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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Two Loafs for the Last Day

Haha, that title sounds very biblical to me. Turning two loafs into many and the "Last Day." Haha, or maybe that's just me...
Point is, though nature's bounty does not end in November, many farmers markets do (which is sad because collards! celeriac! rutabagas!) and so does my farm-linked food pantry. The pantry continues to give out food but the produce comes from other channels than our organic farm. There was more than one person I got pretty close with at the pantry over this six month period, so to thank them, I baked two loafs: Happy Herbivore's gingerbread loaf and this chocolate pumpkin loaf from Isa Moskowitz.

I've made the HH loaf before. This time I used the recommended pumpkin rather than applesauce. It's actually funny because the two loaves (how many more times can I say that word in this post?) shared a lot of similar ingredients, which made making them both a lot easier.

The chocolate-pumpkin loaf is low-fat, using only 2 TBS of coconut oil. It is made a bit more decadent by including chocolate chips. I used large baking chunks for this.

And, as with all HH recipes, this loaf is completely added oils free. As mentioned, the moistness comes from pumpkin and molasses.
I cut the loaves in half and gave two volunteers one half of each. They both seemed very pleased, but though my personal preference would have been for the chocolate loaf, I'm glad I included the gingerbread. As I believe I've said before, the demographic of this pantry is largely Caribbean and they seem to enjoy the spiciness of ginger.

Anyway, I really enjoyed my time at the food pantry, although it was occasionally frustrating. I hope the clients continue to be pleased with the vegetable selections and visit the farmers market I told them about! First you eat your vegetables, then you may have your sweets.


  1. It was really thoughtful of you to bake treats for your friends — I'm sure they appreciated the gesture. The loaves look very moist and delicious. It's surprising to me how well the texture of the oil-free baked goods turns out.

  2. Yum those look so yummy! I love the added chocolate chips!

  3. I agree, that is very sweet of you! I love baking but don't like having it around to tempt me so my friends are very spoiled as well :) I bring a lot of treats to the gym which is quite funny and a bit ironic! And a loaf that is chocolate and pumpkin?! Me likey! And gingerbread is so perfect for this time of year! Great choices!

  4. Is this a volunteering thing you are doing? The loaves look great!

  5. Yeah, I'm definitely surprised by the texture of the oil-free one, too. Also the 'Two Loafs for the Last Day' is totally biblical sounding, or possibly apocalyptic.

    P.S. Loaf is a great word. Loaf. Loaf.

  6. Both of the loafs look great. I'm going to have to check them both out. That's so sweet of you to make them to give out like that!

  7. That's sad that your food pantry job is coming to an end. So cool that you made a couple of good friends though, and very sweet of you to make them some delicious bread! I saw Isa's chocolate pumpkin loaf recipe the other day and thought about making it this weekend. I haven't made HH's gingerbread loaf either. I'll have to try that one after Isa's choc. pumpkin.

  8. Beautiful loaves! I'm lucky enough to have some winter market options here (though the pickins get slim), but I sure do miss the bounty of the early autumn months. Lovin' the chocolate loaf!

  9. I'm with Allysia: It's the Fish & Loaves Story without the Fish.

    How can you have any Pudding if you don't eat your Beets?

  10. Andrea, I'm always surprised at the successes with oil-free baking too, though I guess I shouldn't be at this point...

    Carissa, chocolate chips are the best part!

    VAVA, haha oh yeah I saw those mini cupcakes today! Pretty funny that you bring them to the gym.

    Stacy, yep, I was volunteering to talk to the clients about how to use the vegetables we'd give out at the pantry. It was a lot of fun for nerdy veggie lovers like vegans are.

    Allysia, "loaf" is great. "Load," which I kept typing is a little less awesome.

    Molly, I want to bake them both again and keep them next time :)

    Michelle, did you see Isa's marbled banana bread too? I definitely want to try that one too!

    Aimee, thanks.

    Jes, there are one or two farmers market year round here too, but like you said, slim pickings.

    Shen, Loaf...Load...Lord...OMG holy manna from heaven

  11. Aw, it's like you're training to be a mom.

  12. Haha Jenny, yes, exactly like that. If this is parenting, bring it on! (Wait, no, don't.)

  13. Good call on the choc chips in the pumpkin bread! ;) I almost made that same recipe, but ended up going for the marbled banana bread on PPK instead.

  14. Mmm. I have some pumpkin puree begging to be used before it goes bad. I am especially tempted by the chocolate pumpkin loaf.


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