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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

MoFo, day 25: Beer Baked Beans

Yes, as much as it pained me to pour an entire bottle of beer into something that wasn't my mouth, Jes' Beer Baked Beans sounded too good to pass up.



Yay! I remember being attracted to Jes' old blog, Cupcake Punk, because of its name and then sticking around for the awesome (not actually cupcake heavy!) recipes. I guess I lost track of her somewhere along the way, but I recently re-discovered her new blog at Eating Appalachia, where she has blossomed into almost an anthropological vegan, exploring the traditional omnivorous foods of Virginia, but cooking vegan at home. One way or another, Jes makes some delicious food.
I'm not even sure what drew me to these beans, (okay, probably the beer) because I never liked baked beans as a kid, but they were delicious. They are sweet and slightly spicy, and surprisingly have a good amount of flavor of the beer still in them. They do take a fair amount of time to prepare, but I spent a lazy Monday with them, and here they be, totally worth it.

The black blur on the left there is my cat, who was also very attracted to the scent of the dinner.
Baked beans need a cool side to go with them, so I prepared a fennel-cabbage coleslaw. ALSO! The weird bread roll looking things in the bowl with the beans (on top of some spinach cuz I gotta have some greens) are baked seitan sausages, using some leftover beer-bean broth! They came out...weird, so I'm not going to share the recipe, haha. I mean, they were okay but super spongy. I guess I didn't realize how much the beer would make the sausages expand in the oven. It's okay, though; they were kind of an afterthought and an experiment because the bean broth was so flavorful.
Maybe I should have just followed another delicious-sounding Jes recipe (jesipe?) for Roasted Pepper Sausages. Next time.


  1. Hahaha, technically the beer did end up in your mouth? I'm not a huge baked beans fan but these sound good, and that slaw looks super yummy! You have also done an awesome job carrying your theme through! I have to start thinking now for a theme for next year...and I probably still won't come up with one.

  2. The beans sound so good — beer can only make baked beans better, in my opinion. I like beer on a hot day, but am not a big consumer of alcohol in general, but amping up the flavor of beans with a bottle of brew sounds like a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I need to try this! Beer + beans!

  4. I love Jes' blog too, she has some fantastic recipes available to all of us.

    I like baked beans now but never ate them growing up and I would love to make these, minus the beer ;)

    And yes, you must try something from Viva Vegan! Maybe the guatita or either posole or the enchiladas!

  5. sounds good to me - I love baked beans but I have tried to cook veg sausages in a stew and they were really spongy too

  6. When I mentioned the baked beans to Mike, who is a beer lover, his eyes lit up. We'll have to try them!

  7. Yes! I would definitely eat this.
    Seitan moves in mysterious ways sometimes, no?

  8. Being a native Bostonian, baked beans always move me. ;)

  9. Jes' recipes are the best and they never disappoint us. i'm gonna grab a gluten-free beer and make these beer baked beans. they look awesome!

  10. I'm totally blushing and almost tearing up over here--you've given me one of the biggest compliments ever! It's been tough with the omni-leanings to not get upset with negativity, but your shout-out and kind words have seriously made my day-month-year. Seriously, they mean the world to me!!!

    As for the beans, I'm totally wanting to make a batch of them again, will have to resurrect 'em for a Monday Archive very very soon. The Brooklyn brown ale sounds perfect in them!! Hilarious that the beer in the sausages made them expand so much...I guess the yeast in it?

  11. It's about the only way you'll get me to imbibe beer. Looks marvy!

  12. Those beans sound so good. I knew beer made everything better. :0)

  13. Haha, Sarah, that IS true...MoFo is really beating my butt at this point. I can't wait for next year, but I want this year to end!

    Andrea, do you know, are baked beans always made with beer?

    Carrie, not to be confused with beets!

    Mandee, yeah, I think part of the turn off of baked beans before was because they came in a can and were then microwaved! That's not baking at all!

    Johanna, hopefully they were still tasty.

    Molly, they sound like they would go well with the rest of your "comfort food eats but without the oil." They're definitely worth making - and they make a tooonnnn.

    Stacy, seitan is so weird!

    S&S, my mom's folks were from Boston and I'll give her some leftovers this weekend. We'll have to see what she thinks :)

    Jessy, gluten free beer sounds very interesting...

    Jes, aw, well I meant it! I'm pretty drawn to Americana and Appalachia in general too, so I can understand wanting to really feel the roots around you. Plus, yr recipes are awesome - that's all I need!

    Dynise, thank you!

    Michelle, beer, beer, the magical drink. The more you have, the more you think. ;)

  14. No one seems to mention that this is one expensive batch of Baked Beans. Real Maple Syrup? A bottle of Brown Ale? They sure look pretty though.

  15. Shen, that did hurt a little too - all that maple syrup. But I figured I rarely use it otherwise, and we had some around so.


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