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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Keep It Simple, Stupid

In honor of the primaries today, a titular throwback to the strategies of James Carville and the Clinton administration ("It's the economy, stupid." And, of course, it still is.) What can I say, I just watched Singles and I'm still in 90s mode.
My meals were pretty simple today too.

Soaked oat groats with banana, walnut, and cinnamon.
A snack of a juicy pear and then a salad for lunch.

And dinner, lettuce wraps.

With red pepper hummus, cucumber, red pepper, carrot shavings, and mushrooms.
Chocolate-banana soft serve for dessert. (That one's for you, Andrea. It's still soft serve season.)


  1. Mmmm those oats look yummy!! I love Singles, such a great movie with a killer soundtrack! Gorgeous clean eats as usual!

  2. I used to live down the street from that apartment building in Singles. Love that movie! And love simple food. Yours looks so fresh and yummy. Red pepper hummus is one of my faves.

  3. You are so raw girl!! Were there primaries today or are you talking about some weird poly thing on TV?? I thought you lived in New York, not San Fran, so I kind of figured like every other person wasn't a "poly".

  4. Your salads always looks so good. You should occasionally list the ingredients so the rest of us can be inspired!

  5. So funny that you had lettuce wraps last night with red pepper hummus, because that's what I'm having for supper
    Your simple meals always look so good!
    BTW, I got your zines and can't wait to read them. :o)

  6. Oooh banana and cinnamon sounds yum, I love melon and cinnamon :-p


  7. I haven't had a pear lately - I guess it is almost that time. One of my favorite fruits - yours looks really good. Looks like a great, simple day! (not stupid!)

  8. VAVA, YES! The best soundtrack!!

    Nikki, that's awesome! Was it as happening as it looks? I totally want to move there.

    Get Skinny, I don't know what poly is but I messed up - it wasn't primaries, it was actual voting for our congressional districts. Some loser from my old neighborhood actually won, ugh.

    Isobelle, Wooo! Totally. I'm so glad you all GET it.

    Andrea, thanks for saying so. I did use to but they're usually the same. Maybe I'll start again. This one was carrot, romaine, avocado, mushroom, cucumber, and red pepper.

    Michelle, simplest is usually best :) Enjoy the zines!

    Nicola, melon and cinnamon! I've never heard of that combination. Maybe I'll try it before melon season is up.

    Jessica, I hadn't either but the pears are totally BACK, baby.

    Shen, FINE I WILL.


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