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Saturday, October 22, 2011

MoFo, day 22: Mexican Chilled Chocolate Pudding

Jonathan Richman was super cute last night but tonight is yet another show, featuring the world's best: G's band, the Marsh Hens. And so, another quick post with the simplest of recipes, the ladies from Soundly Vegan's Mexican Chilled Chocolate Pudding.

Is there anything easier than vegan pudding? Blend tofu, cocoa powder, spices, and agave and chill for 20-30 minutes.
This is super rich but basically guiltless. A protein-rich, delicious dessert. It's super chocolatey but not too sweet (depending on how much agave you add). Can it get any better? Really.

The spices are awesome in this flavor but possibilities are endless. I have an adaptation in my newest zine for an espresso flavored version.

                                                      G's bowl, with comic in progress

Shen, it's just as easy as the pub cheese you made but not Jell-o pudding-y. I definitely recommend this and highly suggest you all check out both the other innovative recipes on Soundly Vegan AND the pudding version on Olives for Dinner: Whiskey-Butterscotch! Come on!


  1. Yum! I love spices with chocolate. It looks so easy and sounds delicious! Enjoy the show :)

  2. I love tofu pudding! Too bad I don't have the ingredients for this in the house. I could totally go for some.....

  3. ah! That looks so yummy! I'm making pumpkin cake as we speak.

  4. Definitely making my own pudding from now on. I learned my lesson.

    Palm Sugar is a new one on me. A substitute will be necessary.

    G's band website is way cool. For that alone I think he deserved a little bit more pudding, don't you?

  5. Looks like I'm a little behind on the pudding making...that's something that I havent tried yet. It sounds awesome though, so I know I'll be trying it.
    Yay.....New zine! :0)

  6. Wait, what? You have a zine? I've got some catching up to do! And Comics! Next to cookbooks and crappy old romance novels those are my FAVorite reads!

  7. Tofu pudding? I guess I really do live under a rock.

  8. VAVA, yeah - similarly spiced to your Hot Chocolate cookies. Which I could totally go for right now.

    Molly, I've resolved to henceforth always have silken tofu on hand for emergencies like making more pudding.

    Carissa, fancy that! They have pumpkins in Hawaii?

    Shen, I haven't seen it either. I'm sure cane sugar or whatever you use would be fine. But her method is different from the tofu one anyway. And G was bugging out from the little bit he had - I guess I forgot to tell him there was espresso powder and coffee extract in there...

    Michelle, it was my first time too! Impossible to mess up.

    Sarahfae, that I do. Marmalade Umlaut. A link on the right sidebar if yr interested in taking a gander. And WORD on the comics too! My boyfriend is quite talented.

    Isobelle, that reminds me of that story of the person who never left their room and only ate flat foods that could be pushed under the door....

  9. MMMM.....Mexican pudding??? This is a must try!!!!

  10. I always make chocolate mousse with tofu and melted chocolate chips. But yours looks just as thick and much less fattening - will try for sure.


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