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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lentil Almost Tacos

Quick, quick, while I type with one hand and tie my shoes with the other. I'm running out to meet G. Dinner tonight:

Lettuce "taco shell" filled with lentils and cabbage, topped with avocado, chopped tomato, mushrooms, and Frank's Red Hot. Delicious, quick, and light.
Oh, alright, just because you're so good, here's breakfast too:

Mango and banana topped with coconut flakes and cacao nibs. Also super tasty but not too filling. The in-between was a blur. Like this post. A whirlwind.
Have a good night!


  1. Wow! Your breakfast looks like a dessert! I've been thinking of making tacos this week, will have to try it with the lettuce cups.

  2. The coconut dusted banana slices look all cute and furry. Dinner is another inspiration of healthful eating. Have a great night out!!! Or, by the time you see this...hope you had fun!

  3. I love that you used lettuce as your taco shell... Great idea! Hope you have a fun night!

  4. Your breakfast looks delicious! I love the lettuce taco shells, those look great! Hope you had a great night!

  5. G would probably prefer you run to meet him in stilleto heels, but you're the Brooklyn hipsters, not me...

  6. No matter how simple, everything you make looks so delicious! With just 4 ingredients (mangoes, banana, coconut flakes and cocao chips), you have me ravenously racing to the kitchen!

  7. Ingrid, breakfast felt fancier than it was.

    Rose, thanks, yes, it was a good evening, how many more, commas, can I put in this, sentence?

    Michelle, I like romaine leaves for taco shells because they don't hurt my mouth.

    VAVA, thanks :)

    Shen, if I "ran" to meet G in heels, I'd never make it.

    Jesse, thanks! That's a real compliment. I hope you liked it as much as I did.

    DoaAL, probably nothing original, but it was tasty.

  8. I love raw cacao so much that I haven't bought actual chocolate in weeks. It's just so delicious. I'm always afraid the nibs are going to melt because they're just that tasty, but I know they wont :)


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