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Friday, December 23, 2011


Breakfasted back to old oats and chia. However, I've been making treats for Christmas and used some of the ingredients to top the oats:

Soaked oat groats, chia seeds, chopped dates, apricots, and cacao nibs.
Lunch salad, same as last night:

Spinach, tomato, sweet potato, avocado, roasted beet, mushroom. With balsamic, nooch, and hemp seeds.
Look! I got G to take a photo of his dinner! And he made it too!

 Pasta in sauce with TJ meatless meatballs, artichokes, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, nooch, and pepper. 
And my dinner, more salad:

Spinach, roasted kabocha squash, mushroom, and tempeh. With sriracha, balsamic, and nooch.
Lots of salad, perhaps to make up for the treats (which I have been surprisingly strong-willed in mostly resisting):
Peppermint-Pretzel-Almond bark

Cranberry-Pistachio bark with Coconut 

 Almond-Apricot bark


  1. I wish it were easy for me to eat salads in the winter time. But it's really not. All I seem to want is soup.

    And I love the colours of your cranberry pistachio bark. They all look really good actually - mainly due to the large amount of chocolate that I'm seeing. I'm going to stuff my face with chocolate on Sunday. I will. Stuff it!

  2. Where are the giveaway posts for these barks? I can't find them.

    I'm seeing the commonality between you and G: Bowl food. Check. Pile on the various and sundries from whenever wherever. Check. Consume Bowl Food over piles of papers and books. Check.

  3. So much bark!! Let the celebration begin! Really cool flavors too. I think the first one I'd go for is the peppermint/pretzel one, and then nibble my way to bark bliss with the other two. Alas, were it true. I'm sure you're fam and friends will enjoy that thoroughly.

    No offense to G...I'm sure his pasta was very good, but your dinner looks decidedly yummier.

    Also, quick question: did you add alcohol to the bitters or was it just the herbs/spices fermented?

  4. Do you guys always eat different dinners? I seem to recall you saying in previous post that you don't eat pasta-am I misremembering? If not, why? I like pasta; it just doesn't like me.

  5. Cacao nibs in oatmeal sounds like a great addition.

    Both of your dinners look great and the bark looks especially good. Great job on resisting the temptation to lay into it all! I don't know if I'd be able to resist...

  6. YUM! Those barks look phenomenal. Especially that pretzel one...mmm! The salads look beautiful as always and I have to say G's pasta sounds SO GOOD! After reading your posts I always want to get some artichoke hearts. I should really add them to my grocery list. Mmmm.

  7. Even Ryan and I eat different dinners a lot of the time. It's because I'm very, very particular about what I want and when I want it. Your barks look so festive and have inspired me to try making a bark, which is something...I'm not sure I've ever done?

  8. This all looks so delicious - the oats and chia seeds look like the base to my raw vegan cookies. ^^

  9. Isobelle, did you stuff it???

    Shen, are you serious? You missed the bark giveaway?? I thought you'd be first in line.

    Rose, sorry I forgot to mention - the spices etc are added to an alcohol base; I used Jim Beam. If you want the recipe, I'll email it to you!

    Stacy, G and I both eat the same salad when it's around but supplement with different things. Other than that, he usually eats what I make, only because I'm pickier. I don't like pasta takes up too much room in my stomach with starch and sugar when I'd rather just eat a lot of nutritious vegetables. Eh.

    molly, I bagged them all up quickly so I wouldn't be tempted to open them!

    VAVA, the pretzel was the favorite among everyone except my mom.

    Jenny, I feel exactly the same about what I like to eat, although sometimes I enjoy cooking especially for G or someone else, just because it's nice to put in a little extra effort. The bark is super easy; you and the kidlets with love it!

    Aiko, chia is the bomb.


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