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Monday, September 5, 2011

TMI, probably

When we last left off, readers, I had eaten too much and was in a pissy mood. I think both the impulsive eating and miserable mood were due to my impending period. I'm lucky that I don't have painful or heavy periods, but I do get mood swings and pretty bad headaches. In preparation for that, I tried to eat much lighter today, higher raw, and with an eye to nutrition. I also, ahem, took some senna leaf before I went to bed last night to get the bad out.
To stave off the headaches and to make myself feel better, breakfast was Angela's Iron Woman Gingerbread Smoothie. With coconut on top.

This was amazing! I enjoy smoothies often but they are always of the green monster persuasion. This was a nice, healthy treat. I love molasses and love the fact that it has nutrition as well! I upped the ginger intake as well. After the senna leaf, I also appreciated that this was a liquid meal and easy to digest. I also had a handful of raw pepitas after this to really up the iron.
Later I had a snack of an apple.

Honeycrisp, baby. They are all back in season.
Lunch was high-raw and totally tasty.

Three lettuce boats with homemade hummus, cucumber, shredded carrot, and super sweet little cherry tomatoes (and sauerkraut on one.) On the side is some frozen, defrosted, pressed, marinated, and baked tofu. The marinade was tomato paste, soy sauce, and chopped garlic. It could have used some more spice but the texture was perfect.
Dinner was a raw soup/veg juice that I made on a whim, mostly for a little more greenery, ease of digestion, and nutrition before I completely undid all the good work of the day with 3 beer with G. (I had to take him out to make up for being such a sourpuss last night.)

This is blended romaine, spinach, cucumber, zucchini, thyme, basil, 1/4 avocado, cherry tomatoes, turmeric, cayenne, salt, lemon juice, and olive oil. It was alright. Needs a little work but I appreciate the greeeeen.
Do you guys, er...ladies try to change anything in your diet during your period?


  1. OMG. I bought Dieter's tea once to cleanse and my husband hasn't let me live it down to this day. I put in at least 3 bags and let it steep forever, you know, because I wanted to be really clean and figured it was just tea.
    OMG. I thought I was going to die. I think it was Senna in that tea!!!!
    You are so behaved!!!!! I hit the GF Pizza and anything bad I can.

  2. Wow looks like a really yummy clean day!! I already bookmarked that smoothie recipe (although I think I'll try the oatmeal first ;]) and the lettuce boats look yummy! I actually just bought some honeycrisp apples at the farmer's market and had one immediately after I came home fro breakfast. I love apples, sounds like you were welcoming in the fall with some delicious fresh eats!

  3. First...OMG...that smoothie sounds delish! I will be making one of those this week. I missed that smoothie some way, so thanks for posting about it!

    You are the second person that I've seen post about those honeycrisp apples...never had one, but I sure am wanting to try them. Maybe I'll be able to find them here soon.

    I've tried changing my diet up when my period rolls around, but it doesn't really help any. The only thing that seems to help me in any way is that moon cycle tea that I started drinking. It actually helps my moods and really helps my cramps. I get very moody!

  4. I usually indulge some of my PMS sweet cravings, but I try to limit the salt. That really seems to help with bloating and aches.

  5. I'll have to give that smoothie a whirl because my monthlies are from hell. At this point I'll try anything besides meds. I do try to eat healthier the few weeks before, and I've noticed it helps.

    Honeycrisp are my favorite apples ever. I'll have to look for them at the farmer's market. Although, I've heard that ambrosia apples are really good, too. Just haven't had one yet.

  6. GetSkinny, hahah! I'm glad you shared that but so sorry you had to go through that! I got verrry well acquainted with senna when doing the Master Cleanse and, oof.

    VAVA, apples and varietals are one of the best parts of fall, definitely.

    Michelle, the smoothie was sooo good! I hope you do try it. I remember you posted about that tea; I'll check it out. Thanks!

    Leslie, that's a good tip. I should always stay off the salt!

    Molly, I don't know what you "use" but my friend gets bad periods too and she says using a Diva Cup or a Moon Cup helped her a LOT. Have you tried that?

  7. So has red tide come in yet or is G still cowering in the corner?


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