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Sunday, March 25, 2012

LI Brunch etc

Today G and I got up early to catch the train to Long Island for his cousin's engagement party.
Started out on coffee and raw overnight oats with half a banana, coconut, golden mulberries, and sunflower seeds.

I wasn't sure about the vegan options at the brunch buffet so I packed a container of grapes and a carrot, just in case. I ate a couple grapes in the car but there was a fair selection of fruit at the restaurant his cousin had rented out. My plate:

Balsamic grilled squash and eggplant, pineapple, melon, pretzel stick and a strawberry. I went back for a second plate later and got half a mini bagel with a grilled red pepper. We were also very freely supplied with mimosas and coffee, so that was nice. It was a good time and pretty chill. G and I walked out to get some air for a bit and saw this guy, and his boat:

Apparently this Hercules was the figurehead from the USS Ohio, built right here in the Brooklyn Navy Yards in 1820. Kind of cool, also kind of creepy and horribly draped in a lion skin but uhhh yeah.
When we got back I had a banana and an Amazing Grass bar.

Dinner: miso soup with mushrooms, wakame, rice noodles, spinach. No picture, though. Same as it always looks.
And dessert I've been enjoying lately: vanilla soyogurt with frozen berries, coconut flakes, and walnuts.


  1. You know I'm desperately trying to figure out where you were right? :) I'm always a fan of fruit for brunch but I have to admit I'm chuckling a little at the random pretzel stick? Don't get me wrong, I love a good pretzel every now and then but it seems a bit random :) Your dessert looks great! I need to get some more yogurt in my life, and this looks like a great way to eat it!

  2. Brunches are tough, I'm glad this one had enough fruit and veggies to make it through the day. What do you use as your broth when you make miso soup? I have a fancy shmancy recipe that needs simplifying. Dessert sounds fantastic!!

  3. VaVa, Stonybrook! Ha, I should have done a bunch of snapshots of geese and been like Guess Where! Haha, the pretzel was totally random. I guess I needed something to pull the meal together? Fruit, veggies and...a pretzel. None of the other bready stuff looked vegan.
    Dessert was good, especially as the berries thawed a bit.

    S&S, I like these bars a lot! They're dense and have a good texture. They contain a good bit of sugar but they don't taste too sweet. Plus there's some good green stuff in em.

    1. Wow you were way out on the Island then! A friend of mine went to school in Stonybrook :)

  4. I love the Amazing Grass bars! I also love the drink mixes. I bought the orange dreamsicle mix tonight and I can't wait to try it :)

  5. *laughs* Oh, eggplant! That's a relief! I was so confused trying to figure out what the "fruit" was at the back of your plate there :P Although, actually, eggplant is a fruit, isn't it? Is it? Oh, your post is confusing me today! :D

  6. Aw, you tricked me today. When I hear the term "LI" in a vegan blog, I immediately think of 3 Brothers. Glad you were able to eat, but fruit, eggplant, and a pretzel stick? Hard to believe that non-vegans still don't know the world that exists outside their bubble. And now I inexplicably want a pretzel.

  7. Are engagement parties popular back east? For us, it's enough with the cost of the wedding - I don't want to feed those same people twice! :-) I'm impressed that you're having dessert now. I'll be keeping a close eye on that.

  8. As someone is always struggling to eat enough fruit, I think I'd be happy with that fruit plate. I never choose fruit when I have a choice of fruit and something else. But when it's my only option, I'm forced to eat healthy.

  9. I'm always oddly drawn to things like that Hercules, although like you, I could do without the lion skin....

    That's great that they had some choices for you. We always eat before things like that, too.

  10. Ashlae, I haven't tried the drink mixes but they do intrigue. Glad to hear you like them.

    Hannah, I don't know! Is eggplant a fruit??

    Abby, nothing that exciting. It was a brunch at a traditional LI restaurant so I wasn't expecting much. The pineapple was really delicious, for what it's worth.

    Blessed mama, I don't know if they're popular here - this was my first experience with it. maybe it's becoming a thing among younger people? It seems a bit unnecessary, but it's their money.

    Bianca, I never have that problem, haha. Luckily this was tasty!

    molly, the Hercules reminded me of you and the bizarre structures you find!

  11. A good plate of fruit can certainly make a meal. Mostly I eat fruit for breakfast, anyway, but for special occasions it's nice to have choices that are different from every day. The grilled veggies look good. With all the soft food, of course you needed to add a little crunch — almonds, cashews, or, pretzels. I've never tried the amazing grass bar, but I'm always looking for a bar that isn't so sweet. Most of them taste too sweet to me.

  12. Hercules lost some muscle tone. He's got major moobs.

  13. phooey, i missed the giveaway.


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