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Monday, November 21, 2011

All in a Day's Work

Yeppp. Real tough day around here, sewing, cuddling with the cat, listening to some new music (thanks for the recommendations, guys) and -oh yeah- eating. I got some heavy groceries but that was about the extent of my exertion.
Breakfast was kind of late and less involved than usual, but still good. We were all out of fruit!

Pumpernickel bread with Follow Your Heart vegan cream cheese and fig jam. I bought 2 of the vegan cream cheese containers because they were on sale (2/ $5!) and G needed one for a Thanksgiving dessert. Now I can't stop eating it.
Lunch, oh lunch, was delicious, vibrant, and healthy:

The last (boo!) of the roasted kabocha squash, cherry tomatoes, spinach, white beans, mushrooms, and red onion. Balsamic, and a little salt and pepper on top.
I also snacked on a couple of these Candy Cane Joe-Joes!

Tis the season, right? I'd never actually tried these before despite hearing raves coming from all directions. They're good.

Dinner is a mess of awesome. Sauteed onion and garlic, kale, broccoli, mushroom, and grated carrot mixed in with green tea soba noodles and tofu in a bit of miso broth. The requisite red pepper flakes and sesame seeds.
That's all, folks.


  1. Yum! So much awesomeness! I love pumpernickel so much so your breakfast sounds so good to me. The salad and soba noodles look delicious and vibrant. I won't lie, I bought THREE boxes of Candy Cane Joe Joes yesterday! I am using most of them for baking but I felt the need to hoard because I always feel like I'll never see them again. Can't wait to bust into them...for baking purposes..uh yeah, that's it.

  2. $2.50/tub of Tofutti Cream Cheese is not that great a deal. Just admit you wanted to eat the d**n faux Cream Cheese.

  3. Heavy grocery haul sounds like my kind of workout...:D I have some fig jam in the fridge...must eat it soon, I bet it's good with the vegan cheeze.

    Lunch does look so yummy too! I've been eating squash in salad lately too...totally awesome!

  4. Why haven't I ever thought of cream cheese and fig jam?! That sounds fantastic! We don't have Trader Joe's (grumble, grumble) but I did visit one in Boston a few years ago. I am so jealous of your dinner! Healthy and delicious, yum.

  5. Sounds like the perfect day to me :)
    Apparently I need to get my noshers on some Joe Joe's. The nearest Trader Joe's to me is 45 minutes away and I have only been there once.
    Maybe I'll make the trip, if they're worth it.

  6. I'd say you accomplished quite a bit today. :D

  7. 6:30AM and I want those Joe-Joes and the soup!!!! Why oh why don't we have Trader Joe's in Canada?!?!

  8. i love green tea soba. Actually, anything with matcha in it. I love. :)

  9. Ok, so Late July has chocolate covered candy cane sandwich cookies for the holidays! Now you can covet them as I do (I haven't seen them in the stores yet and I can't justify shipping them).

  10. had some awesome eats today. Those cookies sure are calling my name. Are they sorta like Oreos with a mint kick?

    How do you make your miso broth? I finally have miso to make some with, but don't really know what all to use. I sure could go for a bowl of those sauteed veggies, noodles, and miso broth right now! :o)

  11. I'm just salivating over here thinking about fig jam and TJ's holiday oreos thanks to your blog post! Yum yum - and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. :)

  12. that dinner sounds goood! love miso and noodles and stir fries. nice choice

  13. VAVA, get em while you can!

    Shen, are you serious? Maybe I don't check the price on them often, but if that's not a good sale I'm totally buying them all the time.

    Rose, I meant to cook the squash and make your curry but I forgot the coconut milk!

    Isobelle, TJ isn't always worth it but the cookies, well, I ain't complaining.

    Isobelle, you could probably cook something way tastier than these cookies.

    S&S, totally.

    Andrea, it's all relative, I suppose.

    Stacy 630 in what time zone? Canada's all upside down, so I'm pretty sure you can eat cookies whenever you want.

    Kim, me too! Even if you can't taste it much, haha.

    Abby, I think I saw they made those at TJ too but I didn't check to see if they were vegan. One box of cookies at a time, thank you.

    Michelle, yeah pretty much like that. Actually, oreos make a flavor with mint, don't they? Miso broth is super easy. Just heat water up (I use my tea kettle) and when it's warm, just pour it over about a TBS of miso paste to taste and stir it up until it dissolves. Just don't add it to the hot water because it'll kill the good bacteria. I usually add wakame or nori and some scallions or onions to the broth too.

    Jesse, don't drown in it. I honestly drooled on a cookie the other day.

    VSmarties, danke!


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