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Thursday, September 8, 2011

My computer ate my snack

I ate a hearty breakfast, packed two nice snacks and a lunch and headed out to the food pantry this morning ready to face the day. When I got there, however, all the bags were packed (we had carrots, tomatoes, and red cabbage today) and they were ready to open, 40 minutes earlier than usual, so there was nothing for me to do - not even talk to the (small line of) clients! It was cloudy this morning, so a lot fewer people showed up. However, I did chat with one volunteer who asked me for some tips on eating vegan and vegetarian and keeping fit - though, I must say, she told me she was 53 years old and she looked amazing!
Anyway, here's what I had prepared:
Breakfast of soaked overnight oat groats, chia, goji berries (thanks for the reminder, Michelle), half a banana, coconut and raw pumpkin seeds.

The snacks I packed were a Ginger Gold apple and a Berry flavored Amazing Grass bar, but my computer deleted the photo! I can't blame it, though; they were both pretty tasty.
Lunch was spinach with cooked lentils and cabbage and chopped raw carrots. With sriracha.

Simple, and a lot more flavorful than I anticipated.
And dinner I'm really proud of! All raw sort of pasta in a cream sauce dish.

This is spiralized zucchini with chopped tomato in a tahini sauce, topped with nooch and black pepper. I love it. More than I've ever loved real pasta. And it's also much more filling than one would think.
Dessert was not raw! I warmed up a cinnamon roll, which I didn't take a photo of, but I do have a picture of G's dessert, which he begged me to document for you - which I assume means he really liked it. "Isn't this what the people want to see?"

This is basically a giant vegan macaroon. It smells amazing. I suggest clicking for a close up on that *glisten*. He picked it up from cupcakeland (which, if you're in Brooklyn doing the vegan food thing, is pretty close to Foodswings - not that they don't have their own desserts). Looking at the website, it says they use organic dairy, but G seems to be under the impression that the place is all vegan. Maybe they changed their policy? Anyway, I don't have much commentary from G because he is too busy spooning creamy coconut confection into his mouth, but let's just say he bypassed a cupcake from CUPCAKELAND for this.


  1. Your noodle pasta looks fahntahsteeec! Tell G that I'm impressed with his dessert choice, and yes, this is what the people want to see! By the way, to answer your Q, my dogs ATE several of the bottom branches of my tree. Oh, if only they had just peed on it, like you thought.

  2. I agree, that noodle pasta looks AMAZING. So does your breakfast! I'm sorry the package didn't get there is it the package that has to go practically across town doesn't make it?! I should have just delivered it!

  3. Tahini sauce on raw pasta sounds delicious! I loooove tahini. I had some for dinner tonight. And that breakfast = yum. Some of my favorite things, chia and banana. You're eating well, my friend :)

  4. Clicking on the picture of the giant macaroon was, what can I say, inspiring! But the thing I'm most interested in is the "pasta," now that I finally have a spiralizer.

  5. Okay, you have my attention with that humongous macaroon. I'm all over that golden brown and crispy top, especially!

  6. Sooo....funny your computer ate your snack! Your food pictures look delicious and inspiring.

  7. Giant vegan macaroons? Giant vegan macaroons...what a lovely phrase. I haven't had a macaroon in years, but I flippin' love them. That one looks perfectly crisp on top and gooey on the inside.

    I was also surprised at how filling veggie noodles are, and you do just feel good after eat them. Your sauce sounds super tasty, I'll have to give it a try. The lentil/kale bowl looks so vibrant and healthy too!

  8. mmmm...breakfast looks good, but I'm really eyeing that raw pasta! That's something that I've been wanting to try, but I don't have a spiralizer (yet). And Greg's dessert...oh my...I see why he begged for you to document looks so good.

    Did you by any chance ever get the snail mail that I sent out Tuesday?

  9. You can tell G that the dessert sounds amazing, but it's not as pretty as your carrot and lentil bowl.

    Your spiralized dish looks pretty great, too - every time you talk about tahini sauce I remember how much I like it. I'll have to start putting it on more things...

  10. That Macaroon cupcake sounds amazing!

  11. Blessed Mama, What harsh pups!

    VAVA, Thanks. Breakfast was super filling and delicious. I love when the two go hand in hand.

    Nikki, thank you! Tahini is definitely on my love list too.

    Andrea, can't wait to see what you do with the spiralizer!

    Hannah, right?? I wonder if they blow-torched it.

    HSK, thank you. Mostly healthy :)

    Rose, think happy thoughts...think happy thoughts. One could float away imagining vegan macaroons! I love them too but did not taste this one.

    Michelle, I used to make raw pasta with a vegetable peeler. Not exactly the same but a pretty good approximation. Or maybe you have the patience to julienne?

    Jessica, I WILL tell him! Harumph!

    Haymarket, doesn't it, though? Yom.

  12. Tahini Sauce on raw Zucchini Pasta is a pretty great idea.

    (Doubt that Macaroon is vegan. Aren't they always made w/Egg Whites?)

  13. Shen, yeah, I'm a little skeptical about the macaroon but he said the counterperson told him it was vegan. Also, Hannah Kaminsky has a vegan macaroon recipe in Vegan Desserts that's held together with potato starch, so I guess it's possible.


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