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Monday, October 31, 2011

MoFo, day 31: A Trick Treat

Happy Halloween and, a sigh of relief, Happy Last Day of MoFo! Two things to celebrate means two treats today.
First, from Jess Scone at Get Sconed, a mastermind and a native Noo Yawker (repping in Portland). This recipe is actually found in the Cocktail Lounge at the VVC site: an Extra-Dirty, Extra-Dry Rosemary Martini (!!) Because, you know, I had to use up the olives from Hannah's stuffed zucchini.

Yeah, I don't have fancy martini glasses or anything but this still did the job, and did it dirty. Haha, is there anything sadder than me pretending to be classy and drinking a martini out of a jam jar with my books and beer bottles still all over the coffee table? I'm not sure Jess Scone would approve.

But Dottie would (actually, she wouldn't either! She hated gin.)
HANYWAY I'm gonna save another one of those for tonight. For a more teetotaling treat, we have a "trick treat" from Chocolate Covered Katie, who is in the business of making tasty sweets that are actually fairly healthy. These are her Inside-Out Chocolate Pumpkin Cookies.

The trick here is that they are filled with a pumpkin-almond butter mix! Okay, so it's not so much of a trick since you can see the filling coming out of mine.

They look sort of like Hershey's hugs, no? But better because they're cruelty-free and pumpkin flavored. I had to do something chocolate and pumpkin for Halloween.

Mine are, um, not as pretty as Katie's, nor as well filled, but they're tasty. Halloween's all about the grotesque, anyway, right? Or the magic? I don't know. It's about me visiting Houdini's grave later.
So. That concludes our MoFo! Handshakes and cheers all around to participants, readers and cheerleaders. I hope you guys have something fun going on tonight. Even if that means a quiet meal and a good book. Dottie would approve of the good book, at least.


  1. i remember hershey's hugs. that's too funny. the things my brain remembers. ha! jam jars are even fancier than martini glasses - i like 'em. happy halloween to you and happy last MoFo'n day to you as well! wheeeeeeeee!

  2. Ah they do look like hugs but I know they have to taste WAAAY better! They look and sound amazing! Pumpkin and chocolate and almond butter is definitely a winning combination, what a great treat for Halloween! Great MoFo posts, you did an amazing job with your theme :) Happy Halloween!

  3. Chocolate and pumpkin is such a great combination. Congrats on posting every day in MoFo!

  4. Portland would totally approve of that mason jar martini, as do I! <3

  5. Nice treats!

    Well done with MoFo. I know it's a lot of hard work. I really enjoyed all your posts and I'm excited about all the new blogs you've introduced us to.

    Happy Halloween Maud!

  6. Just when I was fighting empty calories, now I want a martini...

  7. ahh..I almost made the Inside-Out Chocolate Pumpkin Cookies over the weekend, but never got around to it. I have some left over pumpkin though, so I just may have to make them tonight. Yours look delish!

  8. Never had a martini. Actually since I stopped drinking years ago, I've lost my taste for it, gasp! The cookies I still have a taste for, though, and they look and sound fantabulous! Yum!

  9. How many Martinis did you have before you made those Cookies? Are you trying to sprout an Olive Tree in that top pic? Have I finally caught up to all your posts???

  10. Cookies and martinis sound like a perfect combo to me! Your MoFo posts were awesome, congrats on doing such a rockin job!

  11. Your Pumpkin Inside Out Cookies turned out great and look yummy! You have been one very busy cook lately:)

  12. I'm sure, like me, you fielded many a lament, "It's so hard to READ all these posts." Really? Cuz it was a breeze to write them! Break time; you deserved the libation.

  13. Mmm those cookies look deelicious!

  14. Jessy, I could never forget! I probably made myself sick eating those things as a kid!

    VAVA, thanks! You too!

    Thanks, Molly, it's a classic.

    Jess, you like it! You really like it! Maybe I CAN make it in Portland after all.

    Rose, thanks! Happy Halloween to you too. I've actually got to dig deeper into a lot of new blogs myself :)

    Stacy, olives are good for you!

    Michelle, they're really good and I shared them with some friends who liked them as well. Definitely recommended.

    BM, the cookies were better anyway ;)

    Shen, yes! You made it! Congratulations! Now go hug those tiny kittens!

    Jes, actually the combo gave me a wicked sugar headache buttt..still!

    HSK, I am ready to take a break.

    Abby, yeah, MoFo got a lot easier when I stopped trying to read everything and just make my food and write about it.

    Leslie, thanks, they are very good.


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