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Thursday, October 6, 2011

MoFo, day 6: "Know Your Roots" Salad

Hello, hello. Today's root vegetable at the food pantry was carrots (we also had butternut squash and beautiful Swiss chard from the farm and collards, kale, tomatoes, peppers, cauliflower, rice, and other stuff from elsewhere - quite a cornucopia, and way more than usual!) but the roots in today's lunch were also quite delicious. I've been following Kath's blog, Kath Eats Real Food, on and off for a long time and while she's not a vegan blogger she knows the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, and tofu and always presents her meals really beautifully.
This cooked salad is served cold, so was perfect to eat at my desk at work.

I switched the recipe up only a little, according to what I could get. I used red beets instead of golden beets and spelt berries rather than wheat berries because that was what they had at the farmer's market. Andrea pointed out in the comments section yesterday that spelt still contains gluten, although less than wheat, so it isn't acceptable for people with celiac's disease, so keep that in mind if you make this.
I love that this uses the beet greens as well as the root, but I did add some raw chard for a little more vibrant green-ness. Also, I steamed the beet greens over the spelt as it cooked, rather than sauteing them with garlic and oil as Kath suggests.

The dressing didn't make much, nor did it add much flavor, unless it just didn't get mixed well. I would up the amount of mustard, at the least. Maybe it will taste different tomorrow, when it will have sat overnight. Either way, the bowl tasted awesome. The cinnamon and cayenne on the sweet potatoes was delicious and the whole thing was so filling that I ate it in two rounds. I barely needed Jess' trailmix bar, but I ate it anyway...because it's delicious.
This salad gets extra bonus points for getting the H2O Family Tree song stuck in my head. Ahh, brings back memories of the old NY Hardcore scene! Don't forget your roots!

What is your favorite root vegetable?


  1. Wow that salad is such a beautiful color! I'm totally a carrot girl...haven't tried beets that I can remember? I need to try it, these recipes are so beautiful and vibrant!

  2. The salad looks great — I love substantial salads like that. I'd have to say my favorite root vegetable is celeriac, especially if it's roasted. But I love them all, except rutabaga which I can only claim to "like," not love.

  3. I wish my food was always as healthy as yours :-) baby steps..... By the way, I thought I saw your comment about my kitty yesterday but it was gone today. It is Bear, just a domestic black kitty, but he has a very unique face (nose).I think he looks like your cat :-)

  4. That's a nice looking salad! My favorite root veg is sweet potato. I'm in love with them, especially roasted with some cinnamon and olive oil and sea salt.

  5. Ok I have a question, I know I am WAAAAAY out of the loop but what is Vegan Mofo?

  6. Lord knows we can't have enough vegan sites with hardcore or punk music videos. Nicely done! Ya got me thinkin' I may have to do a Black Flag or Rancid post - altho' Rancid and vegan food may not be the best match. And Fishbone is out of the question. Alright, Ramones it is!

  7. boring as it sounds...carrots, maybe? I like them all mixed when marinated and roasted. And my husband always asks me to make it. But it's a lot of work - peeling and chopping. I have yet to prepare wheat berries or spelt berries. Your salad looks really great with them.

  8. That salad sounds great...looks so colorful. Because of the beets, it reminds me of the roasted beet, kale, and grapefruit salad you made a while back. I made that one after you posted it, it was sooo yummy!

  9. what a rock'n salad, indeed! i love me some root veggies and i think i can find something equally yummy to replace the wheatberries in this salad to make it gluten-free. it looks awesome and perfect for all these fall veggies, too. score!

  10. Why is there a big bowl and a little bowl? I've read this a couple times and I'm not getting it. Is it a Goldilocks thing?

  11. That salad looks great.
    Hmmmm....My favorite root veggie would probably be sweet potatoes. Ha :0)

  12. VAVA, it is pretty, isn't it? I'm glad I used the red beets. And you MUST try them! They're so sweet and perfect.

    Andrea! You may be the first person to have ever answered that question with "Celeriac." Actually, I can't think of any question to which the answer would be "celeriac."

    Elisabeth, I repeat: super cute cat.

    B.A.D, it was!

    Nikki, thanks. I think I might be in agreement. Sweet potato ftw!

    Carissa, of all the blogs MoFoing, you asked the right person since I am totally a MoFo ambassador! (jk) It's a monthlong vegan celebration of food, during which we blog as much as we can! Check it:

    Jakethy, next year! Theme it! Veganize some Bad Brains?

    Jenny, carrots are pretty much a perfect food. Cooked, raw, handheld, blended, grated, juiced, spiced...!!

    Rose, oh yeah, that was tasty! Did you add avocado?

    Jessy, definitely fall salad time. Cranberries would have been a good addition to this one too.

    Shen, one is a SERVING BOWL DUhhhh what do you think I am, a hog with a trough strapped to my mouth?

    Michelle, sweet potatoes are also totally versatile. I'm with you.


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