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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Raw til AFR dinner: 40 Clove Chickpea & Broccoli

Chia pudding to power me through the morning.

chia, rice milk, raw almonds, golden mulberries, chopped cranberries.
I was in a rush this morning and went out with a friend last night so I didn't prepare a lunch. I walked across town in the beautiful "winter" sunshine to Lifethyme to pick up something fresh from their raw food bar.

This is zucchini pasta in pesto over a salad mix (mache, red cabbage, tomatoes, pea shoots, red onion) and a bit of raw cauliflower hummus on the side. The hummus was a bit bland on its own, but delicious with the salad. The store is pricey but has really top quality prepared foods and a juice bar.
I snacked on a Pure Blueberry bar and came home and made dinner. I can't remember what got this recipe stuck in my head, but I tried out a new recipe from Appetite for Reduction: 40 Clove Chickpea & Broccoli.

This is G's bowl, with his random ass carrot craving.
It was pretty quickly thrown together, even though I had to cook the chickpeas first (I e-mailed G during the day: "Can you soak some chickpeas please!!!"). I'm a huge fan of garlic and an even bigger fan of easy meals and simple ingredients. Like Isa writes, it's nothing to go crazy for but it's definitely a staple meal that vegans will appreciate.
Also, tonight begins some randomly scattered vacation time. At work, we have to either take our days or lose them (i.e. we can't get it paid out) and I always forget about it until the last minute, so I have nine days of vacation to use between now and the end of March. Hopefully I will be making a lot of fun things in the upcoming month or so to show you guys. If you have any suggestions on recipes to make, I'll gladly take them - or if anyone in NYC knows something fun going down, let me know. I need to get out of the apartment occasionally so as not to go crazy. Idle hands, ya know?
Have a good night.


  1. All of your meals look so great! I really need to try chia pudding. I have a ton of seeds left and I rarely use them. That lunch looks phenomenal! I wish I had an awesome raw food bar locally to go to. That looks awesome!

    The 40 clove chickpeas and broccoli always looked great to me and I'm glad it got a good review! Maybe when I actually feel like cooking I'll make it :)

    9 days left?! Can I have some! I don't get any paid vacation time so that makes me very jealous. If I can think of somewhere to send you so I can live vicariously through you I'll let you know!

  2. I love that recipe--looks great!
    Random question--it seems like all the cool veg/raw places in NYC are in the village area. Do you know of anything around the Grand Cen Station area? Thanks in advance!!

  3. All this time I had no idea you're a New Yorker! That's awesome, it's at least in the top 10 places I want to visit next. I can't wait until I move East (Toronto or Montreal - haven't decided yet!) and then New York isn't a 2-day road trip away. Appetite for reduction always looks like such a gooder, maybe one day I'll have enough money to hoard vegan cookbooks! :)

  4. The chickpea dish sounds interesting, but the thought of peeling 40 cloves of garlic is too much for me. I should look the recipe up and see the directions. Your choices of places to eat in NYC is a bit overwhelming. :)

  5. I would be so excited if I had 9 days to use over the next month! Hopefully you can find lots of fun stuff to fill them up.

    I love G's random carrot craving. lol

  6. Aw, you guys need to start planning more vacations! I run out of days waaay too quickly :) I'm looking forward to seeing the adventures you get into though!

  7. I really need to pick up a copy of Appetite For Reduction. I've had my eye on it for a while now. And hooray for paid days off. I have some days off coming up in March and I plan on relaxing with my cats.

  8. Ah, this is a pleasant post. Lots of good news.

    A few things I would do if I was in NYC -- Isn't that St. Paddy's Day Parade something to see? Check out Chinatown? Have a cocktail at the top of the Peninsula Hotel or that rotating lounge at the top of the Marriott Marquis? Get some matinee tickets to that show about Mormons on Broadway...

  9. love that 40 clove chickpeas! and that zucchini with pesto looks great. enjoy your vacation time! hope you can find some fun stuff to do.

  10. I've had this recipe earmarked for a while - will definitely have to try it now!

    I love the idea of a raw restaurant. . .I wonder if there are any around here!

    Can't wait to hear about all your days off!

  11. Awesome day of food. The zucchini noodle/salad combo sounds fab...I can imagine feeling really energized and good after eating it. I'm very interested in the raw cauliflower hummus...I'm going to head off and look up a recipe for it.

    Have fun on your vacation days!! I'm the opposite; I always use mine up too fast! It's like they "burn a whole in my pocket" or something...burn a whole in my calendar maybe?

  12. VAVA, you would love the recipe - roasted veggies, low fat, tons of flavor and lots of fun. I will certainly try to investigate NYC for the both of us :)

    S&S, good call! I had totally forgotten!

    Stacy, personally I don't know of any places even though I was walking around midtown today. However, is perfect for an NYC veg restaurant pick. You can opt for "above 14th street" and how vegan/vegetarian you want a restaurant to be. I saw a Loving Hut, Zen Palate, maoz, and a couple other places near Grand Central. Are you coming to visit??!

    Allysia, yep, NYC! You and Stacy should come visit me!

    Andrea, the directions only include smashing 10 cloves! The title is a bit hyperbolic and the directions are easier than they sound. The outcome is delicious (and gluten free).

    molly, I'm half-excited, half-nervous. If only I had Rowan and Emma to force me out of the house!

    Jes, I was considering coming down to Virginia and North Carolina! I still might but...unlikely. I hear it's beautiful.

    Nikki, AFR is great! You would like it a lot, I think. Love yr vacation plans.

    Shen, I am planning on avoiding the St. Patricks day parade at all costs. It's a mess of bodily fluids. Chinatown is an intriguing idea, though! I might! Also - I would love to see the Book of mormon. my friend saw it and loved it but I think tix are wayyyy backed up. I'll wait until you come to NY and then.

    Sara, thanks! It is a great dish, isn't it?

    Ingrid, go at it!

    Rose, the zucchini noodles were really good. So glad to get an extra burst of energy mid-day. The cauliflower hummus ingredients were listed as cauliflower, olive oil, tahini, and salt. (If that helps - obviously add anything you want!)

  13. Lunch in particular looks very good. I was wondering what that big blob of stuff was until you identified it as cauliflower hummus - never heard of that before.

    Oh to be in New York - you have museums, shopping, tons of vegan food - enjoy your time off.

  14. Maud, I am, and I totally thought for half a second "blogger meet-up with Maud!" but then I remembered that I am only in the city per se for a day and it's a stupid work trip. Boo. Having said that, I may be back this summer for a more leisurely visit. It would be great to meet you...

  15. i saw the 40 clove in the title and was like no way there can 40 cloves of garlic in there. 10 maybe yes..:)
    i;d eat some chickpeas in all meals of the day!

  16. Something about those raw unpeeled carrots (I never peel my carrots) makes me very happy.


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