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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

In a Desperate Attempt to Get Some Greens

I don't know how you guys plan your meals for the day, but I usually use lunch as my base meal. That is, lunch is almost always already anticipated (usually leftovers from dinner the night before). Once I know what my lunch is, I eat a breakfast that will complement it. If I'm eating leftover tabbouleh for lunch, I don't want oatmeal for breakfast because that's too much grain. I would prefer a juice or a smoothie or some fruit. Then dinner is made from either produce I buy during the day specifically for the meal, or I spend the entire day going through the contents of the fridge and pantry trying to come up with something to make. Then the next day, lunch is leftovers from that and so on ad infinitum.

Today, I knew my lunch would be tasty but lacking in greens and the variety of vegetables I get with my usual salad. So breakfast was an attempt at trying to cram as much nutrition in as possible. I ate a banana with some almond butter alongside this guy:

1/2 a red grapefruit, 1 leaf purple kale, 1 tsp spirulina, 1/2 c. carrot juice, dash of cinnamon. I may have succeeded nutrition-wise, but taste I only recently bought the spirulina and the taste takes some getting used to. It also didn't help that my blender has a hard time pureeing both grapefruit chunks and kale. Oh, for a Vitamix. Do any of you use spirulina? Any tips on how to ingest it more pleasantly (besides the pills)? Also - if you do take spirulina, do you take vitamins too? There are so many vitamins in such huge amounts in spirulina that I'm afraid of overdosing on Vitamin A! Is that possible?? Gah, I'm crazy, I know.
The lunch I was attempting to make up for: not wholly lacking in nutrition, just different. Like I said, I'm obsessive about greens and stuff.

Roasted cauliflower, white beans, sun dried tomatoes. Simple and tasty. It was also a beautiful day, so I ate in my favorite near-work park at St. Marks in the Bowery. I was pretty full after this, but Liquiteria is right across the street and I wanted, yes, more greens for later so I picked up some juice:

This is also nice to have after lunch because it's sweet enough to function as a dessert, but with natural sugars, and the greens and ginger function as a wake-me-up for the late afternoon slump.
I snacked on an apple around 5 and then G and I decided that we would stop for dinner at Wild Ginger again. (We'd gone before back in September.) This time we started sharing "Cold boiled spinach rolls in ponzu sauce" I, um, attempted a photo:

I didn't know what to expect. You probably can't tell AT ALL but these are like sushi rolls without any rice. I believe it was all densely packed spinach with maybe some seaweed in there as well. They were very good and the sauce was slightly sweet with flavorful sesame seeds in it.
We both ordered the same meal, udon noodle soup that G was so excited about last time.

This was my first time eating udon and it was really perfect. The night had cooled down and the soup came out piping hot and filled to the brim with awesome goodies. There are enoki mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, firm tofu, grated carrot, spinach, wakame, mung bean sprouts and lots and lots of thick udon noodles in a miso broth. I couldn't actually even finish them all. The bowl was huge! There was also some weird vegetable in the soup really freaked me out because I didn't know what it was but SuperVegan says that the only non-vegan thing on the menu is dairy milk for drinks, so I'm gonna guess it was vegan-safe, just...texturally and sea-flavorly gross.
So, there ya have it. Now to figure out what to eat tomorrow since there are no leftovers from tonight! Ah, and round and round she goes...


  1. I think I want that green juice, nowww. As for not having a vitamix, share my pain, one day I will procure one, and my life will be perfect... :P No more chunky sauces/smoothies.

  2. Looks like you did a great job getting your greens in!! Your lunch sounds simple and delicious. I definitely need to give that a try! I LOVE udon!! It is so hearty and comforting and packed with good stuff and your bowl looks delicious! I'm a bit jealous I must say!

  3. uh...I can't even manage to decide what I'm going to eat for breakfast when I wake up, never mind a whole days worth of food planning. I actually can't even decide what shoes I want to wear on a morning either. And I only have two pairs!

    I don't think planning is my thing.
    But you seem to be very good at it! I wouldn't even think about switching things up to hit all of the food groups. That's smart.

    That soup looks super good. I think I have eaten soup every day for the past week.

