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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Vegan Valentines

Post-Punk Kitchen's Raspberry Truffle Brownies for the co-workers, who I may not all love all of the time but there's something to "we're all stuck here together."

They got really good reviews. "Yo Maud, yr brownies killed it!" "You are a vegan baking shaman." (actually the most hilarious/awesome praise I've ever gotten.) I can't take credit, really. If you like dense, rich, flavorful and multi-faceted treats, these are it. As Isa says, they are "healthier" not healthy; no added fats - keeping in mind they do contain 4 oz. straight melted chocolate - and not too much sugar.
After work, G and I went to...Champs!
G got a side of fries with chipotle mayo and a black bean burger, after much deliberation.

"Best fries I've ever had."
I had a hard time deciding too, but followed in my mom's footsteps from when she took me out and got the banh mi. Super spicy (jalapeno peppers AND sriracha!), sans vegan mayo.

It was freaking huge and we passed on the desserts. NEXT TIME.
We came home, finished a movie, drank some wine, and now I'm sleepy.


  1. Your co-workers are lucky! Those brownies look terrific and so moist

    Dinner sounds great, too. Sounds like you had a good day. :)

  2. we had valentines bahn mi, too! :) those brownies look awesome. lucky coworkers!

  3. I agree with Molly, your coworkers are lucky, those brownies look like perfection! Both dinners look amazing, I really need to check out Champs!

  4. Vegan baking shaman? That's a gooder. :) It sounds like your valentine's day was far more eventful than mine - I just went to work. Hooray! Those brownies look like they totally deserved the praise they got.

  5. You vegan baking shaman, you! lol Good comment, I think it definitely describes you. Your dinner at Champs looks so good!

  6. I want to be your new co-worker! Haha (if you bring cake every day). Looks fantastic! And the food too!!

  7. Oh man, I was sooo thinking about gluten-free-ing these for Valentines and then never got around to it. They look so amazing--rockin' job on your batch!

  8. A drama-free V'day. So boring.

    Why do I envision you and your co-workers all toiling away in an industrial-style bunker with no windows? Like that move 'Brazil'.

  9. molly, it was a pretty calm, nice day. I hope yours was as well.

    Sara, funny! Did you make yours?

    VAVA, yes! If you make it to Brooklyn, I'd recommend it for sure.

    Allysia, well, I went to work too but I prefer to push that part out of mind.

    Rose, I makes me picture medicine sticks full of nutmeg and salt and conjuring rice milk from the skies.

    malin, I used to bring stuff in pretty regularly...but you work in a health food store! You don't need my brownies!!

    Jes, thanks! If you do get around to it, let me know how they come out.

    Shen, actually, you're pretty spot on: we work in a basement. It's pretty gloomy.

  10. Oh yeah I totally forgot about that. I'll bring my own cake. Come and visit? :))

  11. seriously lucky co-workers.. those are some fudgy brownies! i love that banh mi

  12. Your rendition of the raspberry brownies look delicious! Also, I can't even begin to tell you about how jealous I am that you live near Champ's. When I was in NY in October my cousin and I walked there for brunch and it was so good!

  13. Those brownies have such a great texture! I think I never ate real fudgy brownies. Those look like they could be it.

  14. your nori rolls and salad bowls look superbe! i am totally on the ASIAN theme bandwagon too at the moment. its all about miso, soba noodles, avocados, carrots and mushrooms, lemon and lime at the moment!

  15. It's not every day one gets referred to as a vegan baking shaman. That could be the title of your next blog. Seriously, the brownies look perfect. Are there any jobs open where you work?

  16. malin, sure thing!

    Richa, I wish it were a better photo of the banh mi! It was delicious.

    Jackie, well you'll just have to make another trip! Yeah, Champs is great.

    mihl, fudgy is definitely the way to describe these brownies. Isa has done it again :)

    Alexia, Asian foods are so flavorful and they can be really simple too. Good stuff. I'm always all about it.

    Andrea, haha! I want to be a real shaman. Baking jobs you mean? Probably. I considered trying for one a while back but I don't really have any experience, so. It would be fun though!

  17. UUUUUUUUUUGH. Those brownies (and the rest of the food, but mostly the brownies) are making me so hungry. I'm having oral surgery in a few hours and they won't let me eat (or drink!) all morning. I'm dying. And I'd kill for one of those brownies. Really.

  18. Ashlae, that sucks. The worst thing you can do right now is browse food blogs, haha. Hope it goes well.


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