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Monday, February 27, 2012

PPK Cherry Chocolate Chunk (Muffins)

So now that I'm set with veggie burgers for days (truly the recipe that keeps on giving) and don't need to think twice about what's for lunch, the nagging question was, "Well, what then?"
I eat a dessert after dinner most days. I think of it as something nice to seal the meal, so to speak. And since I'm eating it almost daily, I'd prefer it to be something fairly healthy. Sometimes it's raisins or other dried fruit, sometimes it's a mint, and sometimes it's a handful of chocolate chips. I usually prefer it to be chocolate.
Enter the latest installment of Isa Moskowitz's low- or no-oil treats: Cherry Chocolate Chunk mini loaves. She's been killing it lately with her mini loaves and these (which I baked into muffins) are no exception. I love the turn she's taken for healthier baking post-AFR (and post 39) but her wit is still totally intact: These are fun "but not underwear-in-your-purse-looking-for-a-cab-at-4:15-am fun. That’s cupcake fun. Let’s have some loaf fun," she writes.

Frozen cherries are pretty expensive, though, so I bought a bag of "Cherry-Berry mix" from Trader Joe's and, uh, picked all the cherries out. A couple frozen blueberries made it in to the batter too.
They were pretty simple to mix up, cooked quickly, and are awesome eaten warm with the chips still melty. (Okay, so technically I ate them as a mid-day snack and not a dessert. Can you blame me?)


  1. These are more like 'sleeping in the wet spot' fun.

  2. But look how fun my cupcake liners are! Polka dots! I must have been riding pretty high when I bought those.

  3. I certainly don't blame you for eating this in the afternoon! They sound delightful and are definitely something I'd love.

  4. I'm eating cherries and chocolate right now too! :) The jarred cherries at TJs aren't that expensive; I wonder if they would work here.

  5. Surely, these muffins are blame-free. They look so good — nicely rounded and fruity-chippy inside. I like your solution for cheaper cherries! Wish I had some frozen cherries in the freezer instead of only blueberries.

  6. I daresay, you're of the age where "cupcake fun" is still in order, but thanks for keeping it tame with some "loaf fun" for us old timers in the audience. These are worthy of it am or pm. They look moist and sumptuously good...hope you're enjoying your vacation days...looks pretty good from here.

  7. OMG YUM! If I wanted to eat anything right now this would definitely be it! They look so delicious and the liners are so cute! I'm a sucker for a cute cupcake liner. And I also like your solution to the cherry situation. I bet the blueberries were yummy in there too!

    I'm loving Isa's turn to loaves recently. I saw on twitter she was working on some kind of almond loaf. I bet that is AMAZING, almond cakes and loaves are my favorite. I'm definitely going to have to give these a try and I'm loving that you made them into muffins. And I would totally eat one warm out of the oven too, no matter what time of day it is.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Ahh, I noticed that recipe when she posted it, ogled it some, and then was sad because you can't find frozen cherries here...anywhere. I think next summer I'm just going to buy a crapload of cherries and have a cherry-pitting-freezing party. And dessert after dinner is a wonderful thing, I feel like something's missing if I don't have it. Even if it's just a spoonful of PB with a few chocolate chips.

  10. Hey, I meant that comment as a compliment, but, yeah, it does sort of look like a wet spot now that you point it out....

  11. I like this whole "Maud bakes instead of working" business.

    I believe midday indulgences are referred to as "afternoon delights".

  12. molly, if you're still ditching oil completely, they totally work for you!

    S&S, great combo, no? I didn't even think of jarred cherries; they'd probably work just fine.

    Andrea, I ate a couple from the bag and they really are delicious! I wish I ate them more often.

    Rose, haha I think I wore myself out after a few too many nights of "cupcake fun" but who doesn't appreciate chocolate and fruit??

    VAVA, I didn't see that about the almond loaf! That sounds so good!

    Allysia, that's a total bummer. Like S&S said, I'm pretty sure jarred cherries would work too - and one commenter said she plumped up dried cherries in plum brandy which sounds amazing! Are either of those easier for you to get? Or, yes, a cherry pitting party sounds like a blast!

    Shen. Ew.

    Ingrid, I'm liking it too :) Afternoon delights has a different connotation for me but I'll take either...


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