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Monday, October 24, 2011

MoFo, day 24: Sweet Potato Cranberry Spice Muffins

Sweet potatoes are great for the same reason that pumpkin is - it works so well in both savory and sweet recipes. After the Sweet Potato-Stuffed Pepper of yesterday, and even after eating the leftover filling for lunch, there was still some un-flavored mash and I needed a sweet treat.
With this, I turned to VeganLisa from Vegan Culinary Crusade. She has a wonderful site filled with primarily raw recipes and others that are free of refined flours oils, and sugars. So, while today's treat of Sweet Potato Cranberry Spice Muffins isn't raw, it is pretty healthy and is one of the more delicious baked goods I remember eating recently.

Also, they obviously smelled so good I couldn't wait to take a bite before taking a photo...Oops.
I did make a few minor substitutions, always working to get rid of what I have on hand. I subbed about 1 cup of almond flour and the rest white spelt flour for her whole wheat pastry flour, and 2 TBS. of coconut oil rather than 1/4 c. of canola.

I think both the almond flour and coconut oil made the muffins especially moist without being gooey. Ah, and, I was afraid I didn't have a full half cup of dried cranberries, so I added a couple of raisins in as well.

This is really nicely spiced, and easy to throw together. It's surprisingly sweet (in a good way) for how little added sweetener there is (in this case, maple syrup.) And if you have leftover sweet potato on hand, this is a great way to use it up. If not, Lisa has plenty of other recipes for you to check out and make something delicious with!


  1. OMG yum! I've been craving sweet breads and muffins recently and these look like they would be perfect! I love sweet potatoes but haven't done much baking with them. Sounds like a great way to start!

  2. I recently discovered the blog you mentioned! This recipe looks really fantastic. I'm such a snot when it comes to muffins; I require moist on the inside and crunch / chew on the outside. These look like they might fit the criteria! :)

  3. I've been seeing so many muffins on blogs that I may be forced to make some. I'm having a muffin attack. These sound great! (Nice plate:)

  4. These sound so good! I still want to make some sweet potato biscuits.

  5. Oh man, sweet potatoes & cranberries are just the best combo--and I love that you threw in some raisins just 'cause :) I think it's time to make some autumn muffs, so inspiring!

  6. They do look moist and delicious. Sweet potato and cranberry has to be one of the best autumn combos yet. I think I'd like to make something along these lines for Thanksgiving.

  7. I agree with Jes - sweet potato and cranberries are so good. These muffins look killer too.

    Oh! and I just received your zine today. I took it to class with me before I left tonight and read it while I was supposed to be taking notes. The seasonal veggies page is going to be so handy! (and I had no idea there was a fruit called scuppernong)
    I really love the zine. And - now I have the recipe to a tofu pudding down! even though I don't like pudding. But I think I have to try it at least once, right?

    oh and also (sorry) I really like the poem on the back.

    Thanks a bunch!

  8. THese look tasty--also, I like your elegant serving dish : ). I drink everything out of jars and should branch out to using the lids, too.

  9. I've been craving muffins a lot lately. These are a perfect fall muffin!

  10. that's one helluva tasty muffin - the combination of ingredients sounds crazy delicious and i'm always up for any recipe with sweet potatoes and cranberries. they look so darn yummy! :D

  11. VAVA, your carrot cake is definitely on my list to make soon. Fall is great for sweet breads and muffins.

    Ingrid, it's a great site, isn't it? And I hear you on the muffin snobbitude - it's necessary because there are so many crappy, dry muffins out there and too many greasy, sugary ones. These should meet your qualifications :)

    Andrea, ha! I guess there goes my last whisp of class, eating off a jar top. At least I didn't put it straight on the cloth?

    Michelle, sweet potato biscuits are awesome! Do you have AfR?

    Jes, Autumn muffs, more edible than winter muffs ;)

    Rose, I don't think anyone would turn them away if you served them for Thanksgiving. OMG, it's only a month away.

    Isobelle, awesome! I'm so glad you got it (and like it!) Scuppernong is a hilarious word, but apparently they're basically grapes. Thank YOU.

    Stacy, yeah, I drink out of jars too but I have so many at this point cuz I save them obsessively and get really weird if I can't find a top. I guess I just grabbed the first thing I could find!

    Molly, they really are.

    Jessy, you saw my sweet potato muffin and raised me a sweet potato brownie. You win.

  12. Very nice looking muffin. Ordinarily, I'd balk at three pictures of the same muffin, but you made it work.

  13. Haha! I had to get the crumb, you know.


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