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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Crackers and Salad and a Tiny Bit of Football

Well, I was bored enough to watch the last quarter of the game and I'm glad the hometown team won. Other than that, couldn't really care less about football. Thus, my food today was not themed, nor cute, nor particularly different from most days. I did make crackers last night to snack on, but they weren't dipped into anything, smothered in any hot mess, or topped at all.
They were Angela's Endurance Crackers from Oh She Glows.

Seeing as how I puttered around the apartment all day, avoiding football, reading, and writing - not climbing any mountains or anything, I halved her recipe and cut the crackers smaller because they're pretty hardxcore. They aren't dense or anything, really, but they're filling despite being oil-free, wheat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, etc (all seeds all the time). I don't have Herbamare (or know what it is, really) so I added a little extra salt to the recipe and seasoned the crackers with caraway seeds and crushed rosemary. They're tasty. Kind of delicate, so maybe it's best I didn't load em up with melty cheeze or hummus or anything. I usually eat my nuts and seeds raw but the cooked sunflower seeds in here were especially tasty and different.
I ate these along side a pretty typical kale salad, gussied up a bit.

Dinosaur kale, orange bell pepper, tomato, red onion marinated in olive oil and apple cider vinegar. I topped it with a generous bit of avocado and some marinated and cooked tempeh crumbled on top. They were marinated in chopped garlic, Frank's Red Hot, maple syrup, soy sauce, and about a tsp of olive oil, then baked at 350* for about half an hour. Super salty, but the tomato, avo, and bell pepper tempered that well enough.
Good stuff.


  1. The crackers look awesome! Thanks for sharing! I will add caraway seeds like you and some extra salt. I also avoided football today :-)

  2. I'm subscribed to Oh She Glows and got all excited when I just read the recipe for those crackers. I still haven't made them yet, but I intend to. Yours look killer.

  3. I've been wanting to try those crackers. They look like they'd be great all alone. Love seeds. I only watched the puppies today. About 4 times in a row, thanks to Animal Planet. I still don't even know who played in the real game :)

  4. I watched about 30 seconds of the game and could literally feel the life force being sucked out of me. However, all I managed was to reheat a slice of Saluggi's brussel sprout pizza, so you're way ahead (if we're keeping with the theme of the day and keeping score). Dino kale, how I want to love you. Right now I only like you.

  5. Wow, those crackers look great, as does your salad! We were rooting for the Giants (we lived in NY for almost all the 90s) but no cable, so we couldn't watch the game :(.

  6. Those crackers look amazing!! I love all those seeds up in there. I need to make those. And the tempeh salad also looks fab!

  7. Yum, what a beautiful salad! Like everyone else in internetland, I was super excited when I saw Angela's recipe for the crackers and bookmarked it right away! I am glad to see that you made them and they came out well, I'll definitely have to make a batch soon! I love your additions of caraway and rosemary too, I'll have to keep that in mind!

  8. Both the salad and the crackers look wonderful — what I wouldn't give to have them in the kitchen right now for lunch. The crackers are so pretty — I'll have to go take a look at the recipe.

  9. Wow, those endurance crackers look amazing! I could totally go for a handful with hummus. Love the kale bowl too--mmm!

  10. I just made those crackers too, except a raw version. They were good that way too if you have a dehydrator.

  11. Those crackers are so good. And you can variate them so much. A little bit addictive... Gues what I'm having now? KALE SALAD!

  12. Wow, those crackers look very crackley, which is a compliment in the cracker world! All those seeds look so tasty. The salad sounds like a winner too! Great selection of yummy and healthy ingredients!

  13. Those are gorgeous crackers. They look like little landing pads for Hummus, but that's just me.

    It doesn't get any better than a bowl of Kale and Tempeh....unless someone added a few Beets perhaps...

  14. I saw herbamare at the store the other week, which was happy because I didn't know what the hell it was either, and everyone keeps referencing it. It was at a health food store with the spices! I didn't buy any, though. Actually, the only store-bought mixed spice I own is Montreal steak spice, which is kind of ironic. But it's really good with broccoli.

  15. Elisabeth, oh I bet you love caraway! It's a fun spice, no?

    Danke, Isobelle. They good stuff.

    Nikki, I wanted to bet on Puppybowl. my money's on the shih tzus.

    Abby, Brussels sprout pizza, you win! Funny you mention the dino kale; I usually get the curly kind and I kind of prefer it. Dino kale is maybe too dark for me (?) but curly kale also holds dressings and add-ins and flavors better.

    Stacy, where in NY? Place was bomb in the 90s (sportswise.)

    Thanks, Bianca. I usually eat my tempeh plain but this was a nice, spicy change.

    VAVA, yeah, I'm surprised they seem to have enticed everyone! They are super easy to make too, which is a plus.

    Andrea, aren't they pretty? I love the pumpkin seeds.

    Thanks, Jes. I tried them today spread with some ajvar and that was really good.

    Bitt, I noticed she mentioned they could be made raw. How long did you leave yours in for?

    malin, totally, I imagine there's a lot of room to change stuff up.

    Rose, why thank you! They did indeed snap and crackle (not pop).

    Shen, everything looks like a landing pad for hummus to you!

    Allysia, haha, steak spice!


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