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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Your Goose (Chicken) is Totally Loose

Another round-up. Nothing too interesting. I haven't had much desire to cook lately. I bought some stuff to make seitan piccata but just ended up eating the seitan cold with mustard and the last of the cranberry sauce. The parsley is languishing in the fridge, and that all sort of sums up things around here of late.

Cranberry smoothie - spinach, cranberries, banana, coconut, ginger, agave

A holy, glowing salad. With tempeh.

Oats with chia, banana, mulberries, pumpkin seeds. I've been eating a lot of pumpkin seeds lately.

Raw granola clusters. These were nice. Not very sweet, super seedy, and generously spiced with ginger.

I made oats for G and I both this morning. He usually has a bowl of Kashi and some fruit. I think the different toppings and add-ins really say a lot about us. His homey bowl of cooked oatmeal has pumpkin and almond butter stirred in, topped with 1/2 banana, dried cranberries, and cinnamon. My more austere, grey-colored bowl of raw oats (and, yes, chia) has the other 1/2 banana and golden mulberries. Like yin and yang, the two of us.

Lunch today was more salad, with added white beans, and avocado! It's been a while since I've have avocado. They were on sale at Whole Foods, ya just have to be patient and willing to let the avo ripen. Topped with salt+pepper and lemon juice.

Dinner: cooked rice, roasted beets and carrots, chopped green olive.

And not food:

The people next door have a hen house and their chickens escaped this morning into our yard! You can't see one of them, but there were five of them in the yard and one still in the coop. The downstairs neighbors have dogs that I didn't want to come out and terrorize the birds nor did I want them to eat something gross or poisonous (there's rat poison out there). Greg told me to yell out the window into the yard to see if anyone would come out! I felt like a crazy person screaming to no one, "Your chickens are loose!" I ended up going into the building next door and I finally ran into a guy who knew how to contact the girls who take care of the chickens. I didn't see anyone come to get them but I guess eventually they made their way back to the cage. Maybe I didn't need to worry so much about them and the birds are smarter than I gave them credit for but you never know.


  1. I bet I'd love those clusters. Ginger is so good.

    Funny how both of you have such different tastes in oatmeal. Mike and I can be like that, too, although we mostly like the same things.

    The chickens are so pretty. I especially like the black speckled one. Do they keep them as companions? I hope so.....

  2. I approve of the holy, glowing salad! :) As you already know, I've been digging into my bag of pumpkin seeds on a nearly daily basis. I also like both bowls of oats - I could eat either one! I wonder what that says about me? Split personality?! Ha!

    Whenever I hear about chickens in NY, I immediately think of the Sex & the City episode when (is it Samantha?) can't sleep due to the rooster crowing at all hours. Random, I know.

  3. hahaha you really made me smile, thinking of loose chickens :-)!


  4. haha, nice story about the loose chickens. I think my mum used to have chickens and they would escape all of the time. Chickens just make me laugh. The way their head bobs back and forth when they walk just gets me every time.

    I love how that bag of raw pumpkin seed clusters says "REALLY RAW".

    And yours and G's oatmeal combinations are very interesting! That's a cool thing to notice.

  5. Awww love the yin and yang oats! Both sound really good! Your salads sound really delicious and I like the sound of that smoothie! The granola sounds good! I've seen that brand before and that flavor has always stood out to me. Love the chicken story. I still can't believe that people have coops in Brooklyn and in QUeens but I've heard about them a few times!

  6. That's an awesome story. Looks like a scene from the turn of the century. :)

  7. Oh, the perils of mom's neighbors have chickens and I'm always worrying about them too...but they are very smart. Glad they all returned safely to the roost. I have to say though, I love the image of you with your head out the window yelling "chickens on the loose", sounds wild and wacky. :D

    The eats look totally yummy. That salad is holy...nicely nested in a nimbus.

  8. Whoa, that pumpkin granola is super enthusiastic. And out of the two breakfast bowls, I would probably opt for G's...because I'm still in my pumpkin-obsessed phase right now! LOL about the chickens, that's incredibly random.

  9. Don't let that parsley go to waste; make some lentil walnut pate!

    I'm glad to hear someone else is on chicken patrol. A few months ago I pulled over on a main road to let the people know their chickens were loose near the curb. I wound up with an earful from the homeowner about what were actually his neighbor's chickens (along with his other "antics"), but was assured that the chickens are smart enough not to go into the road. Whether or not they'd CROSS the road was not discussed ;-(

  10. Geez, most people shouldn't be allowed to care for animals! It stresses me out.

    Do you ever go the juice route instead of the smoothie route? I've been kicking around the idea of getting a juicer lately, but our kitchen is so small, and the clean-up seems pretty intense. But some other bloggers make such gorgeous-looking juices.....

  11. How funky is your chicken? How loose is your goose? Our goose is totally loose.

    Now where on earth is that from...?

  12. Those raw granola clusters look so tasty!
    Everything that you've been eating looks so good. I don't eat as well as you when I don't cook...probably because I run out of veggies to fast and I'm to lazy to stop by the store during the week to replenish my stock..ha

    The chickens are so cute, and that's too funny bout you yelling out the window.

  13. Chickens are devious little creatures, I can't even imagine trying to keep them in one area in an urban space! Your don't-feel-like-cooking meals are waaaay more nutritious and delicious than mine, love that glowing salad!

  14. Your breakfast bowls remind me of Mama Bear & Papa Bear. Not so sure about Carrots w/Olives combo, but it looks good. In fact, it all looks very good.

    So cool that your neighborhood allows chickens. We have a backyard flock. They're completely delightful, so you can imagine it's devastating when something happens to one of them. You were a very good neighbor to try and alert the owners (even if you may have sounded like a fish wife while doing so).

  15. Love that we seem to have the same taste in food! Want to eat everything on the pictures! (not the chickens) :))))

  16. Molly, there is an "urban chicken" movement that is supplied by the city around here. I think the owners keep the eggs but I really have no idea.

    Ingrid, I've never seen SITC but from what I've heard I would not have expected chickens.

    Alessandra, it was wild here for a bit!

    Isobelle, they were really raw, really really raw!

    VAVA, I remember when I was a kid, a neighbor had a rooster that would actually crow every morning! I totally pretended I lived on a farm.

    S&S, with a little more trash, but yes. One can wish.

    Rose, love the alliteration! And nimbuses. Nimbi?

    Allysia, the pumpkin eventually sucked me in too. I had to recreate it the next day for me all for me me me.

    Abby, ha! You keep those chickens in line.

    Stacy, funny that you say that. We actually own a juicer but never use it. It's annoying to clean and it's missing the tamper, though it still works. We might do a juice fast in a week or so, though, because they really are so energizing and healthy.

    Lacey, I have no idea! I feel like it's a jump rope song??

    Michelle, I hope nobody saw me screaming about chickens out on the fire escape, haha.

    Jes, well, we make the base salad in the beginning of the week and eat/add to it throughout the week so it's a bit easier to eat healthily quickly.

    Shen, I thought you of all people would embrace the olive! Trust me, it was really nice with the sweet roasted veg.

    Malin, makes sense because I think everything you eat sounds delicious :)


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