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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Raw Cleanse, day 2: food list, snacks, groceries, dinner

Today was a bit of a broken up day in that I had a couple errands to run, and had an appointment at 6 not knowing when I'd be back. So today'sfood is more small plates than meals like yesterday. Breakfast, for me at least, was more chia pudding. G described the chia as "not not slimy" and asked for soaked oats for today. He went to work, I took the day off and followed the pudding with green tea and a banana. Just like yesterday.
After a couple hours I made up a snack plate:

Raw almond butter, celery, raisins, and carrots. Assemble yr own ant-on-a-whatever.
 Later, blackberries!!

I love blackberries so, so much. I know they aren't in season but they actually weren't too expensive and they were really tasty. I feel like I liked them better than some I had this summer.
Besides the berries and bananas, there isn't any fruit in the house for me to snack on (which is a good thing, since I'm trying to cut back on sugar and they're relatively low-glycemic. It's weird, though, I can totally tell I'm craving juice and apples and such) so the next snack was raw broccoli with a bit of cashew cream.

After this, I ran out to get groceries. I love seeing people's grocery hauls. Here's mine:

nori, collards, scallions, zucchini, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, red bell peppers, lemons, raw cashews, pickles.
Close up on the nori. It doesn't say "raw" specifically but it does say "untoasted," so good enough for me. I'm not trying to win any awards over here.

And finally, dinner:

This is raw tuna salad from Gena's Choosing Raw. Really delicious! Expect a lot of Gena's recipes in the upcoming days. Served on spinach, with cucumber slices and a couple sliced tomatoes.
Then I ran out the door to the I'm back and hungry and it's too late to eat!
G is getting a bit tired on the cleanse, he claims he needs "grease" in his diet. He ate some vegan, gluten-free taco toasts today but also tried these GoRaw Spirulina Super Chips. He also wants me to not that he got a raw green soup (romaine, cucumber, tomato, celery, kale, olive oil, and lemon) from Jivamuktea Cafe yesterday that he enjoyed too. The guy's trying; you gotta give him that.
I'm tired. Goodnight.


  1. Everything looks so good! Between that last cashew sauce and this mock tuna, I've gotta try some of the recipes on that site, winter be damned (actually, it's been unseasonably warm here, but that can't last :().

    If I'd known of your penchant for grocery photos, I'd have posted my local veg box form last week. Next time....

  2. what a great food day! i prefer smaller, more snacky meals. seems to keep my energy up. that's awesome that g is trying the cleanse with you. we have some wonderful men in our lives. :)

    i want that raw tuna salad. yum!

  3. Ha ha, G reminds me of Logan. :) That raw tuna salad looks really good - we made something like that at school and I could've lived on it. Yay collards...are you making wraps?

  4. Everything looks great! I've been getting some great blackberries recently too. The DIY "ants on a whatever" looks yummy too. I'm a big fan of little snacky meals. Your grocery haul looks great too. I am so like you, love seeing groceries and fridges.

  5. I tried a raw food diet for 2 days, and only survived one full day. Pssht. But I'm proud of you for doing so well! The green soup was one of my favorites - and the cashew cream to top your veggies looks delish!

  6. Ooh, I'm going to do a grocery haul! What a good idea. On the chia, I have to agree with G. I tried it for the first time a few days ago and again today, and those little suckers really get into your teeth, don't they, and just kind of stick there in their slime like they're going to take root (chia mouth) or something. Gah! On the other hand, whatever dipped in almond butter is always a winner in my world! Good luck on your cleanse--

  7. I've done raw vegan cleanses in the past and always found them to help me really take weight off and feel great.

    I just finished treatments for breast cancer, and getting my eating act back together (needless to say I found a lot of comfort in food), and I'm going to follow your cleanse for inspiration.

  8. Yea for day two!! I don't blame G. I miss grease. I really will try to do better once my cleanse is over, but first, I'll need an order of fries, a cupcake, and some coffee...oh, and a martini. Hats off to you for staying totally raw though. It's hard in January.

  9. Such strife and dischord. I do not understand. Poor G!

  10. Stacy, Gena is an amazing resource and a kind and intelligent person. I really love her site.

    molly, thanks! Poor G is getting the brunt of this, I think but he did like the tuna salad!

    Allysia, you BET I'm making wraps!

    VAVA, yes! Fridges too! They are so much fun. It's weird.

    Jesse, I want to try a green soup toooooo. Isn't Arizona home to that huge raw spa/getaway place?

    Zoa, I'd love to see your haul. You probably have loads of fun things I've never heard of in that magic bag!

    L45, well, thanks! Inspiration is everywhere, I guess! Eating raw may be an on and off thing for some but it's always a great reset button. Best of luck.

    Bianca, I don't miss grease so much as coffee. The booze will be quite welcome too :)

  11. When I eat raw food vegan diet, I have so much energy. I make green smoothies and when I have time, I sprout my own grains to make crackers in the dehydrator. Your recipes looks tasty and healthy.


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