  4. Yaaa...kale is a hard one to get down in smoothies sometimes. Spirulina definitely takes a lot of getting used to. I've been using it for two years and I am still not used to it :)

  5. That udon looks like just the thing. Noms! I've never tried spirulina. Should I?

  6. I use spirulina in small amounts...the taste usually masked by berries, dates, etcetera!!!

  7. I quite dislike spirulina...I imagine the taste is similar to swamp. And I bet if I tasted swamp, I'd dislike that too. But like Aimee said, I've had it masked by stuff in really teeny amounts which is acceptable.

    I don't have a vita/blendtec, but I do have a middle-of-the-road ($150) blender that makes good work out of kale. As awesome as a high-speed would be, I just don't have $450 to drop (yet).

  8. I could definitely learn a thing or two about nutrition from you. My main goal of each day is not to eat out of wrappers!

  9. Looks like you found your greens successfully. I like the cauliflower combo too, sounds great. How nice to eat lunch al fresco on a sunny autumn day.

    The soup looks amazing! Too bad about the weird sea veggie. I'm a total wimp when it comes to sea vegetables...can only take them in very mild doses, or I literally gag.

  10. I've never tried spirulina, but have thought about buying I'm scared to....ha I think I'll just stick with my plain ole green smoothies.

    The soup looks delish! I know what you mean about eating something that you don't know what it is. That ALWAYS weirds me out, and most of the time gets to me, so I end up picking it out.

  11. I love Wild Ginger! It's so cozy and the perfect place on a cold autumn night! I'm jealous. :)

  12. Wow, that soup looks rockin'--weird veggies aside :) And that green shake is rockin! I never manage to plan out my days meal-wise and often end up eating the same thing for both lunch and dinner. Hmm.

  13. Kale is my smoothie nemesis. It never blends well, even when a) soaked overnight in water, b)frozen or c)torn into itty-bitty bits. That's why I leave the soft leaf greens to my smoothies. Or maybe you and I can cry mercy to Vitamix, and they will pity-gift us a pair of blenders.

  14. We usually have leftovers from dinner for lunch, too. Nice & easy to pack. :)

    That udon soup looks perfect. Oh, and as far as spirulina, I just can't stomach it. Although, I have a hard time with strong tasting foods in general.

  15. I'd probably assign the cauliflower honorary green status and call it done. Or eat the kale steamed or raw for breakfast - maybe with mushrooms, wrapped in nori. Udon is great - so thick and chewy.

  16. Did you steal that Roasted Cauliflower and Sun-Dried Tomato Dish from VaVa? Totally, looks like it came off her blog.

    Count me in as jealous of your Udon Soup. I'm Team Soba, but that Soup is a lifegiving bowl of good health.

  17. Amy, yah "chunky smoothie" is not a term I like to hear.

    VAVA, as Shen points out, my lunch was highly influenced by your meals. It's probably safe to say you'd like it.

    Isobelle, I spend way too much time thinking about food. Shoes, not so much.

    Carissa, yuck! Thanks for letting me know I should just give up now, haha.

    Stacy, spirulina is probably the one...vitmain? mineral? whatever I'd safely call a superfood. There is so much good about it. It can be kind of pricey, but it's definitely worth it. That said, it' acquired taste and maybe you don't want to spend 13 bucks acquiring that. I'd check out wheatgrass if you're interested in easy nutrition. It's like spirulina lite and much tastier.

    Aimee, dates! That's definitely the direction to head in.

    Allysia, swamp. Totally. I do like the swampy blue green stain it gives my lips when I drink it, though. I feel like a vitalized goth.

    Abby!! That's really funny.

    Rose, it's good I got the dining in the other day because today was damn cold! But I refuse to eat in the break room at work. REFUSE.

    Michelle, hahah, yeah I not-so-secretly slipped the pieces of whatever that thing was into G's bowl, until he glared at me.

    S&S, it IS really cozy. I like the decor in that place, though I'm sure it changes from front to front.

    Jes, the soup was definitely the perfect meal.

    Ingrid, yeah, our spinach mysteriously disappeared but that's definitely my green o' choice. Yah, let's make sad faces to Vitamix! I'll take a pity blender!

    Molly, leftovers definitely make meals quick to decide in the mornings.

    Andrea, but cauliflower is, like, the antithesis of green! Kale steamed and wrapped in nori sounds awesome though.

    Shen, yes. I stole it. Don't tell the others, but I think I'm Team Soba too. The thick noodles are a little too reminiscent of worms for me...Still awesome soup though.

  18. OOH. I love Liquiteria! Thanks for an inspiring blog :DD


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