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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just a Day

Breakfast was a banana with almond butter.
I intended this veggie juice to be a snack:

But I only had a few sips. It wasn't that great - I bought it on Saturday and forgot about it so it's kind of ruined. You're supposed to drink raw juice as soon as possible. Instead I left it in the fridge at work and am probably ruining it more but it was expensive and I don't want to throw it out! What to do?
Lunch was leftover odds and ends that didn't make it into meals this weekend:

Bulgur wheat, roasted cauliflower, pinto beans, sundried tomatoes over spinach.
Pre-dinner snack:

And dinner:

Our usual salad (mixed greens, broccoli, tomato, grated beets and carrots) to which I added extra spinach, parsley, red onion, chopped capers, sunflower seeds and mushrooms. Hard to finish, but I did it.
And a handful of rasins/almonds/chocolate chips for dessert. Trust me.


  1. I'm working on increasing my raw food intake, ideally twice a day. Every time I think of making a salad, I ask myself: "what would Maud do?". Hopefully one of my salads this week will come close to these beauties you have here!

    Are you suggesting I trust you on the handful? :)

  2. love liquiteria! shame on you forgetting to drink your expensive juice!! ;))

  3. Broth. Just put it into soup sometime. Anyway, that's what I would do. If you're not making soup right away, freeze it. I actually suspect that that "drink the juice instantly or it loses all its nutrition" dealy is a bit of an exaggeration anyway...

  4. One day at a time. Use the veggie juice for soup stock — or add it to the compost if you have to. Stick it in the freezer right now and take it out when you're ready. (Just read the comments and see Zoa already suggested both options. I agree.)

  5. You really do make the most beautiful salads. I don't think I've ever had beets before and I really want to give them a try. I'll have to reference your beet salads when I do :) I saw green juice at Whole Foods today and had it in my hand...then I saw the price, put it down and backed away slowly...and came home and made a green smoothie ;) I also had a raisin and almond snack today, but wasn't smart enough to add the chocolate chips. That would have been the smart thing to do!

  6. Zoa's idea is top-notch. I was going to recommend holding your nose and chugging. That lunch salad looks pretty good for odds-and-ends.

  7. My lunches lately have also been odds & ends in a tortilla...definitely makes for some interesting fusion. :)

  8. Great idea to make a salad out of odds and ends....oh, and I like Jes' idea of putting them in a tortilla too.

  9. The making broth with the old Veggie Juice idea is brilliant. Too bad you drank the broth already.

    "Honey, are we dining on the radiator or the salvaged wooden picnic table tonight?"

  10. I love how you tossed everything together for lunch. I do that quite often, and I've come up with great meals that way! My kids run away screaming when they see me eating four leftover meals combined in one bowl with salsa thrown on top...but, more for me I say!

  11. If you don't like it, lesson learned. I often don't like juice bar combo and prefer to make my own. Beets are intense juiced, too much for me. I would have just drank it anyhow or added in more lemon or fresh orange. I don't think it's ruined after just a few days but don't push it.

  12. Ingrid, I'm honored haha - but you really can't go wrong with salads.

    malin, I know! I'm bummed.

    Zoa! You are so smart. The yoda of soups. I chugged most of it, so I will freeze the rest. Thank you!

    Andrea, now I have to think of a good soup to use it in.. Lentil maybe? (You're a yoda of vegan cooking too)

    VAVA, was it one of those Blue Print Cleanse ones? They are SO expensive. This one wasn't AS much but close. They're tasty but I don't really buy them because they all have apple in them and they're a little too sweet for me.

    Stacy, I did chug most of it, but then I started hypochondriaclly panicking. (Side effect of juice???!?!?)

    Jes, tortillas make everything so fun to eat!

    Thanks, VB. Vegans learn to make a salad out of anything.

    Shen, maybe if I just empty some dry lentils and pasta into my mouth and jump around with the juice still in my stomach, it'll be like I made a soup?

    Blessed mama, kids don't know nothin!

    Bitt, that's a smart idea too. I have plenty o lemons and definitely some parsley I could juice in. Intriguing!

  13. I know you're supposed to drink those juices right away, but it's probably still good enough to add to a smoothie. Better than lots of other crap that people call "juice", right? I like Bitt's idea too.

  14. For longer lasting raw juice - use a Greenstar Juicer - raw juice can stay fresh for up to 3 days - especially if you add some raw honey to green juices.


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