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Monday, September 26, 2011

Work Slowdowns, Not Stoppages

Yes with the union talk.
I don't know if you guys are paying attention to the Occupy Wall Street stuff that has been going on in NYC for the past two weeks but it is kind of important. When I was at lunch on Saturday, the protest at Union Sqaure Park flooded right past me and turned the corner, where, it turns out, about 80 people got arrested and there were some horrifying and unnecessary acts of police violence. I don't know your politics, but I've been to similar protests in the past and having it all stream right in front of me and then learning of the outcome is a little overwhelming and frustrating. I don't agree with everything the protesters are doing and I realize "the message" is getting convoluted and that, yes, it's annoying when a protest slows down the buses on very busy 14th St. but these people want to raise awareness - for everything. Just keep your eyes out and you will see the injustice in public and in private spectrums. And especially behind-the-scenes private trades that affect the public who are dealing with a bad economy and joblessness, due to no fault of their own.

As to slowdowns, not stoppages on the homefront, I had a few frustrating moments with my camera today where I thought it was broken, and right in time for MoFo too. It seems okay now but I'm going to give it a rest until then, I think. Technology needs some time off, and I do too.
I'm trying to pump another zine out soon and I anticipate October being really busy with MoFo, so I want to get as much done before then as I can. I'm bad with time management and easily distracted so I think I'll just stay away from blogging until the 1st, unless something TOTALLY AWESOME happens.
In the meanytime, here are a few photos that have been building up over the past few whatevers. Let them tide you over for now. I'll meet you at the MoFo. Peace.

                                                       Orange-Carrot juice w/ coconut

                                            Quinoa for breakfast with bananas and raisins

    Rice noodles in miso broth over bok choy - topped with sallions, sesame seeds, and hotness

                                        Grapefruit-Carrot juice with turmeric and ginger, tea

                                   Biscuits with apple-whiskey marmalade and Earth Balance

                                OIAJ with goji berries and blueberries, almond butter remnants

    Dinner salad with mixed greens, cucumber, red pepper, tomato, carrot, onion, and blueberries


  1. "Apple Whiskey Marmalade"??? OH MOMMY!!!! I mean OH MY!!!

    Hey, I have been meaning to ask which zine has the details of your time toiling at the PB& J restaurant. I'd enjoy reading bout that.

  2. Oooh yes, do tell which issue that is because I'd like to read it myself! I hope that you are able to accomplish everything you set out to do over the next few days. The juices look great and your breakfast quinoa looks yummy too. I definitely need to try oats in a jar the next time I get to the bottom of the jar.

  3. Wow! It's like a treasure trove of yumminess - I applaud all dishes and sauces alike. Enjoy your focus time, and I can't wait to hear / see all about your adventures in publishing and food. :)

  4. I have been reading a little about Occupy Wallstreet on the Adbusters site. Interesting, for sure. I like your signoff: peace!

    See you at MOFO!!!

  5. I'm all for the Occupy WS. We don't protest enough in this country, which makes it all the more easy for the big money big wigs to get their's much of what is wrong with this country in my opinion.

    Food looks good, I'm also wowing at the idea of that marmalade.

    Have a nice break: I'm looking forward to your MoFo posts.

  6. I'm always looking for ways to sneak in turmeric - and it never occurred to me to add it to juices. Thanks for the idea - and where do you find apple whisky marmalade? That sounds worth trying as well!

  7. Did you just buy a huge bag of carrots too?

  8. That orange carrot coconut juice sounds great! I love your earth balance bowl for the quinoa breakfast. Completely understand about the camera thing - SR just dropped mine, and now the battery compartment won't shut. Duct tape is doing the job for now. I'll look for you in October - enjoy the short break.

  9. yeah...that whisky marmalade does sound good! I wouldn't mind trying some of that!
    All your food photos looks so yummy!
    I haven't been following the Occupy Wallstreet stuff. Proably best that I don't get going on all that. :)
    I hope you get everything done that you want to...Can't wait to see all your MOFO foods. I'm going to skip it this year, since I'll be gone a lot oin Oct. I have some much needed vacation time rolling in...woohoo :o)

  10. I could go for some biscuits right now!

    That last protest I went to I got pushed in front of a police horse & almost trampled, so I shy away from large groups like that. I hope that there isn't anymore violence. That kind of stuff really upsets me.

  11. So strange that I haven't heard about the Occupy Wall Street stuff. I watch Rachel Maddow and listen to NPR for my news and usually feel like I'm up to date. Huh. Thanks for sharing.

    In other news, I'm loving that biscuit and marmalade. Enjoy the pre-MoFo rest.

  12. As to everyone's inquiries on the apple-whiskey marmalade, it is technically Entre Olivos "Mermelada al manzanas y whisky," and yes it is another lovely gift from my sister. She bought it in Argentina for me! Maybe you could find some online, or make yr own!

    Shen, if you really want a zine about PB & Co, I will make one for you! Mini-mags are fun to do.

    VAVA, I never made a PB & Co zine...but if the adoring public demands it....

    Jess, it's hard to describe the taste of the marmalade. I've got to eat a lot more first :)

    Ingrid, thank you! I hope to use my time wisely.

    Leslie, I'll check out what Adbusters is saying. I used to like the mag a lot.

    Rose, my thoughts exactly. When we stop protesting and give up or give in, who can tell what horrors will happen?

    Carissa, actually I got a huge bottle of organic carrot juice, which necessitates juices/smoothies as it's too sweet for me on its own.

    Blessed Mama, duct tape can do just about anything! I also made a savory carrot juice with lemon, parsley, and cayenne that was really tasty.

    Michelle, vacation time sounds perfect! Good for you.

    Molly, I hear you on the violent protest front. It's hard to deal with.

    Jessica, I love Rachel Maddow!


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