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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chili, Obvi

It snowed.

So I put bird food out for the little birdlets who have been tricked into believing it's still fall and warm. Haxan enjoyed that too.

It snowed, so I made chili and cornbread.

It was mostly based on Angela's recipe but you know how chili is, what with flinging any old thing in overexcitedly. I added coffee, balsamic vingear, canned tomato paste instead of tomatoes (I KNOW! I'm gonna die.) used dry beans, fresh mushrooms etc. It wasn't that great - kind of oddly bitter - but you know how chili is. The next two days will be the real taste test. The cornbread, however, was good. It's the recipe in Veganomicon, which is pretty much my go-to cornbread, however rarely I make it.
So, obviously, the cleanse is over.


  1. Yeah, my hubby is in charge of the chili, he does a good job with it. I wonder if it was the coffee that made it bitter? What brand and roast of coffee did you use? The lighter roasts can be surprisingly high acid (Dunkin Donuts coffee curdles my soy creamer and Starbucks French Roast doesn't, but the FR is much lower in acid!).

    Maybe Supergingerbreadman can help?


  2. You did an awesome job with that cleanse! I think that looks like perfect snow day food! The cornbread looks and sounds delicious and I bet the flavor of the chili will come together even more the longer it gets to sit.

    Love Haxan :)

  3. Shen! You win!

    Dawn, good point - the coffee was leftover from the morning, so maybe from having sat around all day it was bitter? We get a house blend ground from a local shop but I think it's pretty dark roast. Supergingerbreadman sounds delicious. I would definitely dunk him in something; maybe not chili tho.

    VAVA, how did Long Island fare with the snow? And how are you feeling?

  4. Yay! Good to see (read) you! Looks very cozy, staying inside making chili sounds absolutely perfect. I used canned green chilies yesterday, so we'll probably die together. Cornbread looks divine!

  5. The chili looks great, and I bet it will just get better and less bitter over the next few days. Perfect snowy day foods. :)

  6. You've definitely got the right idea with chili. Meanwhile, I'm doing about the opposite over here, churning up ice cream while bemoaning the awful snow. A warm stew instead might help my mood!

  7. yep, i was on the chili train in the last few days too, and like you was throwing things in at random! :)

  8. The chili sounds great! It's true: always better the day after and the day after that...I like to throw unsweetened dark chocolate in chili sometimes too, or chocolate porter. Coffee sounds like a wonderful dimension.

  9. Ingrid, haha, such optimism! That's what I like to see (read)

    Nikki, thanks, I hope so!

    Hannah, you so crazy! Diligent, though, I gotta give you that.

    Jess, the chili train is one wiiiild train!

    Rose, that sounds great. You mean, whole, bar chocolate? Yea; I've made chili once with a chocolate porter and it was good but I hate the idea of boiling the alcohol out of beer! The coffee was G's idea; gotta give him that one.

  10. We got a few inches of snow. I had to work so I was out in it but the drive wasn't bad at all. It was just COLD which we all know I can't stand! I'm feeling much better thank you, I hope that you are doing better too!

  11. I think I need to make something just like this. Hope you are well!

  12. Coffee in chili...I'm intrigued! I've never tried Veganomicon's cornbread, but chili and cornbread sound fantastic right now.


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