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Sunday, February 12, 2012

miso soup, some more

Nothing spesh; just keeping with the Asian theme. I thought this miso bowl was pretty today.

I'm always in love with Zoa's variety of mushrooms so I thought I'd do it proper here and buy some cute little enoki mushabooms (shabooms).
Similarly, I also had seaweed and ginger in my snack earlier:

Gingerade (my fave) GT's with spirulina. Mad probiotics today, which is good cuz G made me bake cookies and they turned out crappy but I'm still eating tooooo many of them.
NO PHOTOS OF DINNER! Dinner was cookies; there, are you happy? Oof. Don't look at me like that.


  1. Oooh, the Gingerade sounds really good. Ha, ha! Cookies for dinner are totally allowed. Especially for you, as you are my salad role model. I don't want you turning orange again, so cookies are definitely in order. :)

  2. Excellent choice- Enoki mushrooms are some of my favorites of the fungus family. :)

  3. Those mushrooms are dang cute! As is your whole bowl. If I had cookies, they would be my dinner too. Even if they were crappy. It happens. IMO it needs to, once in a while.

  4. I just discovered that kombucha w/ chia seeds and I am now addicted! I love it!

    And yes! I was going to say how super cute the mushrooms are!

  5. haha! cookies for dinner? eff yeahrrr. That's the best kind of dinner there is!

    Gingerade is my second favourite kombucha. Citrus and Guava are my first. Actually. I really like the Trilogy too. AH!

  6. Eat some cookies! It's fine!
    BTW, I made that sunflower seed pate yest (but with fresh ginger) and it is awesome. I'm going to try it with my stale-ass nori for lunch. And yes, I do let my cats eat a little (two of them love it, the girl doesn't seem to care for it). Do you?

  7. Is that ginger drink spicy? I LOVE spicy ginger drinks, but I hate when they are under-spiced :-)

    Soup is very pretty, too.


  8. Oh there's that miso. Looking good! OOH I'm so hooked on GT's. Trying to figure out my favorite... THINK it's the ginger one but also like the guava and the n.8? Which one's your fav?

  9. Haha thanks Isobelle, that's a relief! Actually the problem is that I get really sick when I eat too much sugar so I REALLY shouldn't

    Hannah, I want to grow my own oysters mushrooms out of a box like yours!

    Zoa, I guess you're right - do it rarely and learn the lesson the hard way if need be.

    S&S, oh yeah I only tried that stuff once but it's pretty good in a slightly slimy way.

    Isobelle, haha, I know...they are all tasty. I regretted my decision as soon as I hit publish. Kinda scared to taste the Guava though.

    Stacy, I'm glad you like it! I think I'll make it today with fresh ginger too. maybe I will even let my sniffy kitty try some nori today, but she's kind of picky anyway.

    Dawn, it's not super spicy but the bubbles make it seem a bit spicier. It also probably varies from bottle to bottle or batch to batch - but it is really good.

    malin, I'll have to try the guava once since two people recommend it! I like the trilogy one and the Gingerade the best I think...and the multigreens, haha. I'm hooked too if you can't tell.

  10. I had cookies for breakfast; we're even!

  11. Sorry I have been so absent in my reading, but I'm glad I didn't miss the momentous occasion of you eating cookies for dinner. However, my guess is they were cookies that were full of redeeming qualities. I'm off to read all of your posts Ive missed!

  12. Oh, I love gingerade! Just had some on Saturday with our lunch.

    That soup is really pretty and I adore the mushrooms.

  13. I looooove the gingerade kombucha. Have you ever had the chia seed kombucha? DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND NEVER TRY IT. It's downright horrible. ANd I'm a huge proponent of cookies for dinner.

  14. The miso soup is indeed very pretty! Hey, cookies for dinner is perfectly fine from time to time...provided that there's also beer.

  15. Abby, surely someone ate cookies for lunch?

    Jenny! You are understandably busy but it's good to hear from you. I promised this is the ONLY day you missed where I ate cookies for dinner. How are you?

    molly, I'm on a mission to try all the mushroom types. I am so far behind.

    Ashlae, people seem to either love or hate that stuff, haha obviously you fall on the latter side.

    Rose, oh I had a beer or two as well. They may actually have come before the cookies...

  16. Miso soup is always a good idea. Did you like the enoki? I buy them sometimes because they are so damn cute but I don't think I really like them. In fact, they creep me out a little with their squeaky texture. Ginger-flavored kombucha is my favorite.

  17. G forced you to bake cookies? Were they salty with your tears? Your relationship is so fraught with drama! Loves it!

  18. Beautiful soup!! I'm totally into cookies for dinner too :) I have no idea why but I'm still afraid of kombucha :X


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