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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Snack Attack

I hear some of you aren't snackers. I totally respect that. I am guilty of snacking probably way more than I ought to. I am actually trying to cut back but I also have a weird schedule at work (I eat breakfast around 7:45, a small snack at 12, lunch anywhere from 2-3, another snack at 5, and dinner after I get home at 7), so I do need to supplement my meals so that I'm not ravenous when I get home. I find small snacks actually keep both my eating habits and my blood sugar at an even keel. And you don't want to see me when my blood sugar drops! I'm also in a bad habit of not photographing my snacks as often as my meals and I don't want to give you the wrong impression of what I eat.
So, for Sarah, who was looking for snack ideas, or for anyone curious, here's a collection of a couple of my snacks at work for the past few days, or just some stuff I graze on at home.

                                                           3 dried figs, satsuma

                                                    Bosc pear, ginger snap Larabar

                                        Navel orange, dried cranberries and raw almonds

                              slice of banana-walnut-chip mini loaf with almond butter

Spirulina bite that I got Shen into after eating once and forgetting about, but then she got me back into by posting about eating them for breakfast. They are tasty lil nuggets.

 Some people put nooch on their popcorn. I put nooch and nooch-coated kale chip crumbs on mine. TO THE MAX!
            Old standby. Raisins and almond butter on a spoon. In my mouth. Repeat as needed.

                                      Similarly, navel orange and 3 dates with almond butter.
For the record, I think all the almond butter in these photos is MaraNatha creamy roasted. I had a coupon and remembered it fondly, perhaps more due to the awesome roommate I used to have who shared all her vegan food with me, so I bought it. It's creamy and tasty, sure, but has added oils and salt and sugar! Yuck. It also messes with my stomach more than the raw almond butter I usually eat so instead of being normal and sensible and putting it aside, I'm eating as much as I can to get rid of it more quickly.
Also, you may notice my snacks lean mostly to the sweet side. I'm trying to change that, so if you guys have any ideas besides raw veg sticks, I'd love to hear them (not that there's anything wrong with raw veg sticks). Thanks!
And, unrelated but SO DAMN CUTE, my cat fell asleep in a grocery bag! I assaulted her by taking photos and then lifting her up and carrying her around in the bag. She was too sleep-doped to protest.


  1. Oooh I feel so spoiled by all of this info! I'm SO GLAD you did this post because I had most of these items in my grocery bags this week :) I'm loving the idea of a piece of fruit with dates and almond butter as a small meal/snack. definitely adding that to menu soon. Thanks for the great ideas and thanks for the amazingly adorable kitty pic! So cute!!!

  2. Ba ha ha! Best cat ever. :) I really like kale chips for savory snacks, but honestly if I get hungry between meals, I typically just eat a small amount of leftovers because it's easy.

  3. Repeat as needed...sigh...the bane of my culinary existence...but to me your snacks look varied and very cool! The cat picture is so cute. When my kitty Cheeta was little, she used to crawl into a pillow case when I was making the bed so I could pick the case up and swing her around and around. My grownup cats are beyond this juvenile fun, unfortunately!

  4. VAVA, I did notice a couple similarities in your last grocery shop post ;)

    Allysia, kale chips is a great idea. I need to stop being a chump and make my own.

    Zoa, I know. That's my problem too. Haha! I can't believe your cat let you swing her around! Hahah! Did she walk around all dizzy afterward? my cat runs under the sheets when I'm making the bed so I tuck her in tight and she stays there for a surprisingly long time!

  5. mmm, i love snacking! i'm more of a savoury snacker and one of my usual go-tos is a piece of toast, or a wrap {or anything really} spread with some mashed avocado & hotsauce.

  6. She did, it was hilarious, and then she'd stagger back to me all, "Again!" And what is the thing with cats wanting to be made into beds? It seems to be built into their basic psychology or something...

  7. I am eating so much these days that I don't need snacks... but a diet :-)!!!
    Cute cat in a bag!

    Happy New Year!!!


  8. I'm sorry; everything I processed about snacking was forgotten once I laid eyes on the cat-in-the-bag!

  9. Fruit and nuts are the perfect snack, I think. I read that you should only eat fruit on it's own (or with nuts is ok) because it's digested so much more quickly than other foods, and you don't want it to ferment in your tummy while it's waiting to be digested...have you heard that? I generally follow that rule, but I've also heard that the "fruit alone" thing doesn't really matter. What's your opinion?

    Love the kitty pic! What a character!

  10. I see we have about the same eat/work schedule! :DD I have to snack as well otherwise I'll diiiiee. I like the almond butter straight out of the jar with raisin-tip. I work in a small organic food store so finding good things to snack on isn't heard. But I usually go with fruit, nuts, gluten-free muffin or a raw bar.. well well same as you :))

  11. I'm a snacker, too, and like you, anyone who is around me when my blood sugar drops should be very wary. I'm glad you posted your snacks because they all look great!

    Your kitty is adorable. How funny that she fell asleep in the grocery bag. <3

  12. Your snacks look awesome! But if you wanted savory, I like carrot sticks in Bonzai Aphrodite's tahini dip (I posted on it not too long ago) or hummus.

    Cats really do seem intensely affected by sleep, don't they?

  13. Jess, I plan to mash plenty of things with avocado, thank you! At least, for my at home snacking.

    Zoa, cats are weirdos. That's all it is.

    Alessandra, haha yes - bad timing on this post maybe...

    Abby, Haxan is quite the diva. Maybe if I posted some Lulas?

    Rose, good point. I used to follow that rule more diligently and perhaps I still ought to but I think I also read that only makes a big difference with cooked foods or proteins. Raw foods all apparently digest at the same rate I think. I do generally eat my fruit alone (except breakfast where I eat fruit with oatmeal) and at least 1/2 an hour before anything else but honestly, I'm pretty lazy about that rule... So far my digestion can tolerate it.

    Malin, haha I was going to say - It's unheard of to snack when you work at a health food store?? That would be torture! Glad to hear that's not the case. Also - what an awesome job! No wonder you always have such fresh, delicious looking goodies in yr posts!

    Molly, I was a little worries about her being in the bag at first because I had bought onions and garlic and I know cats can't eat them - luckily I had taken them out and the smell didn't seem to affect her.

    Stacy, thanks! I read about the dip a while back; I will have to look into it more. My cat is a narcoleptic freako; she'll be running around like mad one second and the next, sleeping in a grocery bag!

  14. Yeah, it makes sense that raw foods would digest along with the fruit...only evil cooked stuff we have to watch out for I guess. I don't follow the rule in a strict way, but try to aim for it. At any rate, fruit is a perfect snack, I find.

  15. Haxan is recreating her emergence through the birth canal (assuming you missed it the first time). Such an awesome photo!

    Yes, you did get me into those little Spirulina Energy Cubes. There are a few other things you got me into that I was planning to post on one day but I'm blanking now. Just know the two things I'll NEVER get into no matter how much you love them: Beets and Gin.

  16. Shen, a beet-gin drink would be awesome and so pretty! I must!

  17. wow, the raisins and almond butter look so good. and it's such a simple thing to make!


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