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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Crafts

For you, Shen. This post is your present.
Since apparently biscotti and loaves aren't enough for all my planning and worrying and stress of the past month (oh little do ye know how much I plan and stress and worry the rest of the year), here's the rest of what I was working on and gave as presents for Christmas:

                               Braided rag rug/cat hang out spot for my mother (and her cat)

The book of poetry for my father, primarily, but also way too many relatives. I wonder if I'll be disowned post-reading of, or if they'll read it at all.

                                 Booze (as previously seen) for my brother and an uncle.
And for you, an awkward recording of one of the poems:

If it sounds like something you might be interested in, let me know and I'll mail two out to the first two people.
Amen, that's all she wrote.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you made all of your gifts. I wish I could get away with that. I'm slowly on my way though. I think homemade gifts are much nicer and special so I'm transitioning for those that will appreciate the thoughtfulness of homemade prezzies. Haven't had a chance to listen to the poem but I'll defnitely check it out when I'm not half out the door to work!

  2. This post is my present?? Cool, thanks!

    Heavy poem about skinny chicks. VaVa better not listen cuz she's a stick and will get upset.

    Nice voice. No Brooklyn accent?

  3. I love poetry! I'm a lyricist, so it's kind of the same ballpark, except poetry can be a lot more free-form because you don't have to adhere to a melody or meter. Those are all great gifts, and I totally agree that homemade is the way to go.

  4. That rug is awesome. I made a rag rug last year out of Mr. Stacy's worn-out boxer shorts (shhhh, don't tell). As for poetry, I really admire you for writing your own. I have somehow never been able to get into it for myself (too busy watching television, how embarrassing). Great work!

  5. WOW! Well now I have more to be impressed by than your meals. Happy New Year!

  6. You made a rug? That is so cool! All the gifts are lovely. Good job Maud!

  7. You are so freaking talented! :o) I love homemade gifts way better than store bought! I made some soap this year for gifts. I'll have try to blog about it this week if I get time.
    Great poem too...I'm sure every page of it will be read by your relatives! Great job all around Maud!

  8. Great gifts! Handmade gifts rock. The rug is gorgeous, and I really enjoyed the reading. I agree--you are very talented!

  9. These are some amazing gifts, Maud. Very impressive, and so thoughtful! I can't imagine that everyone didn't love everything. You rock! Oh, and I adore your socks. :)

  10. Wonderful assortment of gifts — all the more special because you made them yourself. The poetry book looks great, and it's hard to imagine the relatives won't like it. You have a terrific reading voice — maybe you should make an audio CD of the book for car travel, or do poetry readings in coffee houses.

  11. Well, thanks, all. Ya gotta keep yr hands busy somehow.

    VAVA, I'm sure people loved all your baked goods - anyone would love to get a present like that! Although I do understand what you mean; I felt like I should have supplemented somehow but..haha I didn't want to brave the crowded stores.

    Shen, I'm from Queens! But I try not to let it come "troo" when reading aloud.

    Allysia, any reccs for some really good lyricists?

    Stacy, haha! How long did the undie-rug take you to make?

    Thanks, Abby. You too!

    Rose, my goal is to one day finish a quilt but I am a long ways aways away.

    michelle, I'd love to see how the soaps came out!

    VB, yes but YOU made 7 billion batches of cookies. Now that I could not do.

    Thanks, molly! I love the socks! They're thigh highs too!

    Andrea, thanks a lot. I'm okay reading alone at home but even then I waver a bit. In front of people I think I'd be a wreck, but maybe someday. An audiobook is actually a really cool idea; I love listening to poets read their own work.

  12. did you make your own rug? please give a tutorial or link to one if you can. those are traditional in my family and i'd love to make a vegan one (non wool). thanks! happy new year.

  13. Hi Bitt; I did but it was sort of a seat of the pants experiment. Basically I cut 1-in strips of cloth from old clothes and sheets and sewed them end to end, then braided them. I recommend doing this in stages of sewing and braiding, sewing more on and braiding that, etc. because when the strips are too long they get tangled and it's hard to braid.
    Once I got a long braid, I started spiraling the braid around itself, pinning in place as I went. I did a simple whipstitch the whole way around, trying not to pull too tight - or else it curls up! You can kind of see that in the middle. I don't have a sewing machine but if you do, here is a photo tutorial:

    and this one is similar to how I made mine(hand sewn, no base):

    I hope that helps! Sorry I don't have step by step photos. The most frustrating part for me was braiding it without getting tangled, but bending over the thing and sewing it was also kind of hard on my back. I hope you find a good surface to work on.

  14. Thank you! Now all I need are some old sheets.


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