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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Raw Cleanse, day 3

Lots of food again today. I'm really confused as to why I'm constantly hungry since I eat this way about 70% of the time anyway and I'm pretty sure I'm getting plenty of fats and nutrients. Perhaps it's psychological.
Breakfast was chia-hemp pudding with dates and vanilla extract. The stuff is growing (has grown?) on me. However, it is too damn gloppy to take a picture of every day.

I actually didn't eat the veg bowl; G kindly bought me an apple that I had instead. He also bought the bag of GoRaw Pumpkin Super Chips. I didn't like them at first, but I was hungry and had a couple more. They were pretty good after a while.
Lunch was spinach, sprouts, cherry tomatoes, and Gena's raw vegan tuna.

Eaten outside again, but this time it was kind of too cold.

An Aside:
Dear Greg, I'm sorry I'm no fun. 

This cleanse is not easy on G and while I'm trying to help him by making the meals it's frustrating to anticipate someone else's needs, tastes and wants. That's to say nothing of grocery shopping, menu planning, constantly thinking ahead (something raw eating requires a fair amount of), and preparing the meals and snacks. It's especially discouraging when he's not completely into the cleanse. Point being, G had band practice tonight and brought up the idea of going out to eat at a raw restaurant after work near the practice space. I, of course, found 15 reasons not to go. We went back and forth considering it for a while but I honestly can't bear the idea of going out to eat when there is so much perfectly good, fresh food at home already paid for and prepared to my taste. So, I'm sorry, Greg. I hope you enjoyed your dinner. One of these days.
I went home and made these collard wraps for my lonely, miserly, no-fun self:

And they were good. Sprouts, avocado, red pepper, carrot, mushroom, pickle!, zucchini in there.
Dessert was 4 dates with almond butter, probably unnecessary, and some black tea because I have a headache.
Do you guys enjoy eating out?


  1. Shen, I don't know what he wants but it isn't chia.

  2. Lovely meals! I try not to eat out much, but I would imagine it would be harder living where you do - as there are so many fantastic places! However, if I go out - I want it to be somewhere or something I wouldn't normally make at home.

  3. I don't particularly enjoy going out to eat at restaurants, if anything I'd much rather bring food home from a restaurant. I'm the epitome of a homebody.

    Your eats look soooo good! Those pumpkin seed crackers sound amazing. I'm on the prowl for not completely overpriced raw and/or gluten free crackers. I usually end up with overpriced flax crackers. If only I had a dehydrator.

    Looks like we were on the same page with the wraps today! :) Yours looks and sound delicious!

  4. Yum! You always inspire me to eat more raw veggies, and those wraps look amazing! I've got to get some sprouts going asap.

    I like to eat out once in a while when I'm in the mood, but we definitely eat at home 98% of the time.

  5. I have to say that one reason I will probably never do a cleanse is my husband. I do all the cooking, and he would just waste away and/or complain nonstop. I'm making him sound like an ogre and me like an oppressed domestic drudge, neither of which is the case, I promise. Anyhow, I guess my point is that I admire you for making it work, partner issues notwithstanding! And the chow looks awesome.

  6. I love gloppy chia. <3 Too bad about the dispute...Logan and I actually tend to be in reverse from you and Greg - since I do all the cooking, I relish the idea of going out, while Logan's all mr. frugal and "we can't afford that", and then I'm all, "well then you cook me dinner, beeyotch!" But I hear you, very few restaurants can make a meal that exceeds what you could provide yourself, and it's never cheaper.

  7. I like the idea of going out to eat but find the actual experience to be stressful. It's less stressful if the restaurant is vegetarian or vegan, or mentions vegan options on the menu. I hate having to ask what is or isn't in the food. Plus, as you noted, it's expensive. We're going to San Fran for a long weekend and will be mostly eating out, and I'm looking forward to it. Go figure.

    I've been eating mostly raw food lately for breakfast and lunch, but by dinner time, I want something cooked. Good luck with the rest of your cleanse. At least you get to chew food and not just drink juice. :)

  8. So I'm a bit behind & just now getting to catch up on blogs--a raw cleanse, holy wow, go you! I can't imagine how tough that is. We're going through a bit of a diet switch-up--gluten-free and low acidity--so I feel some of G's pain (as G is the one needing the dietary changes). It's never easy trying to eat right all the time! I hope you guys find time to take a little mental break and enjoy a meal out--even with all the goodness at home, it's always good to treat yourself--and enjoy treats that you wouldn't normally make. Anyways, you're super inspirational with the cleanse & the dedication to eat what you already have!!

  9. Ingrid, I feel like a hoarder with my list of restaurants I WANT to go to here but when it comes down to it I totally clench up and freak out and never go...

    VAVA, G says that brand of crisps were on sale; maybe at yr WF too? I have a dehydrator but never use it! Terrible!

    Rose, thanks. I'm loving the sprouts lately. So fresh!

    Stacy, you totally picked up on it all - I don't want to come across as complaining either. It's a bit exhausting but I know I'm lucky G is so adventurous.

    Haha, Allysia, I'm totally picturing you with yr hand on yr hip, throwing a dish towel at Logan. "And don't forget to blog about it, either!"

    Andrea, that's totally it! Like restaurant dining is some unapproachable Platonic ideal! Hope to see a cool SanFran post from you soon! And YES I am enjoying solid, crunchy food.

    Jes, yeah a raw cleanse - I obviously gave up on the Dark Days Challenge! my biggest problem (or G's biggest problem with my going out) is that I KNOW what I like so I never order adventurous food that I can't make myself so then I'm just like, why didn't I just make this at home? Ugh. I think I think too much! A mental break would be nice; I think we may go out tomorrow..

  10. You know, I used to like going out, and still enjoy chatting over soy lattes at a cafe, but actual meals in restaurants have over the years fallen out of my personal "things I love to do" category. On the blogosphere I see an awful lot of great-looking restaurant food, but the stuff I seem to actually get when *I* go out isn't nearly as good as what I make at home, plus I love cooking both for myself and for others and would much rather entertain at home than go out, plus I live in a vegan wasteland and ordering is so very onerous and fraught that after so many lukewarm to downright awful experiences I've mostly given up and just avoid it when I can.

  11. P.S., your collard wraps are just exactly what I'm talking about. Where else will you get something so fresh and just the way you like it? Very beautiful and healthy-looking!

  12. as you may know i love going out to eat at vegan places but rarely get to. i do have ocd about other people touching my food but for some reason i think i've convinced myself the people working at vegan restaurants must be more conscientious and therefore my food is fine. and i don't like to think about my food hanging out with meat in the kitchen where i can't see what's going on. but you know that i think you're crazy for not taking advantage of what is so near to you.


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