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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Two Lunches

Just writing that title has gotten the Spin Doctors' Two Princes indelibly embedded in my head so I'll just share that...You're welcome.
Nothing novel around here lately. Lots of the same smoothies, loaded miso soups, salads, and overnight oats. Here are two lunches, though, that deviated a bit from the usual.

Spinach, roasted sweet potato, tomatoes, and Isobelle's meatballs, or as I like to call them, meatbelles. Some of them were too big to really stay together well but the taste was really good. I did add fennel seeds and oregano to the mix, and I recommend trying to flip them halfway through baking, so they cook more evenly.

And today was steamed beet greens with rice and cherry tomatoes.

We usually buy beets with the tops already cut off but I love the greens so it's a treat when I get them still on. They're so delicate and delicious. Unfortunately, I over-salted both the rice and the greens but the tomatoes cut that a bit.


  1. Yum both meals look sooooo good! Those meatbelles sound so tasty, and I love that you call them meatbelles :)

    I love that song and it is definitely a better one to have stuck in your head than a lot of other ones! I'll probably go listen to it now and have it stuck in my head!

  2. I love the color of the beet greens. Very pretty with the red!

    Interesting combo with the meatbelles (ha! that's so much better than balls!). It looks really good!

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  4. Meatbelles - that's the best thing I've ever heard! I need to check out the recipe.

    I spoke with the judges, and we only decreased your total meal score one-tenth, due to the excessive salt. Maud's Two Lunches: 9.90

  5. Dude! HAHA! Meatbelles.
    I guess I should have mentioned that the bigger you make them, the harder it is for them to stay together..I'm not the best at writing up my recipes, I'm really not. But thanks for the input! And I'm glad you tried them.
    I really want to try them with oregano and fennel seeds now.

    I also love the tops on beets - they're so tasty! I kinda like them better than the actual beets.

  6. VAVA, haha that song was sooo badddd. I used to love it though. And the video is hilarious. The singer is totally not into it at all.

    molly, yeah, after being tossed around in my bag on the way to work, everything was completely pink by lunchtime. It was pretty.

    malin, YOU ARE SO EXCITED!!! Spelling be damned. Wait, is that a good scream or a bad scream?

    Ingrid, check it out! It's a super easy recipe - I love throwing things in a food processor and letting electricity do the work. And thank you, you and the judges are letting me off easy with a 9.9. I had to drink a lot of water.

    Isobelle, your name just works so welle. I think I got overzealous with the shaping haha but I made them smaller towards the end and that helped. Thanks for the recipe! I made them "for G" but he hasn't had any yet...I may finish them all. Yr sauce sounded great too but I didn't get around to making that yet.

  7. Everything looks pretty good to me :-)

  8. haha it was a good excited I messed up twice there! haha sorry.

  9. I am always afraid of beet greens, but maybe I'll give them a go...

  10. I am going to try them tonight. "Meat belles"... Thats what I ate at my Beauty and the Beast themed barbecue. Way to feminize everything vegan. Just making it harder for PETA to attract males to their cause.

  11. Biologically speaking, wouldn't they be called 'Meat Ovaries'?

  12. I love beets, but I generally don't eat beet greens so I don't mind when they're not attached. I guess it's because they look kind of like red Swiss chard which is not my favorite because of its stringiness, but maybe I should give beet greens a try.

    I think you've coined a hot new vegan blog term with meatbelles! ;-)

  13. Hahah, I need to make Izzy's *meatbells*. And all of the above like what I've been shoving into my face, as of late. Especially the smoothies - I've been on a two-a-day kick, for some reason.

  14. Alessandra, thank you! How does Shen leave a comment on yr blog?

    Abby, nothing to fear! I like them a lot. They wilt pretty quickly though so it's best if you cook them up the day you get them.

    Yo Lino, only GIRLS have Beauty and the Beast themed parties. (jk)

    Shen, I suppose they would. Would you eat those?

    miz R, I love chard! But I do think beets have a more intense oxidizey flavor, so I guess they're not for everyone. Why not try em though? Even in a smoothie, maybe.

    Ashlae, I want to make smoothies all the time too! my banana habit just can't keep up.


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