I wasn't following a real recipe and didn't know how the juice would taste so I started small. This is 1 beet, 1 carrot, 1 stalk of celery, a nub of ginger, half a lemon, and a handful of spinach. It was really good and totally energizing, even this small amount. I am already hooked. Greg, remember when we were going to juice feast?! Let's do it.
After a bit I prepared a raw collard wrap. Yes, they're back!

This has the plain raw cashew cheese I made, alfalfa and clover sprouts, shredded carrot, red bell pepper, cucumber, mushrooms and a bit of sriracha. So good.
And to follow that, not raw and slightly less healthy but still relatively virtuous:

The filling for Chocolate Covered Katie's mint fudge pie. Like I said the other day - I don't care about crust much; just give me the good stuff inside! And this is good stuff. It's similar to Soundly Vegan's spiced chocolate tofu pudding I made during MoFo but even thicker, which I really enjoy, due to actual melted chocolate chips. I set a hand towel on fire and almost burned my hand trying to melt those things but WORTH IT. (I'm a klutz, though - you probably won't have that problem if you make it.) It's even worth the hour chill time. I would most definitely serve this to try to impress omnis - and check out the nutritional stats on it - not bad. I definitely had more than one spoonful of this.
So, I'm totally reinvigorated and definitely anticipate more raw foods in the future - it's getting to spring! Hope you all are having a good day.


  1. Apple cider vinegar is amazing stuff! The pups get some every day and it helps with Rowan's yeast & allergy issues.

    The food looks so fresh and delicious. I would totally eat the pie filling without the crust. It's the best part!

  2. Apple cider vinegar is a cure all, I'm convinced! How did you like it as a toner? Did you smell like vinegar after? ;)

    That juice looks so gorgeous! I love the color that beets give to food and drinks. Did you see Gena's beet granola?! So pretty! The wraps look great as well, I love the cross section pic! Do I see nail polish on those fingers? :)

    I love that you made the filling with no crust! I feel like that would be a great vegan pudding recipe and I've wanted to make pudding for a while. And you can't beat the chocolate/mint combo!

  3. This looks like the perfect day's worth of eating to me. Serious! It's all so healthy yet tasty... Do you cater? ;)

  4. molly, that's so interesting that dogs can take it too! I wonder if it works for cats as well? DEF recommend the filling :)

    VAVA, I was pretty happy with it! This is the first day I'm using it, so I wonder if any changes will take place. It did smell vinegar-y, haha, but once it evaporated it was fine. It was also diluted 4:1 water:ACV, so it wasn't too intense. I DID see the granola! It's beautiful. Haha - as for the nail polish, I finally bought some for whatever reason and I still feel weird with it on my fingers but it's tolerable once it starts to chip off...

    Hannah, thank you! I enjoyed it thoroughly. I will cater if you make the desserts.. mousse ice cream perhaps?

  5. I know it's warm outside when I see collard wraps! It's going to be near 80 degrees today. We left winter and went directly to late spring.

    I love everything I've made from Chocolate Covered Katie's site, and she does a great job of not making it too unhealthy!

  6. Whoo, my lips are puckering looking at the ingredients in your juice. Lemon and ginger would add some pop, I bet. But, probably the carrot and beet would have sweetened it just right, I'm thinking. Glad you overcame your hesitation to use the juicer.

  7. Oh yeah, ye olde Collard Wraps. It is getting to be summer again.

    Look at the fancy nail polish! Or is VaVa doing some hand modeling for you?

  8. Still not inspired to try juices and smoothies, but every time I see them on blogs, I think they're pretty and often think the colors would make great nail polish shades. Yours is no exception.

    The collard wrap is bee-you-tiful and the leaf seemed to make a perfect container for your filling. The pie filling looks decadently delicious. Although I have not tried it, I believe there is a kind of chocolate pudding or filling that is RAW; the secret is mashed avocado.

  9. Ingrid, wow, we haven't hit 80 yet - I hope you're enjoying the weather! I like all the CCK stuff too; I should probably make them more often....

    Blessed mama, I'm glad too! The juice was so good and fresh! Do you have one?

    GSGV, it was! :)

    Shen, G was ogling ice cream flavors last night - summer, or at least warm weather is definitely on the horizon.

    miss Rachel, oh but juices and smoothies are so good! What is your trepidation about them? You're right though, they are (usually) beautiful. I like collard wraps best for raw wraps because they ARE the perfect size, and they're sturdy enough that you can load it up :) I posted a raw avo dessert today, but not quite pudding; I'd still love to try that!


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