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Monday, January 9, 2012

Raw Cleanse, day 1

Like many of the rest of you, G and I wanted to get the year off to a healthy start but gave ourselves a little leeway in when exactly the start would start. January 1 is a bit too much of an abrupt change, when there are holiday leftovers (in my case, leftover booze rather than food), friends visiting for holidays, birthdays, etc.
So, things settled down yesterday and beginning today G and I are doing a one-week raw cleanse. We aren't following any one particular plan, but are taking aspects from various cleanse: high raw (I'll say 97% just to be safe because we're allowing miso and small amounts of spices or condiments that aren't raw), a green juice a day, no coffee (but green and herbal teas), no refined sugars, and no alcohol - admittedly the hardest part of this for me. Because even a raw diets has its "snacky" foods, I'm staying away from those - kale chips, bars and the like, nuts in large quantities - but I don't want to make this too hard for G.
This is what things looked like today:

Chia pudding with hemp seeds, cinnamon, chopped dates.
Later, a banana and some green tea.

Cute cup, right?? G and I found it in the garbage, along with a matching mug for him and three pristine white plates! The things people throw out these days. Yes, I washed them all well.
I snacked on some raw kraut.

Lunch was a big kale salad with avocado, sprouts, tomato, nooch, and sunflower seeds dressed with olive oil, salt, and red pepper flakes.

Then later I (unpictured) had two dates with raw almond butter.
Prepping dinner:

And the finished bowl:

Carrot, beet, and broccoli stem, spiralized into noodles. On top of spinach and dolloped with a raw cashew alfredo sauce based on Gena's recipe here.
I anticipate two more dates, spiced with ginger and cinnamon or cocoa and tea. Check back tomorrow to see if G has given up the ghost. Good wishes to anyone else who is cleansing right now!


  1. Oooh it's like a detox party! Your food looks SOOOOO good! I am so jealous of your spiralizer, I really want one. I'm planning on eating veggie noodles later on this week but I'm going to have to figure out how to make that happen. I have to say that raw food is so pretty. Good luck to you and G! I know you'll both get through it totally fine :) We can commiserate over the lack of coffee and booze in our lives right now.

  2. Haha a detox party...what a sad party. Everyone standing awkwardly around drinking green juices and being grumpy and unfocused due to lack of coffee. Someone needs to spike my juice!
    I'm really happy to have the spiralizer, but I feel like a vegetable peeler would work just as well (with long veg, at least, like carrots or zucchini. Not beet!) To be honest, the carrots were so thin they don't work well with a spiralizer anyway. But yeah, good luck!

  3. Ha, thanks! I was actually planning on using a carrot and zucchini for my noodles so the vegetable peeler was indeed my plan of action. :) It would be a sad party indeed. I need to pick up some teeccino, I've heard it is just like herbal tea except it is supposed to taste like coffee - brewed the same way and everything. Mmm.

  4. Obviously I am on a kale and avocado salad kick right now, and dear me, I am jealous of yours! Looks so good!

    I'll be honest, chia pudding scares me. I imagine it to be similar to the texture of tapioca, and even though I haven't had that in 15+ years, I recall being disgusted. Care to change my mind? :)

  5. Tt in nyc- ttrockwood@yahoo.comJanuary 9, 2012 at 8:56 PM

    Dont forget about banana "ice cream" being raw.... I always top it with a bit of the full fat coconut milk from a can as a treat...

    @shenandoah- i laughed so hard i nearly snorted my wine thru my nose!!!

  6. There's a whole lot of cleansing going on these days that's for sure! I should really do one would be the hardest part for me.

    All the food looks great! I love your salad and the raw noodle dish looks awesome. And, I have to say, you have some great kraut in your parts...I can't find any jalapeno or garlic kraut around here! :(

    Good luck with the cleanse, and I love your cute mug too!! Finding things for free is such fun!

  7. that kale salad looks delicious!

  8. That looks like a yummy raw day!! I love your garbage dish finds- that's awesome :)

  9. oh my goodness i want that bowl of raw noodles and mile high cashew alfredo! looks like a delicious day of raw :)

  10. Good luck on the cleanse!! Love your salads. I'm doing one as well *surprise*. Will photograph my day tomorrow!

  11. Wow, that cashew sauce looks amazing! Was it as delicious as it looks?

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. PS bought a spiralizer a year ago and never use it, due to the fact that it invariably took off a few shreds of skin! Poor design, I guess.

  14. You too with the healthy eating, eh? Not that I'm surprised. :) I'll be on the bandwagon this weekend once we start recording, lest I sound like crap. Except for the beer or two I plan on having this weekend, heh. And I can't wait to crack out my spiralizer again - it's been in storage because we're between houses until Feb. I send my luck to G for this week. :)

  15. OMG! Your spiralized noodles are so pretty! I wish I had a spiralizer. For now, I just have to use my vegetable peeler and make "fettucini". Good luck on the cleanse! Yours sounds a big harder than mine ... especially the no snacky foods part!

    On leftovers: I love leftovers! But I didn't want to bore everyone with repeated photos. Throughout the rest of the week, after today, I'll be living on leftovers through the weekend, so I may repeat a few...we'll see...but leftovers are the staple of my diet both on the cleanse and off. It's the only way I can afford to eat. :-)

  16. It's so hard to imagine that you and G even need a cleanse. You guys eat so healthfully all the time anyway!

  17. Ingrid, I think chia takes some getting used to. G called it "snotty" and opted for soaked oats this morning. The only thing I can say is to use a recipe - Gena at Choosing Raw has a lot and Kristen's Raw has a great cranberry chia recipe because I winged my first few times with a general idea of what to do was gross. That said, I usually reduce the amount of liquid a recipe calls for because I don't like it super slimy even if the taste is good. And if you buy some, try it, and still don't like it, don't forget they're great egg subs in baking recipes!

    Shen, you shouldn't leave things you want to keep in a box on the curb! maybe next time you'll learn.

    TT - ah yes! Thank you! Good point! my boyfriend may appreciate that one.

    Rose, the kraut is pretty good but you could make your own! The jalapeno one I found at WF, though it was a local company. Not sure if it's carried elsewhere.

    Caitlin, thanks! It was one of my best, I think.

    Leslie, I thought you might appreciate that ;)

    Jess, I DEF could have gone for more of the sauce :)

    malin, can't wait to see it!

    Stacy, YES the sauce was bomb. Highly recommended. It made a lot too, so I'm looking forward to fooling around with the leftovers. Stinks about your spiralizer! I like mine because my hands go no where near the blade. I am very afraid of my grater.

    Allysia, I know, so cliche, right? ;) Yeah I don't use my spiralizer enough either. This time it was all dusty and I had to wash it lest we eat furry carrots.

    Bianca, veg peelers work just fine; I only think noodles are more fun to eat. Yeah the snacky part is getting to me. That and coffee...

    Blessed mama, kind of you to say. I think I just needed a bit more structure to eat more mindfully in smaller quantities. And a reason not to drink!

  18. I want pizza/beer. Also danish.

  19. WOW WOW WOW that kale salad looks wonderful!!!! I'm so happy to have found your blog :) :)
    ~Sasha from Kale With Love


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