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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Vegan MoFo, Behind the Scenes

Phew. Another exhilarating, exhausting, and exciting MoFo come and gone. The blogging has boggled my mind! I also have a completely full folder of newly bookmarked recipes to make. Oof.
But at least I only had to put effort into making one meal a day, not to say that I didn't eat other meals! A lot of it was leftovers but here are some of the non-featured meals (mostly breakfasts) that passed my lips this past month.

 Carrot-grapefruit-ginger juice w/ turmeric and cayenne (G was sick and I didn't want to catch it!)

                      Chard, rice noodles, edamame in miso broth w/ sriracha and sesame seeds

                        Carrot juice blended w/ half a frozen banana and wheatgrass powder

                                  Big salad with avocado and raw flax crackers crumbled on top

                                                             Quinoa, tempeh, veg bowl

                                                Mango, banana, spinach, ginger smoothie

                                        Raw, soaked oat groats with chia, banana, goji berries

                                           More raw overnight oats w/ chia, banana, fig jam

             Awesome cranberry smoothie: banana, coconut, rice milk, frozen cranberries, agave

                    Spicy tomatoey-coconut stew (from the potluck!) with rice noodles, spinach, and sriracha


  1. Wow you were really trying not to catch any sickness huh? That is a ton of juice! Awesome! The more the better! In the Gerson Therapy for cancer treatment, they drink grapefruit/orange juice in the morning and carrot/apple throughout the day. This reminded me of that :)

  2. Dang, you are a model of healthy eating!! Is there a recipe for the "Chard, rice noodles, edamame in miso broth w/ sriracha and sesame seeds" item, or is that pretty much *the* recipe? It sounds tasty as hell.

  3. You really eat some great stuff! I especially like the looks of that rice noodle dish.

  4. Agreed - a true healthy food role model! I love the smoothies; I need to get a juicer for carrots (or did you just food process / blend?). Some of these dishes are following macrobiotics, and remind me to incorporate a few more dishes in my own diet. Much applause to you for all your MoFo contributions!

  5. I am in total agreement, you really are a great role model for healthy eating! All of the meals look phenomenal but I'm definitely loving the bowl of soup with chard, the big salad with avocado and flax crackers and the cranberry smoothie! Yum!

  6. The crumbled raw flax crackers on your salad is such a good idea! Kinda like croutons, but way better. And healthier.

    Everyone is my studio painting class seems to be getting sick right now, and we have no heat in the room so that's just making it worse. I'm trying everything and anything not to get sick (it has worked so far! I don't want to jinx myself though..). I want to try that juice you had, it sounds great.

  7. Girl, you are so healthy! Looks yummy. Will you come cook for me?

  8. Who needs a cleanse? I should just heed your daily eats!

  9. Agree--I need to eat like this every day!

  10. Hooray for awesome bowls of food! Your chard & rice noodle soup looks perfect for both staying healthy and getting better!

  11. Everything looks so good. I'm so envious of your healthy eating. I do good for a few weeks then fall off the

    I'm really curious about your Carrot-grapefruit-ginger juice though. Is that a good juice blend to help build your immune system up?

  12. Hey, thanks guys! It's not like I wasn't eating baked beans and roasted almonds and mango bread in between all this though ;)

    Carissa, juicing is awesome! I need to learn more about the Gerson therapy. It's pretty interesting from what I hear.

    Stacy, that's pretty much it - super simple. I just heated frozen edamame and rice noodles in water until they were both cooked, threw some chard in to wilt, and added miso at the end. Topped with condiments!

    Ingrid, actually we have a juicer but I never use it. I had bought a HUGE gallon of organic carrot juice at the beginning of the month, so I just blended the ready made juice up with whatever else I threw it. I cheated, yeah, but it's depressing how many carrots you need to buy to make one measly cup of juice!

    Isobelle, miso soup and lots of juices definitely keep me pretty immune. G gets sick all the time but honestly, the most I get is a sniffle. Turmeric is so good for you!

    S&S, yes! If you make the cookies.

    Abby, rest assured I am no fan of cucumber for breakfast either. Three small payments will get you the FF diet!

    Michelle, grapefruit has a lot of vitamin C for fighting colds and ginger and cayenne help with respiration and immunity, so I'd say yeah. The carrot juice I mostly added in to sweeten it.

  13. Man, what I would give for a bowl of that miso noodle soup! Reminds me of kelp noodles, which I've only recently begun to play with. Maybe I need to do a kelp noodle version of my own... Hmm...

  14. These meals look better than the ones you 'featured' (especially the Quinoa, Tempeh, Veggie Bowl). To each his own.

  15. The big salad caught my eye. It's funny how many food pictures I have that I never blog. I don't know why I keep taking them. Happy end of October; you did a great job blogging all month.


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