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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Various and Satisfactory

Playing a little catch-up. Nothing mind blowing.

Salad with squash, dried figs, tomato, broccoli, red cabbage and Brown rice with broccoli and ajvar. A big old lunch.

                            Breakfast - Cooked oats with leftover cranberry sauce and banana

Salad with onion, dried figs, tomato, and squash and polenta with cashew alfredo and marinara sauce. I couldn't decide which sauce to use and I'm reeeealllly glad I used them both. So maybe this one was mind-blowing.

Lunch and snacks packed: an apple, celery sticks with almond butter (in the container) and roasted broccoli, polenta, and squash with cashew alfredo sauce.

Urban Vegan's pumpkin-pecan scones. (No glaze) Delicious. I jumped up and baked them about 20 minutes after I saw her post. I've been eating them with vegan cream cheese and fig jam.

Tonight's dinner - cooked kale, squash, homemade seitan, and onion. Sriracha on the side. Pepper on top. I like it spicy, obviously. The seitan was the recipe from Veganomicon and one of maybe only one or two other times I've made seitan at home. It's a nice lazy afternoon thing.
In case you couldn't tell, I cooked up a butternut squash a couple days ago and had to use it in...apparently everything. Have a good night, guys!


  1. I got really confused when I saw your lunch before your breakfast. But maybe the switch up is a good thing. It keeps us on our toes!

    Yummy looking food though.
    I have a giant urge to make those scones right now, despite the fact that I don't have any pumpkin. But I will make them! I will!

  2. Ha, ha! Mind blowing sauce crossing is a good thing.

    Seeing these scones makes me reconsider my gluten intake. :)

  3. You can never have too much squash! I'm going to go check out that scone recipe right now. Yum!!

  4. YUMMY! All of your meals are so colorful and look so delicious. The polenta looks and sounds amazing. Def a great idea to mix sauces :) ANd the scones sound amazing as well!

  5. Yo Maud, what on earth is avjar? Also, I love scones even by just the sheer sophistication of them. I feel like when I eat scones I should be drinking Earl Grey and catching up on the latest gossip.

  6. Your salads look so always. I can imagine eating each item, and I can imagine feeling very satisfied.

  7. I'm so unworthy of your clean eating and great combos. [puts down the potato chips]

  8. Love the colorful salads! And leftover cranberry sauce on oats!! :-D If only I still had some left..

  9. You're on a fig kick, no?!? Those salads do look muey deliciouso. I think I need to be taught what ajvar is, too. I keep wanting to write "avjar" which seems easier to say, anyhow.

  10. Pumpkin pecan scones for the win! And I'd kill for one of your salads--so fresh & tasty lookin'

  11. I love the dried fig addition!

  12. Hey dudesss, ajvar is a red pepper spread. I'm not sure if they all include eggplant as well, but this spread did. Tasty as it was, it plays mean, mean games with my stomach.

    Isobelle, oatmeal in the morning oatmeal in the evening oatmeal at can eat oatmeal anytime!

    Ingrid, stay strong! And "sauce crossing" - I like it.

    Molly, these scones as all scones have mad butter in them but I swapped out 2TBS with applesauce. I don't know if swapping anymore out would work but please let me know if they do!

    VAVA, are you a fan of polenta? It's pretty tasty aaannnd gluten free!

    Allysia, yo. Your version of scones is way classier than mine which entails me scarfing one as soon as I walk in the door.

    Thanks, Rose! You must have a very well developed imagination.

    Abby, the scones speak volumes, but I inconspicuously snuggled them amid greenery.

    Chow, I have so much cranberry sauce! I don't know what to do with it.

    Stacy, fig kick for sure. They're also kind of a Thanksgiving leftover, as I bought 16 oz and only needed a handful but I do love them. They're especially nice with squash and onion.

    Jes, BIG WIN. And thank you.

    Aimee, addition or addiction?

  13. Love the idea of using leftover cranberry sauce on oats! Must try.

  14. I have got to try those scones! :o)

  15. Wow, those Oats are so dry. Did you even add any hot water to them?

    Serbian Roasted Eggplant Spread too.

    You're hard core.

  16. B&Y, I'm stingy! I have to use every last drop somehow. Yes, go be frugal too!

    Michelle, they're awesome. I bet they'd be even better with the glaze but I can't do that much sugar.

    Shen, I eat sawdust and nails in my spare time. Those oats were a heavenly cloud.


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